How to Fix Hdmi to Vga Adapter Not Working – Easy Steps

Sometimes, you might be using the monitor you are connecting to your television, and suddenly the monitor goes blank. Such an issue would cause many distractions and worries, especially if you were watching something favorite. Of course, this issue often happens while working and has too many users, especially gamers.

If you are experiencing such an issue, have fewer worries, and don’t be angry, here are some ways to solve the problem. The tips are professional, and it is essential to take note of all the information in this article. If you follow the techniques carefully, you will get a positive result without many challenges.

Take your time and go through this article to know the standard steps you need to follow to solve the issue of your HDMI to VGA adapter not working. Also, you can find some additional information that is of great importance, including a final verdict.

Reasons why the HDMI to VGA adapter is not working

Reasons why the HDMI to VGA adapter is not working

Here are some common reasons why the adapter isn’t working.

i. Using merely a cable rather than an adapter.

ii. Bad ports on the appliances you are using.

iii. Low or poor signal.

iv. Poor port connection.

v. Malfunctioning power and a monitor.

vi.  Faulty cable.

Steps of fixing an HDMI to VGA adapter that is not working

hdmi to vga adapter not working

Before attempting to fix a malfunctioning HDMI to VGA adapter that does not work, identify the root cause of the issue.

Check at this quick table;

Steps of fixing an HDMI to VGA adapter that is not working


Essential tools

  • Restart the power.
  • To help you fix the adapter issue

Check out the HDMI to VGA adapter

  • To fix high interface signal that changes to graphic array signal

HDMI cable

VGA cable

  • Replace the faulty cable
  • To remove blown cables


  • Have an adapter and not a mere cable
  • To replace a cable is not functioning correctly


  • Fix using windows
  • To fix your adapter


  • Check the condition of the monitor
  • To solve the adapter issue.


Here are some of the steps to follow to solve the issue.

Tools necessary;

  • Computer
  • HDMI to VGA adapter
  • AC power adapter
  • Laptop
  • New replacement parts.

Step 1: Restart the power

If the HDMI to VGA adapter fails to function, the issue may be with your laptop as it may not receive clear commands making it difficult for the computer to respond. Hold the power button until your device shuts down to restart the battery. Please remove the battery and leave it for some time to cool down. Disconnect the AC power adapter and leave it for some time.

Locate everything into its position and try connecting the adapter. Turn on the laptop or the computer to see if the issue is solved. If not, try other methods before seeking help from an expert to help you fix the problem.

Step 2: Fix a port with a poor connection

The HDMI to VGA adapter may sometimes not work due to a malfunctioning connector or port. Also, it may be due to poor signal to the HDMI cable from the VGA. A high interface signal changes to a graphic array signal, resulting in irritation, and fixing the issue is time-consuming.

Check the condition of the port and the signal. Try changing the port with one that is functioning correctly. Also, establish a strong signal and eliminate the interference between the HDMI and the VGA cable.

Step 3: Replace the faulty cable

Check the adapter and see if it is in good condition. Sometimes, the HDMI to VGA adapter cable may be blown out or have loose wires. Once the adapter becomes faulty, it fails to function or respond to any commands. Change the adapter with one working correctly, or you can consider buying a new adapter that suits your work.

Step 4: Have an adapter and not a mere cable

The common mistake most users make when using the HDMI to VGA adapter is they buy a cable rather than a full adapter. The error is terrible, and it is not good to assume that you can use the cable in place of the adapter. So, check if you have an adapter or a cable.

The best way to tell is that the adapter comes to check if it has a USB connector so that you can connect to your machine and there is enough power supply between the two devices. Get an adapter if your cable is not functioning correctly.

Step 5: Fix using windows

If you are using windows of any version, you can fix your adapter by following the steps below?

1. Open your machine and open the “run dialog box.”

2. Press the key shortcuts on your “logo key + R.”

3. Search for “access” in the run dialogue box and click enter.

4. Look for a problem solver by typing “problem solver” and then press troubleshooting in the control panel search window.

5. Select everything in the left-hand panel in the new browser.

6. Choose hardware and devices in the list, follow all the instructions on display, and choose next.

Step 6: Check the condition of the monitor

In most cases, the issue may be with your monitor, such as; loosening the power cord from the power supply socket. Fix the monitor first or if the problem is with the power socket, use another socket in the meantime but, contact a professional electrician to help you fix the wrong socket.

Common issues with VGA to HDMI converter

Common issues with VGA to HDMI converter
  • Signal Strength

Determining the kinds of issue, you’re having with the bandwidth that is between the video graphics array interface and the other interface that is; the high-definition multimedia interface. The weak, shoddy performance or no signal could indicate anything from using the incorrect VGA to HDMI interface connection to a damaged HDMI adapter. Read the configuration documentation for the element and choose the best interference.

  • The problem of Using a VGA to HDMI Cable

When switching from a rising multimedia interface output to a lower-definition video graphics array output, issues such as transmission loss, signal strength, and no transmission can be detected. Once the issues arise during the transformation of interferences, you may become frustrated and lose time or performance while attempting to resolve the issue.

Best HDMI to VGA adapter

Best HDMI to VGA adapter

A few cheap chipsets are on the market now that provide the same high-quality performance. This post will examine the three finest HDMI to VGA converters on the needs. We’ll go over the differences to decide which one is best for you.

  • The HDMI to VGA video converter has a moread gold plating.

As one of the most renowned manufacturers of embedded chipsets, its low-cost line of converters and adapters is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. You can sell these same adapters under a different brand name, with merchants asking for a higher price. Direct purchases help customers acquire a high-quality product without breaking the bank.

  • Rankie’s HDMI to VGA Converter

With a range of low-cost computer peripherals on the market, Rankie appears to have its fingers in many pies. On paper, this adapter looks reasonably comparable to competing devices. However, there are a few key differences between our strategy and the competitors.

  • VicTsing’s HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter is gold-plated

VicTsing’s store, being a well-known importer of Asian-made goods, appears to contain nearly anything under the sun. On the other hand, when you shop with them, you’re searching for a bargain. They provide high-quality products at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Steps on how to connect a VGA laptop to an HDMI television

Steps on how to connect a VGA laptop to an HDMI television

Stage one

The VGA end of the VGA-to-HDMI converter cable needs a connection to the laptop’s VGA port.

Stage two

Connect the HDMI end of the cable to the television’s HDMI port on the back.

Stage three

Modify the displaying options on the window’s options. The visual resolution of the television, including whether the Tv will function as a laptop extension, are among the parameters to tweak.

Stage four

Switch on the television. To ensure that the television receives the signal from the laptop, change the television channel to HDMI.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What can I do about my smeared VGA?

Make sure the cable system is secure. Since the LCD monitor is digital and the VGA cable is analog, the appearance on a monitor screen with a VGA cable may be grainy. If you have a DVI port on the rear of your laptop, you can use it to eliminate the blurred appearance.

  • VGA to USB or VGA to HDMI: which is better?

If you already have the monitor or can’t find one that supports VGA, invest in a VGA to HDMI converter for the best results. Using USB to VGA can drain more processing power from your computer and not provide the same efficiency as using your machine’s native displays.

Final verdict

Most of the users using monitors experience the issue of the HDMI to VGA adapter not working and causing sudden screen blackness. The sudden blackout may make one feel bad and angry, and others may destroy the monitor. It is a typical situation that is why the article above gives the best tips to follow when fixing the HDMI to VGA adapter.

Finally, the best way to deal with this issue if you are unable to carry on your own is by seeking help from a professional who has complete knowledge of handling the situation. Good luck with your trial. 

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