How Long Does a Washing Machine Take? – You Need to Know

The time washing takes will depend on different factors that will affect the time of the washing cycle to finish a given washing. It is perfect and advisable that you follow the procedures you can follow when using such a machine. Using such a machine is very important since it will save time that you could have taken when you are doing the same task manually.

When you buy a washing machine, it will help you carry out washing activities faster and correctly without facing any problems as long as you follow the manual to operate it. Different types or categories of this washing machine will take washing time depending on the quality and how you use the device.

The article below will focus on the different average cycle times of the washing machine, why sometimes the washing cycles might go up over time, how you will use your washer without facing any problem, and the required load that your washer requires.

Stages of wash cycles

StageFunctionEssential product
PrewashTo open the lid locks of the washerCheck Amazon for washer lid locks
Wash clothesMake the clothes agitates for a given time 
RinseTo drain soapy water 
Final spinTo rinse clothes and pass them to the drier 
how long does a washing machine take

1. Prewash

Here is the first stage where you start to open the lid locks of the washer, and the tub senses the load weight. Fill it with water to gently agitate the clothes so that they can mix with the detergent throughout the load. But if the user has decided to select or choose a Presoak option, this will generally occur during this first stage. Check Amazon for washer lid locks

2. Wash the clothes

Make the clothes agitate for a given time to allow them to rest for a while so that the detergent you applied can do its work. When you intend to have a heavy-duty wash cycle, the periods of agitation and soaking will be relatively long.

3. Rinse

Here is the stage that follows the washing stage. The soapy water is drained out of the washer then some clean water is allowed in and sprayed over the clothes. The washer will continuously add clean water and spin the load to drain it and add some clean water so that it can help in rinsing away the remaining detergents and soils.

4. Final spin

Here is the last spin that includes the last rinse where the clothes are cleaned and rinsed the clothes are passed into the dryer. Here is where the washer spin at its highest speed so that it can remove all the detergents and some soils. Check Amazon for the best detergents to use.

What is the average cycle time of a washing machine?

What is the average cycle time of a washing machine

Different types of washing machines have other average cycle times. Some consumers report washing clothes on heavy soil settings using the regular cycle depending on their locations and decisions. Using the standard soil setting when using the washing machine, the cycle’s washing time is likely to increase more than the regular cycles. When you are using a higher soil setting, this means that your washer will agitate the clothes you are washing will take a longer time since it adds rinse to the cycle.

Whirlpool has posted some blogs showing the standard and typical cycle times for different washing machines. Washing time can vary from other devices depending on the size of the load that you put into the washer. 

Therefore, this is why most of the users using the machine don’t include specific washing cycle times. In addition, an out of balance load will take a longer time to wash since it is impossible to predict the washing time because of this variable.

If any user wants or wishes to have the fastest washing machine, you should check out the speed of top load washers. Here is where you can get the manuals of such washers plainly so that you can choose the fastest one and help you have the best option for the washing machine. 

But the most common and basic permanent cycle that people should choose from the variety of devices is the one that can take 35 minutes for any complete washing cycle. For example, LG’s washing machines have features that allow you to have the top load in the washer and let you wash in less than 30 minutes without sacrificing the expected washing quality.

The cycle is not the only factor to consider when choosing or buying a washing machine. Use some other factors that will assist you to have the best quality washing machine, such as the front load versus top load, and you can also compare the agitator top load high efficiency of the washers.

What has increased the cycle times compared to the usual cycle?

What has increased the cycle times compared to the usual cycle

You can compare the old washer’s washing cycles and how the agitator top loader could churn through a given load. But if you want a high speed, reliable and high-quality agitator model with some relatively faster cycle times, we recommend that you consider the queen washer. The new washing machine will also give increased cycle times when you are using such a washer, but it is not all negative. The new washer will also result in minor wear and tear on your clothes; therefore, your clothes will last longer.

The capacities of the tub have increased as well; the cycle time will also increase, making the use of such a machine to do more laundry per load during washing hence saving you on time. The final spin speed of the washer has also increased on newer devices, making it pull more water out of the fabric it is passed into the dryer. 

It will help you use the dryer for a more extended period since sometimes you don’t have to use it. The new washer also ensures that the amount of water used in the washing process has decreased, saving you money that you could have used in buying water.

How to have short cycles as possible

How to have short cycles as possible

Knowing and understanding the recommended use of the washing machine will help you use the washer as recommended without having any problems. Using it appropriately will ensure that your laundry comes out clean as expected, and this also will help your washer to last longer as possible.

  • Use the correct amount of detergent and good quality

One way of ensuring that the cycles are as short as possible is using a large amount of detergent or not using the required standard of detergent that you will use in the washing process. Using this will ensure that the life cycle will be as short as possible, and the washing quality will be at the expected level. The problem will be the short cycles; if not used well will leave your clothes if you don’t add the right amount of water and the detergent itself.

  • Use balanced loads

When you have some unbalanced load will also affect the cycle time. Therefore, when you want to have short cycles, you should balance the limitations you wish your machine to finish. When you overload or put the lightweight items in, it will affect the process of washing. For any user to have the right or short cycle possible, you should consider using the correct load and have the right amount of detergent.

Frequently asked questions:

  • A quick cycle is how long?

Generally, a quick cycle usually takes around 15 to 40 minutes. But in some more advanced and modern washers, you can have the fastest process of fewer than 15 minutes when you have some soiled load you intend to clean. Having a quick cycle, you should ensure that you have all the requirements needed for the process of washing.

  • How long will the delicate wash cycle take?

A delicate washing cycle takes a relatively longer time than a quick cycle time. Usually, the light washing takes between forty-five minutes to one hour and 20 minutes when the washer is washing clothes such as the sheer fabric, sweaters, lingerie, blouses, and jeans, among other garments that are cleaned with a lot of care and gentle washing.

  • Washing and drying clothes takes how long.

In washing clothes, drying the washed clothes generally takes around forty-five minutes to finish the drying process. The washing process can take around one hour to complete. The drying process will vary depending on the type of clothes or material used for that given clothes you are washing.


Washing clothes varies depending on the type of machine you are using, the type and material of the clothes you are using and finally, the amount of detergent you will use. Therefore, you should choose a suitable washing machine to wash your clothes as expected. The correct washer will also give you the shortest and quick cycle to save some washing time.

We have seen different ways of using and choosing the correct washing machine. The article will also help you use the washing machines properly, making the washing process smooth since you, as the user, will not face the washing process.

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