How to Charge Nikon D3200 Battery Without Charger

If you are an enthusiastic photographer, then you know how it is important to own a Nikon camera with a robust battery. Such a battery will sustain you throughout the day or for an extended period. Unfortunately, sometimes you may run out of power and you can’t access the charger.

This issue is frantic, especially when you are now in the middle of capturing critical information about an event. Our article aims at offering you with essential suggestions that may become handy to help you recharge your Nikon d3200 battery without a charger. I thought you should know that these internal batteries run out power too; but it always sends a signal.

How to charge a Nikon d3200 battery without a charger is what you should expect in this article. More so, we will mention a few alternative ways of charging your battery camera without charge. This is good news if you are far from your charger. Have a look!

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Different ways to charge Nikon S3200 battery without a charger

Reliable USB cable

You may achieve this with the help of a battery control converter through the PC

USB cable

Use another battery

Find the other device’s batteries and then match the negative and positive terminals of both batteries.

Double metal cable


Friction works incredibly by creating heat which will eventually produce electricity


Using a resistor and DC source

Like in the use of Car batteries, get handy bulbs to act as the current regulators.

Deep fryers

A multimeter

Car battery

Pairs well with an amp in the connection and four 5-volt four bulbs in symmetry lines

14V Battery

Buy a power bank

It provides required external amount of power to your camera battery


Mobile charger

Turbochargers they produce reputable volts for a number of gadgets


Different ways to charge Nikon S3200 battery without a charger

how to charge nikon d3200 battery without charger

There are various ways that one can use to recharge his camera’s battery without a charger. Check the following options;

Method 1: Reliable USB cable

If there is no charger around, a reliable USB cable can still do the job. It has been proved to be the best alternative.

You may achieve this with the help of a battery control converter through the PC. Switch the battery lock to where the arrow is pointing at and then firmly place the battery pack in the chambers. You should ensure that the terminals are properly fixed on the pack.

Switch off your Nikon camera and then open its battery cover. Insert the USB plug on the cable. Place the huge connector on the USB cable or power adapter of your computer system. With this connection, you will have an alternative source of power for your battery camera.

The charging indicator will go off when the battery camera is fully charged. Check on amazon for the best USB Cable.

Method2: Use another battery

 Use another battery

Remove the camera battery from the pack and then find another device’s batteries. The batteries to charge your camera battery should either be +AA, AAA, AA, or 9V. Inspect the battery for negative and positive terminals before searching for a suitable one to charge the camera battery.

Remember, what you choose should be strong enough to charge your Nikon battery camera. Get a reliable double metal cable form the nearest electronic supply shop.

Use the cables to connect the two batteries together for a few minutes. Just ensure the terminals match.

Method 3: Friction

Some experienced photographers have been using friction methods to charge their cameras without a charger. Despite being an old-school and a bit complicated, this technician can still help you.

Friction works incredibly by creating heat which will eventually produce electricity. It may work well for you despite it not being a professional method.

Therefore when the battery camera of your camera runs out of power, use your hands to rub the battery for a while. This action is necessary in creating some power to start your camera. Alternatively, you may rub the battery on a smooth surface.

Method 4: Using a resistor and DC source

Using a resistor and DC source

If you are unsatisfied with the above options, here is another one that I am sure can help you? Get a reliable DC power supply from a trustworthy online store.

But, before you buy this DC power source, consider reviewing the ohm’s law and voltage of your battery to determine a suitable resistor type for electricity flow. This information will help you to buy a good resistor online.

For instance, reputable heat conductors like toasters, Deep fryers, or electrical dryers may help in this. Like in the use of Car batteries, get handy bulbs to act as the current regulators. Check on amazon for the best Deep fryers.

We recommend use of bulbs because they are always good options for increased intensity in case the filament gets hot and reefer power. An amp is also handy in acting as the fuse for your connection.

Another important tool you can’t miss is a multimeter. It will help you to measure current during the process. Check on amazon for the best multimeter.

Method 5: Car battery

Here is another alternative that you can opt for and charge your camera battery when you can’t reach you charger. Car battery may bail you out if your Nikon battery runs out of juice. Half an amp should be included in the connection.

Additionally, a bulb is also required to work as a regulator. Almost all of the vehicles are provided with 14V Battery; you only require 50% of this volt to charge your camera battery. Connect four 5-volt four bulbs in symmetry lines.

If you choose this method to charge a Nikon camera battery, be attentive to it; else it may harm yourself or the family. You should also avoid charging for an extended period; you may overload the camera battery.

Method 6: Buy a power bank

Walking along with a ‘power house’ for your Nikon battery can help you out there. Like laptops and phones, cameras such as Nikon have auxiliary power sources that can be used once you run out of power.

There are different brands with power bank varieties; though their pricing may vary. If you are aggressive enough, Nikon power banks may be a little bit cheap for you. Some of them can be pocketed while others are slightly heavy.

But, this depends on the amount of external power you require. There are reliable models like Oriamo that I am sure will serve you well. Such power banks are famous for offering you the required external power supply for your Nikon battery camera.

Method 7: Mobile charger

Many manufacturers equip their Nikon cameras, mostly D series with Li-ion batteries. On top of it, a Mh-25 charger is also provided, which is reliable when it comes to supplying the right power.

But if this charger is not available, a mobile charger can work for you; it should have 8.4V capacity. Those people with prolonged experience in the photography field term these chargers as turbochargers. This is because they produce reputable volts for a number of gadgets.

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  • What battery model does Nikon D3200 utilize?

EN-EL14a lithium-ion battery is what your Nikon camera is using. It is great because it is rechargeable, meaning that you will be using it again and again.

  • How long can a Nikon battery survive?

The answer to this question depends on how you operate your camera. But roughly, you are likely to do everything with your camera for three good hours. Your battery will drain faster if you opt for video shooting.  

This implies that you will have to travel along with an extra battery or a charger. With such backups, you will do a lot with your Nikon camera.

  • What is the maximum hours for charging a Nikon D3200 battery?

Based on the user manual, Nikon is very clear on the charging period. It stipulates that 1 and 50 minutes is just enough for your battery to be fully charged. However, 2 hours won’t harm your camera battery; though I am not recommending that you forget your battery in the charging.

You may easily overcharge the battery, which is the beginning of its downfall.

  • Is it possible to overcharge your Nikon battery?

Not really. Most of these modern cameras come with an internal safety feature that stops charging automatically when the battery is full. However, leaving the battery on its charger for an extended period may lower its lifespan.  This is because the charger generates heat which might be harmful to your battery.

Final words

Professional photographers know that it’s normal for their cameras to run out of power while taking important information. I know carrying along with an alternative battery, but our article has been all about how to charge a Nikon d3200 battery without a charger.

Hopefully, you benefit from our article and continue shooting without any problem. Choose any of the above methods or options that may seem reliable to you. Never say you are out of power again.

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