How to fix a cracked Xbox 360 disc

Yes, the Xbox 360 disc drive may develop cracks on its surface. When you are done with gaming, you might notice a small crack, especially in the middle of the disk. This is because components in the Xbox 360 consoles wear out over time and occasionally fail as they get older.

Poor handling, an accident, or a defective Xbox 360 drive can also create cracks in the disc. The Xbox 360 discs on their systems may become sticky and pull swiftly due to the cracks. Replacing the Xbox 360 disc could be costly, and hence, it may be preferable to fix the disc so that it can be used on the console.

How can one fix this problem? It is very simple. This article will provide you with the best tips to fix your cracked Xbox 360 disc for a smooth gaming experience or future malfunctioning. In addition, it contains the tools you’ll need to accomplish this. Find also answers to the commonly asked questions by most Xbox 360 users.

Items needed when fixing a cracked Xbox 360 disc

Fixing a cracked Xbox 360 disc
  • A camel’s hairbrush
  • A soft, clean cloth
  • A regular toothpaste
  • Some double-layered tissues
  • Lintless, soft cloth
  • A sanitizer
  • Soldering gun

Fixing a cracked Xbox 360 disc

In terms of fragility, the Xbox 360 disk is on par with DVDs. Disc cracks can occur due to improper handling, accidents, or a malfunctioning Xbox 360 drive. Considering that replacing the disc can be quite expensive, it may be preferable to have it repaired to be used in the Xbox 360 instead. Repair your disc by following the instructions below

Step 1; Place the lintless soft cloth on the table.

Step 2; Place your damaged Xbox 360 disc on the cloth so that it is facing down. This is done for the cracked side to be visible.

 Step 3; using the camel’s hairbrush, remove any dust accumulated on the outer edge of the fractured Xbox 360 disc.

Step 4; to use the double-layer tissue, squeeze some paste out of the container and onto it. To repair the fractured Xbox 360 disc, use a tissue to brush it on the uncovered side of the disc gently.

Step 5; to finish coating the disc with a thin layer of toothpaste, continue applying toothpaste to the tissue, and then rub it on the disc till it is entirely covered.

Step 6; Pick the disc with your hand, then rub the disc with two fingers of your other hand in an up-and-down, firm, and consistent way. This should be done on all regions of the disc until the toothpaste seems smooth and uniformly distributed.

Step 7; Warm water should be running in the sink. Toss the disc into the sink and, using one hand, keep it under some warm water while using two fingers of your other hand to rub the disc up and down on the disc firmly. Rub the disc till the toothpaste layer appears to be uniform throughout.

Step 8; Remove the disc from beneath the heated water and switch off the water supply. Next, remove the disc from the player and gently wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth, avoiding contact with your fingers.

Step 9; on the disc’s side with toothpaste, spray sanitizer on it, and wipe it down. Using the double-layer tissue plus two fingers of one hand, rub your sanitizer into the disc in an up and down motion, ensuring that it is thoroughly absorbed. Allow for drying of the disc.

Fixing a cracked Xbox disc in the middle finger

How to fix a cracked Xbox 360 disc

1.     After turning off the software and unplugging all of the cords, move the game console from one side to the other. If you look carefully into the grills, the eject key is located approximately 2.25 inches inside the grills on the program’s remaining side.

2.     Starting at the very beginning of the system, Insert a large clip into the eject function pin, then drive it in approximately an inch and a half or until it is fully engaged. Once the holder has been partially opened, you can use your hands to open the tray and place it on your lap fully. Make sure the disc in the system isn’t applied to test sticky or slimy, as this could cause the holder to pull out too rapidly. Unfortunately, if this does not completely alleviate your concerns at this time, there isn’t much that can be done on your own without removing the game console from the equation; but, you can at least save any discs that may have become stuck in the games console.

3.     Turn off the device and disconnect any wires that are connected to it. Proceed with the gaming console in a side-to-side position and look for a yellowish sticker on the ports on the still left side of the gaming console. Extend the length of a paper clip and insert it into the slot, approximately an inch and a half. This should cause a little amount of space to open up in the tray. Pick up the entrance to the holder with your fingers and fully open it with your thumbs.

4.     Check to see that the disc in the system isn’t becoming sticky or gooey, which could cause problems. Unfortunately, if this does not resolve the issue, there isn’t much else you can do without disassembling the console. At the very least, you can recover the disc and have been in the system before returning it to MS or buying a replacement disc.

5.     A misaligned DVD laser beam almost always causes this. However, it can also be attributed to the lasers not returning to the state park location and becoming stuck at the end of the railroad track. This problem often affects only the lite-on 74850C collecting runs, but it can affect a variety of other runs as well. If that’s the case, there is a simple solution to the problem: Get a few 1-2mm composite material washers and cut one or two of them in half without any problems. Next, make a fifty percent doughnut form out of the two pieces by gluing them together. To attach this piece to the end of the train on the inside side, glue it in place.

6.     Consequently, the DVD, as well as the Blu-ray overheats and eventually, fails to function properly. In most cases, cleaning will not be possible because the laser light is blocked from the rear, and only the magnification lens is accessible. I attempted to alter the lasers in one of the quarries, but this resulted in no modification in the console’s functionality.  It is important to understand that the DVD software is inextricably linked to firmware on the main circuitry in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Xbox 360 unreadable?

It turns out that there are two major reasons for this problem: a scratched Xbox 360 disc due to the lack of protective padding in the disc region and heating of the console, which causes the soldering joints in the hardware to become deformed.

How to fix this unreadable problem

Firstly, you should attentively study the Xbox 360 installation guide. Then, pay close attention to the details and procedures for demolishing and reconstructing the console. After that, try this; it usually works.

  • Turn off and disconnect the Xbox 360 console.
  • Open the console with a small screwdriver to see the soldering connections, motherboard, and CPU/ GPU;
  • If the soldering contacts have distorted due to excessive heat, use a soldering gun to re-shape them.
  • Leave the panel open for hours or so to cool off the insides.
  • Clean the inside of the console with a gentle cloth before reassembling.

After closing and securing the console, leave it unplugged for an hour before turning it on. Thermal grease can help the GPU conduct heat better. Follow these steps with caution and soft hands. If the problem is overheating, try the preceding solution. Before you start dismantling, I suggest you try the following. It might operate, and you won’t have to destroy your Xbox.

  • Turn off the console.
  • Examine the cable connections.
  • Unplug all cords except the power cord if there are none lose.
  • Remove the hard drive and gently clean it with a soft cloth to remove any residue or dirt particles without scratching it.
  • Keep the console disconnected and powered off for 15-20 minutes.
  • Reinstall the hard disk and reconnect all the cables to the Xbox system.
  • Start the power and your console.


In conclusion, Setting up your Xbox 360 console so that it rests horizontally can prevent the inside of the disc from getting a fracture. Always maintain a cool environment for your Xbox 360 console. It may assist in preventing the drive from being overheated to the point where it harms the disc contained within it. Keep the system cool by operating it in a calm atmosphere. This can be done using a fan to blow cool air over it and only the console for brief periods.

When the Xbox 360 disc brakes, it is constructed of a substance that produces sharp edges. It is possible that a repair will only be temporary and the disc will break again. This could result in significant damage to the Xbox 360’s internal components, which could breach the warranty if the console is taken to a Microsoft or authorized dealer for repair. If you are unsure about what to do, consult with a specialist. This will assist you in deciding whether to replace or repair the Xbox.

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