How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 disc

Scratching on game Xbox 360 discs is a frequent problem that gamers encounter throughout their gaming careers. Scratches on the lower part of a game disc for the Xbox 360 can inhibit the game system from properly reading the disc and launching the game.

Even though the Xbox 360 has grown too aged to be considered Microsoft’s premium product, many aspects are completely natural. It is present with people all over the world, and they enjoy it. However, an aged Xbox 360 disc with scratches may skip or fail to play if played on a newer Xbox disc with no scratches.

There are several options when it comes to fixing a scratched console disc in a timely and cost-effective manner. This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to fix a scratched Xbox 360 disc using various methods. It also contains excellent responses to the common Xbox 360 user questions. Read this article with me;

Items you may require:

ü A lip balm/ petroleum jelly

ü Toothpaste

ü Lamp

ü Disc repair tool

ü Magic eraser

How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 disc

How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 disc

Step 1; by use of a lip balm

i. Remove the disc from the water and rinse it thoroughly. Lip balm is frequently used to repair scratches on video game discs. Clean the disc by rinsing it thoroughly under running water to eliminate any residual dirt and grime.

ii. Purchase a simple lip balm. Make use of a lip balm that is free of colors, flavors, and glitter.

iii. You can also apply petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to seal the wound.

iv. Straight strokes should be used to apply your lip balm on the scratch. First, apply the lip balm along the scrape line, starting at the top and working your way down. Repeat this process numerous times to ensure that a reasonable amount of balm is spread.

v. Repeat the process if there are any new scratches on your disc.

vi. Buff away any extra lip balm with a washcloth. Apply several balm applications to your scratch and buff it in with a soft cloth in tiny circular motions. Continue buffing until all extra wax has been removed. Hopefully, you’ve seen that the scratches are now much less obvious.

vii. Reinstall the DVD to test. You can use the buffing wheel again after removing all excess lip balm with it. Always remove excess balm before inserting a disc into the console.

Step 2; by use of a toothpaste

i.  Remove the disc and rinse well. Rinse the disc thoroughly before applying toothpaste to remove any remaining dirt. Then rinse it in warm water in the sink to clean it.

This means that if the disc has a label that is peeling off or physical flaws in it, you can’t fix it.

ii.  A soft towel can be used to clean and dry the disc. After cleaning the disc, pat it dry with a microfiber cloth or another soft cloth. If you’re drying with a disc, make straight strokes from its center out to its edges. Avoid making circular motions with your pen or pencil. Abrasions can be prevented in this way.

iii.  Get a tube of dental floss. To successfully repair your disc scratches, you’ll need the right toothpaste. It works by sanding down the jagged edges of the scars, allowing the lasers to read the disc correctly. This look can be achieved by using basic white toothpaste, particularly one that includes baking soda.

iv.  Avoid using gel-based toothpaste or kinds of toothpaste that contain whitening ingredients.

v. Scratches on the disc can be repaired by dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on them. Then, apply a little amount of paste straight to a scratch on your disc that is extremely severe.

vi. Scratches are best treated by brushing them in small circles. One can use a little cotton swab used for waxing your car to buff off scratches. Follow the scratch until its end. Buff the surface in moderate circular motions.

vii.  Make sure to buff until the scratch has diminished in size or has vanished entirely. However, you may detect some new tiny scratches caused by the toothpaste. However, the extensive damage should be virtually or completely gone at this point.

viii.  Additional scratches can be obtained by repeating the procedure. If there are any further scratches, repeat the buffing process, using a small bit of paste for each one you encounter.

ix.  After rinsing and drying the disc, repeat the process. You can then clean the disc with water and wipe it again with your soft towel once you’ve finished buffing out the scratches.

Step 3; by use of a lamp

i. Look for a lamp that has a 60-watt bulb. Heating the back of the disc can gently melt the plastic layer on the disc, allowing tiny scratches to be repaired. It is preferable to use a desk lamp with a 60-watt bulb to achieve the finest results.

ii. Avoid utilizing heating sources that generate energy, such as a stove, to keep your home warm. This will almost certainly cause your CD to become unusable. Instead, opt for a 60-watt light bulb. Low-energy bulbs might not even be able to generate sufficient heat to melt that top layer.

iii. Allow 5-10 minutes for the bulb to come to room temperature. This will guarantee that it is emitting sufficient heat to melt that outer layer of the ice crystals.

iv. Hold the disc’s “read” side up to 3 inches from the lamp’s light source. Then, hold it close to the bulb where you can feel the warmth emanating from it.

v. Keep your grasp on the disc as tight as possible around the edges, then slide a finger through your ring to provide support.

vi. Hold your hand up to the light and wrist for 20 seconds. If you hold the disc too long, it may get irrevocably damaged. It’s better to pull it away immediately and try again than to hold it too long.

vii. Take a look at the disc. Insert your disc into the Xbox as fast as you can. Then, restart your console and test the disc. Otherwise, it may need to be professionally resurfaced.

Step 4; using a magic eraser


i.  Find a clean magic eraser mostly available in supermarkets. A less-priced off-brand alternative may also be available for purchase.

ii. Check to see that you’re using a melamine foam cleaner instead of a conventional eraser.

iii. Scrub away scratches with the eraser. Then, starting at the bowl’s bottom, scrub in straight lines away from the center. Aim for a polishing effect rather than removing the entire layer.

iv. Make sure the disc is fully rinsed and dried before using it. Rinse and then dry the disc using a soft cloth once you have polished the scratches with your magic eraser. As soon as the paint is dry, go back over it with a straight line from the center outward to the edges.

v. Take the disc, for instance. Try playing the disc again once it has been polished and rinsed thoroughly. If your magic eraser is still not working for you, you can try a different option.

Step 5; by use of a disc repair tool

i. Get a scratch-repair tool for your discs. Before you start using the disc repair tool, wash and dry the disc. Clean the disc with warm water and a microfiber cloth to remove any debris and dust. A soft cloth is typically included in most repair kits.

ii. On the “read” side of the surface, spray the provided cleaner fluid. It’s not a good idea to squirt it on the label. Coat the whole “read” side of your disc with a thin layer of paint.

iii. Insert the disc in the tool. The technique varies depending on the tool. Make sure the scrubbing pad is facing the “read” side. Read the directions to ensure the disc is inserted correctly.

iv. To rotate the disc throughout the repair tool, push the mechanism. To get the disc to spin, you might have to turn a lever or press a button. The disc will be spun, and the cleaning pad will be rubbed across the “read” side by the repair tool.  To buff out scratches, you’ll probably have to spin it a few times.

v. Buff the disc with the provided buffing cloth. After repairing your disc, a polishing cloth is usually included in the kit. It will help to buff the disc vigorously. Buff the read surface in small concentric circles with the cloth

vi. Take a look at the disc Try playing the repaired disc on your Xbox. You can try the repair procedure again if that still doesn’t work. It’s been reported that getting a game to work can take up to ten tries. Also, these instruments may not be able to fix some marks because they are too deep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best method to clean a scratched disc?

Apply a tiny layer of toothpaste to the scratched disc with a cotton swab. Distribute the toothpaste evenly. Use a soapy dry towel to clean the disc. Start from the disc’s inside center and wipe outwards in a straight line to your disc’s edge.


Finally, placing your Xbox 360 horizontally can help prevent disc fractures. Keep your Xbox 360 cool at all times. If the drive gets too hot, it may damage the disc inside. Be calm when using the system to keep it cool. A fan or merely by using the console for short periods can help.

The disc has sharp edges when scratched. Unexpectedly, the disc may scratch again after a temporary repair. As a result, repairing the Xbox 360 at a Microsoft store or an authorized dealer may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Consult an expert if unsure. This will help you decide between replacing and repairing your Xbox.

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