Reasons Why My Golf Cart Clicks but Won’t Move

A clicking sound when turning on the golf cart is an indication that the cart is in good condition. Despite the car clicking, there is no guarantee that it will start moving, and you may keep asking yourself, “why is the golf cart clicking but not moving? Am I the only one experiencing such issues with my golf cart?”

Worry not since the issue is common and affects many users. There are several reasons why your golf cart may click but not move. Some of them include; too much dirt on the internal parts of the faulty battery, among others. There are some ways in which you can solve the issue.

Fortunately, the article below states some of why the golf cart clicks but won’t turn. In this article, there are also some of the professional steps you can follow to fix the problem successfully. Please read the article below carefully.

Reasons why the golf cart clicks but won’t move

There are two main reasons why the golf cart clicks but won’t start, and they include the following;

1. Accumulation of dust on the internal parts of the battery ports

Golf Cart Clicks but Won’t Move

Sometimes, dust may accumulate on the battery ports, and the only way you can know this is by opening the battery and looking at the ports carefully for any accumulation. The best way to solve the issue is by using a clean towel. Apart from dust accumulation, here are some of the reasons why there is a clicking noise in the golf cart, and most of them are easy to fix by following the steps below;

  • Check the solenoid and the battery and ensure that they are intact. With time, the solenoid coils may become faulty or even broken. In that case, consider replacing them to see if you solve the problem.
  • Faulty controller. With continuous use of the cart, the controller wears out. First, locate the controller and remove it from its position. Test it to see if it is in good condition.
  • Faulty resistance coil. Another reason why the golf cart may fail to move is a faulty resistance coil, and the coils are usually at the outer part of the typical range. First, check the numbers of the resistance coil to see if it is functioning correctly. Suppose the values are out of the standard range and try replacing them with new ones.
  • A faulty motor brush or worn-out motor brush. Such an issue may result in the cart producing clicking noise but not moving. First, locate the motor and open it to check if the brushes are functioning correctly. If not, try fixing them or replacing them with new ones working correctly.

2. Bad battery or faulty internal controller

If the cart’s battery is damaged, the cart will emit a clicking noise but won’t move. In most cases, the battery may be strong enough to start a cart or generate “click” noise but may not produce enough power to create the battery. Such an issue requires immediate troubleshooting. Try fixing the problem immediately to bring your golf cart to correct functioning.

3. The tires are too low

Low tires result in low pressure on the golf cart. In that process, the tire’s cart fails to move. Sometimes, the tires may be flat. Also, check if the tires have some tears to reduce power consumption or fast battery draining.

Ways of fixing a golf cart that is clicking but won’t move

Ways of fixing a golf cart that is clicking but won’t move

Here are some ways to fix your golf cart connecting but not moving. Follow the steps below carefully to obtain a positive outcome.

Check out this quick table;

Ways of fixing a golf cart that is clicking but won’t move


Essential tools

  • Fix the dead battery
  • For maximum power supply to move the cart

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  • Fix the solenoid issue
  • To ensure it is in good condition and there is sufficient electricity


  • Fix the faulty starter generator
  • To fix the cart issue and enable you to operate it

Golf cart starter generator

  • Change or inflate the low-pressure tires
  • To reduce fast battery draining and save tire damage.


Tools necessary

  • Voltmeter
  • New golf cart starter generator.
  • New golf cart battery.
  • Replacement parts such as the motor.

i. Fix the dead battery

First, test the strength of the battery and see if it is in good condition. If there is no charge, charge the battery first and see if the problem is solved and if not, consider replacing the battery with a new one that suits your cart model. Also, if the battery is in good condition, but the issue persists, check other mechanical problems.

Once you find the new battery does not solve the issues, check if the wiring is correct or worn out. In this step, be careful since the electrical wires may be dangerous to you, or you can consider seeking help from a professional. Also, you can perform these actions;

1. Examine the batteries to verify if they are in good working order.

2. Using a voltmeter, check the batteries’ static voltage.

3. The voltages should be between 50 and 60 volts and measured using a voltmeter.

4. It’s time to charge the batteries if the voltage is lower than planned.

5. Inspect if the issue is still present after the battery

6.  and ensure it has a charge.

ii. Fix the solenoid issue

If the battery is in good condition, check the state of the solenoid and ensure it is in good condition. Check all posts and test the solenoid by disconnecting the cables from the two terminals and closing them to prevent the occurrence of sparks. Use the voltmeter to record the readings after putting the cart in the neutral position, and the readings should be 0 to 0.04 ohms, but if they are higher, then the solenoid is faulty.

If the solenoid becomes faulty, the only way to fix such an issue is by replacing it with a new one that functions correctly. The process requires an expert or a professional since there must be careful balancing and wiring of the equipment.

iii. Fix the faulty starter generator

If the starter becomes faulty, there is a high chance that the cart produces a clicking noise when starting but won’t move. Replace the starter generator to fix the cart issue and enable you to operate it without any difficulties. While you may have some experience working on golf carts and may have changed some parts in the motor, the starter generator is a component that requires true mechanical expertise.

iv. Change or inflate the low-pressure tires

Most golf cart operators are unaware of how critical it is to maintain adequate tire pressure to avoid motor problems. While they may keep their tires inflated to save tire damage, poorly inflated tires of certain kinds might cause rapid battery depletion. It’s because moving the cart will demand more energy, which will cause the battery to drain faster.

As a response, you must examine your tire pressure often to guarantee that it is at the right amount. The pressure on your golf cart tires should be between 18 and 22 PSI. To obtain a sense for this amount, examine your handbook or the tire’s sidewalls, and maintain it within this spectrum to guarantee that your golf cart can go when you want it to.

Other mechanical issues that prevent the golf cart from moving

Other mechanical issues that prevent the golf cart from moving

Finally, there are a variety of different mechanical faults that can happen at any time. Some of these concerns are trivial and simple to resolve, while others are complex and difficult to handle. For example;

i. Your charger may not be working correctly and may need a replacement.

ii. If the battery still doesn’t charge, you’ll need to acquire a new charger to replace the broken one.

iii. Restart the circuit breaker and test the charger.

iv. Inspect the voltage in the socket where the battery is; it must be at least 120 volts. If this is not the case, you may have blown a circuit.

v. The gears and shifting machinery within the cart may be bad and no longer perform smoothly; fix them.

vi. Finally, there could be an issue with the keyhole or key that allows the engine to “click” but not run.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Why are the electric carts failing?

Here are some of the reasons;

i. Wearing of the solenoid element.

ii. Faulty or torn direction switches.

iii. Wearing of the speed controller.

Final verdict

If you keep wondering why your golf cart won’t move but emits clicking noise when in use, the article above gives reasons. Also, it includes the steps you can follow to fix your device. Please ensure you follow the steps above carefully.

Finally, if you cannot solve the issue, seek mechanical help from a professional. It is risky to repair the golf cart on your own, so be more cautious.

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