Why My Golf Cart Headlights Not Working? – Causes and Solutions

The lights of the golf cart failing to function may cause a lot of anger to the user. Headlights effectively run the cart in places with dim light or at night. If they fail to work, it becomes difficult for the user to use them when there is no light. Apart from headlights, there must be street lights in position for emergencies in each country.

Why does the golf cart headlights not work? Several reasons may result in your cart’s headlights not functioning. For instance, if the batteries are dead, the headlights and the fuses are faulty, a faulty switch, etc. If you wish to fix the issue, the first thing you must do is to identify the leading cause of the problem.

In this article, we will discuss why the golf cart headlights are failing to function together with the best steps to follow to solve the issue. Ensure you follow the steps in this article carefully if you want to obtain positive results and try fixing the problem immediately rather than ignoring it for some time.

Reasons why the golf cart headlights are not working

Why My Golf Cart Headlights Not Working

Here are some of the reasons why the golf cart headlights are not working;

i. Dead battery

There are two types of batteries that the golf cart contains, depending on the type of the cart. Some gas golfs a battery for accessories while the electric batteries have different batteries for things like radios. If the battery is dead, there is not enough voltage to switch on the golf’s accessories.

ii. Blown headlight bulbs

In most cases, the golf cart’s headlights are not working due to blown-out headlights. The only way to solve the problem is to change the bulbs and replace them with new ones. But, if you have LED bulbs, the bulbs are irreplaceable, and the only way to do so is by buying new headlights.

iii. Bad golf cart headlight switch

Another reason why the golf cart headlights may fail to function is if the switch is faulty. A faulty switch limits current flowing leading to a failing switch, and as a result, the headlights of your golf cart fail to operate.

iv. Headlight issues

Poor circuit connection may be why the golf cart fails to function, especially if you stop servicing and repairing the cart’s system. Once the circuit fails, the cart’s electrical system fails to send enough current to the headlights, failing to function. It also may be as a result of a blown fuse.

If you installed your headlights and then took your cart to the dealer, they may confuse your work with factory work and disconnect and neglect to reconnect. If your wiring stops working after you’ve worked on the cart, double-check it.

v. Blown fuse

A blown fuse is the main reason why the golf cart headlights may fail to function. If there is a blown-out fuse, the headlights may not receive enough power to power on the accessories. If your headlight flickers and becomes dim then go off, it shows that the fuse is faulty. A blown fuse may cause harm to the cart.

vi. Blown out voltage reducer

A voltage reducer reduces the voltage from 48 volts to 12 volts. With time the voltage reducer may fail to work and will require replacement. To know if the voltmeter is faulty, use a multimeter to measure the voltage. The voltage should be 12 volts, and if not, it is a sign that the voltmeter is defective.

Steps on how to repair the headlight of your golf cart

Steps on how to repair the headlight of your golf cart

Troubleshooting the golf cart’s headlights means that you have to identify the leading cause and try to fix it depending on the cause of the problem.

Check this quick table;

Steps on how to repair the headlight of your golf cart


Essential tools

  • Check the circuit connection
  • To identify any damages

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  • Determine the power present
  • To check the energy present


  • Check the lighting switch
  • To see if it is getting enough power from the source to the accessories


  • Check the headlight bulbs
  • To see if they are in a good state

Golf cart headlight bulbs

  • Replace the voltage reducer
  • To protect the headlights from excess electricity

Voltage reducer

  • Replace or charge the dead battery
  • To bring the headlights to functioning

Golf cart battery

Tools necessary

  • New replacement parts, e.g., new battery.
  • Multimeter
  • Voltage Reducer.
  • New switch.
  • New fuse

Follow the steps below to solve the golf cart’s headlights that are not functioning correctly.

1. Check the circuit connection

First, check if the connection is a cart that includes; fuses if the circuit is short-circuited or there is any damage. Inspect the wire to wire and see if the connection is secure and if the electrical circuit is closed for lightning purposes.

2. Determine the power present

At this stage, you need a multimeter to check the energy present or the energy that you can use to run the fuse. If there are no recordings, it is clear that the fuse is faulty; hence, there is no current flowing. In this situation, replace the fuse with a new one functioning correctly.

3. Check the lighting switch

If there are no issues with the fuse, the lighting switch is the problem. Inspect the lighting switch and see if it gets enough power from the source. Test the button if there is enough power, but the headlights are not switching on. Replace the switch with a new one since it is difficult to repair.

4. Check the headlight bulbs

If the fuse and the switch are in a good state, then proceed to check the condition of the bulbs. Replace the bulbs if they are faulty, but if you are using the LED bulb, the only way to bring the headlights to functioning is to buy a new one that suits the cart model.

5. Replace the voltage reducer

You may keep wondering why all the above methods are not solving your issue. In this stage, you need to check the state of the voltage reducer and if it is blown out, replace it with a new one that is functioning correctly.

6. Replace or charge the dead battery

Finally, it is time to charge your battery if it has no charge and see if the headlights start functioning again. But if the headlights are not working due to a dead battery, replace it with a new one that correctly suits the golf cart model.

Common reasons why the golf cart’s fuse keeps blowing

Common reasons why the golf cart's fuse keeps blowing

Are you tired of replacing the fuses every time due to blowing? Here are some of the reasons why the fuse keeps blowing.

a. Existence of the cart’s vibrations. If the cart keeps vibrating while running, the wires loosen, there is too much electricity flowing, and in the process, the fuse is blown. The vibrations may also be from the starter generator.

b. Using the wrong fuse during replacement. Once you use the bad fuse, it may not withstand the current flowing through it, and as a result, it blows out. The problem is common, and many users find it after it is blown.

c. Battery terminals are faulty. Sometimes, the battery terminals may break, and once they are wrong, an inappropriate amount of electricity may be generated that blows not only the fuse but also other components.

d. Presence of melting plastic on the switch. If a plastic melts on the switch, it triggers the fuse, and in return, it blows out. The issue requires immediate attention to avoid damaging other parts or further danger.

e. Presence of a grounded wire. First, see the system if there is any grounded wire as it may be the result of why the fuse keeps blowing after replacement.

f. The existence of shorts in the electrical system is commonly known as a “dead-short.”

g. Issues with the cart’s gas pedals.

h. Failing cables result in inappropriate power transmission that damages the fuses and other parts of the cart.

i. Closing of the solenoid due to shortening of the starter generator results in the cart receiving too much current that it can’t handle, causing severe issues to many parts of the cart such as the fuse, etc.

Reasons why the golf cart headlights keep becoming dim

Reasons why the golf cart headlights keep becoming dim

The headlights of a golf cart might diminish continuously for various purposes. The most typical cause of this inconvenience is faulty headlight cabling in your golf cart. Because the wire twists and less contact is created between the cables in the connector, loose wiring or a poor wiring connection will cause your headlights to dim.

While using your golf cart, you may discover that your headlights dim more often, which could indicate that your difficulties are related to the wiring of your headlights. If your car travels through hilly or rougher surfaces, such wires may become loose. A defective accelerator could also be the source of your golf cart’s dimming headlights. When a golf cart’s accelerator begins to fail, it may take excessive amounts of power to keep going.

The needless draw will result in less electricity to power the golf cart’s headlights and other electrical components. If you suspect your golf cart’s accelerator is malfunctioning or failing, you should repair it right away. Not only would a good accelerator restore your dimming headlights, but it will also improve your golf cart’s general health.

If your lights are still fading after checking your headlight wiring and your golf cart’s accelerator, several other issues could be the source of the problem. Dimming headlights can be due to several things, including a malfunctioning solenoid, a low power supply, blown fuses, and other wiring faults. On the other hand, the first two reasons are most likely the source of the issue.

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Final thoughts

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you have complete knowledge of identifying the reasons why the golf car headlights are failing. Also, I hope you can fix the issue without any challenges by following the steps in the article above. For example, if the problem is faulty batteries, replace them with ones functioning correctly.

In your mind, know some precautions to take when using the golf cart. For example, service the cart often following the manufacturer’s maintenance guide. Also, if you have any issues, solve the issue immediately to prevent further damages. Seek help if you cannot fix the headlights on your own from a professional. 

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