How to fix a broken Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 controller is essential, and many people prefer using it in gaming. Once it breaks down, the users get annoyed and wish to fix the issue immediately. Some prefer seeking help from an expert to help them carry out such a process. to bring the device to correct functioning; you must google how to solve the issue.

Yes, the issue is common, and it is affecting many users. You can easily solve the problem by first collecting all the essential materials. Identify the cause of the issue and try fixing it depending on the grounds.

Luckily, the article below shows the steps on how to fix a broken Xbox 360 controller. Also, there are FAQs concerning the same summary of the paper at the end.

Steps on how to fix a broken Xbox 360 controller

How to fix a broken Xbox 360 controller

The process of fixing a faulty or broken Xbox 360 controller is easy as long as you follow the recommended steps. First, ensure all materials are necessary. Fortunately, the information below clearly states the steps required to complete the fixation process.

Step 1: Collect your materials.

The materials that are essential in solving the broken Xbox 360 controller include the following;

i. A flat-head screwdriver

ii. T8H screwdriver

iii. T6 screwdriver

iv. An Xbox 360 controller conductive button pad repair kit containing the tools you’ll get your Xbox 360 controller back in working order. All of these goods are available for a few bucks each on the internet.

 v. Just a few damp cotton brushes are also necessary.

Therefore, ensure there are all materials to avoid disruptions when carrying out the process. Also, don’t forget the manufacturer’s manual guide that will give you instructions on dealing with the issue. But if you are unable or afraid to perform the task, seek help from an expert.

Step 2: Remove the device’s grip covers from the handlebars.

Disconnect the battery pack first before proceeding to the next step. Then, trying to wedge the screwdriver here between buttons and the polycarbonate plates underneath them, pull off the plastic covers on the Xbox 360 controller’s grips with the flat screwdriver. The panels will detach from the frame.

Step 3: Remove the device’s screws holding places in position.

All things look like a Lite Brite from the previous step till the last one. Once you remove the screws, all of the sections fall off. You’ll discover five bolts after prying off the grasp panels. Disassemble them with the recommended tool, such as the T8H screwdriver. Please pay close attention to the nuts and other pieces while unbolting to prevent injuring them.

Try using different tools if the bolts are tough to loosen. A mini hacksaw and a wrench, for example, are among the equipment. Also, make sure there are new bolts available in case the old ones have been rusted. In addition to that, pay more attention to everything and don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide.

When unbolting the gadget, remember to remove the toughest nut. The most difficult bolt to locate is in the Xbox 360 controller’s middle, where you have the battery. Find the Front Casing and attempt to remove the bolts that keep it in place. If you unscrew the last screw, the front case will slide off in your palm.

Step 4: Remove the device’s joysticks.

You can remove the rubbery controller joysticks coverings by snapping them off like Lego pieces. Then, to free the metal analog sticks beneath them, jiggle them. If you discover that there is adhesive material keeping them in position, if your home is anything like me, it’s mountain ice, wipe it away with a wet cotton ball, then let it dry completely.

Overturn these directions to reassemble the Xbox 360 controller. Proceed to the next step if you’re having the Xbox 360 controller button issues.

Step 5: locate the circuit board and gently remove it from its position.

Turn the Xbox 360 controller over again and unscrew the four nuts holding the electrical components in place using a standard T6 wrench. Next, pull it out slowly, being careful not to damage any connections.

Step 6: Unplug that hold the next board in place.

Using the   T6 screwdriver, remove the four bolts that hold the next circuit board to the polycarbonate.

Step 7: Remove it carefully.

Rotate the Xbox 360 controller so that the portable charger port is visible. Take out the other circuit board with one of the little screwdrivers under the rubber around the socket.

Step 8: Eliminate the other circuit board from the equation.

To remove the secondary circuit board from the plastic cover, push it lower. Keep an eye out for the keys as they will most likely fall out, so make sure you catch them.

Step 9: Reassemble everything.

Disconnect the grey rubbery push-button cushion from beneath the second circuit board’s plastic shell. Then, on the Xbox 360 controller shell, insert every button into its corresponding socket.

Step 10: Change the rubber button pad immediately.

Install the entire rubber button pad from your box over the keys previously covered by the old one.

Step 11: Carry the process in reverse motion.

Ensure to carefully put the other circuit board over the surface of the buttons to prevent them from rolling out and into other portions of the case. Ensure the circuit board fits between the recharging power’s rubber studs as well. Oppositely reassemble the Xbox 360 controller.

Step 12: Putting everything together

If you don’t know how to reassemble the Xbox 360 controller, recall to match up the bolt openings and use the little bolts first, followed by the bigger ones. If none of these resolves your Xbox 360 controller’s difficulties, it’s time to toss it out and get a new one.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I replace my Xbox controller USB cord?

The plan will explain to you how to change the controller cord on an Xbox 360 controller. Be mindful that basic repairing skills are necessary, as the device’s circuit board might be irreparably faulty if not handled right.

Step 1: Assemble all of the necessary materials.

Ensure you have the following items before beginning the process:

  • micro screwdriver 
  • new USB cord suiting the Xbox 360 controller.
  • Soldering iron 
  • wire for USB cord

Step 2: Locate the USB cord.

Take off the tamper seal label from the Xbox 360 controller’s rear. Proceeding to pull the seven bolts from the end of the Xbox 360 controller is the next step. Be careful when carrying out such a process to avoid damaging the screws.

Store the screws well for future use when reinstalling them back to their correct location. If the screws are bad, replace them with new ones that are functioning correctly.

Step 3: Find the front and back faceplates and try to separate them.

Split the Xbox 360 controller’s front and rear faceplates. If appropriate, use recommended tools such as; a spudger or plastic piercing pliers.

Avoid using other tools that may damage the device or its parts. Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s guide for more information and see if you are doing the processes correctly.

Step 4: Move the device’s tumblers from their current location.

Ensure you disconnect the tumblers from the front faceplate. Make sure that you connect the device’s tumblers to the circuit board and ensure they remain intact. Remove the controller’s circuit board from the front faceplate of the gadget while keeping the tumblers intact. To prevent additional issues, do not detach the keys from the front faceplate.

Step 5: Place the Xbox 360 controller circuit board on an electrically neutral area.

With both the device’s thumbsticks pointing up and the USB cord pointing you, position the controller’s circuit board on a surface free from electric charge. It is recommended that you not place it on electrostatic areas since this may cause harm to the circuit board.

Step 6: Activate the heat gun.

Before moving on to the next step, consider switching on the soldering iron. To use the disordering wick and the welding irons, melt the metal from the four straight terminals, which are immediate to the side of the left index finger key.

The circuit board must remain in the same location as it was in step 7 throughout the procedure. Damage might occur if you use the soldering iron incorrectly. Immediate interaction between the circuit board and the melting iron can also cause serious damage to the controller circuit board.

Step 7: Find the wiring enclosure.

Pinpoint the source of the cabling box and detach it from the circuit board’s contrary direction. Employ some measures, such as not putting too much pressure on the circuit board. It will collapse as a result of this.

Attach the additional housing and cable to the circuit board’s rear portion. The line must emerge from the device’s top. The wires are in the following sequence from left to right. Repeat Step 7. With the melting iron and melting cable, re-solder the four terminals from left to right. Put everything back together and get back to playing!


If your gadget malfunctions, read and comprehend the preceding information to successfully resolve the problem. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions for a simple solution to the problem. If all of the methods above fail, contact the manufacturer or a service center for assistance.

Finally, take some care when utilizing the Xbox 360 controller gadget. Cleaning the gadget with the recommended tool, for example, should be done regularly. Also, if other parts are damaged, replace them. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions.

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