How to Fix Garmin Forerunner 235 That Won’t Turn On

Many Garmin forerunner 235 watch owners have come across a problem of the gadget failing to start. This remains a challenge, especially when they want to use the watch. Experiencing such an issue renders the device inconvenience.

If you are among those fellows, then this is a clear signal that there is something wrong with the smart watch. There are several reasons that may result in this complication like insufficient power, dead battery, and outdated software among others.

I know you are asking yourself how to fix this problem. Don’t worry because solving Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on isn’t a hard task; but, with one condition; if you know how the gadget and its internal components operate. We will provide you with a complete guide on fixing this complication. Don’t hesitate to go through the entire article and thank me later.

Quick table

Troubleshooting Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn onFunctionEssential tools
Step 1: Check and solve dead battery issueTo rule out low-battery issue1. alcohol rubbin
2. gfabric implements
Step 2: Check and correct uncharged batteryTo correct uncharged battery issue 
Step 3: Update softwareTo curb software issues
Step 4: Soft resetTo solve power complicationscharging clip
Step 5: Data reloadingTo eliminate user-entry data
Step 6: Hard reset the Garmin forerunner 235To fastened the watch securely 

Reasons for Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on

Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on

There are various factors that can make your Garmin forerunner 235 to stop working. Have a look at the following causes;

  • A dead battery

The first suspect to hold responsible for a faulty Garmin forerunner 235 is the dead battery. Some people neglect this issue because it sounds simple. There will be no power transmitted from the battery to the device. With such a battery, you won’t do anything with your device.

  • Uncharged battery

Lack of charge can be another reason why your Garmin forerunner 235 fails to turn on. Sometimes, the battery of your device may be problematic in that you may realize after giving it enough time to charge, it fails to respond to charging. It’s hectic, because you will have to go back to the drawing board and look for an alternative battery.

This is demoralizing especially when you leave the device in the charging for a long period, but only to realize it wasn’t charging.

  •  Software error

Program error can be another culprit for Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on the challenge. This occurs mostly when the gadget fails to respond to your touch or freezes on a single display. Alternatively, there might be other related problems for software error problems.

Since electronic gadgets handle various types of tasks, the system may remain functional for some point. This issue also may be as a result of operating with outdated software.

  • Power issues

Sometimes you are required to subject your device to a one-hour charging to solve power issues. The monitor may not even show that the device is charging, continue charging it for at least one hour. This is necessary before you conclude that it’s not operating properly.

Operating with such a complication will one day ruin your activity. This is because the Garmin forerunner 235 won’t take charge, turn off or on.

Troubleshooting Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on

Troubleshooting Garmin forerunner 235 won’t turn on

Don’t be disturbed by the above issues because they are fixable. Just continue reading our article for more useful information. Below are a few steps that you can put into action to ensure your Garmin forerunner 235 works again.

Have a look at this ultimate guide;

Step 1: Check and solve dead battery issue

Your device is likely to fail to turn on if its battery is not in good working condition. The device won’t operate as usual. In such a scenario, checking the status of Garmin forerunner 235 battery is a must. Doing so is necessary before advancing to the next action.

I thought you should know that these devices come with rechargeable Li-ion batteries that are replaceable. To spare yourself from such hassles, the best solution is to replace the battery.

There are various methods to curb such issues. They include;

  • Since a dead battery cannot result in electricity issues. Therefore, if the battery doesn’t charge or fly away, try to wipe its contact back before loading it.
  • Use a mixture of alcohol rubbing and fabric implements to get rid of all residues and dirt.
  • If there is a battery power complication, it might be emanating from other device issues that require software update.
  • The monitor may not even show that the device is charging, continue charging for at least one hour. This is necessary before you conclude that it’s not operating properly.

If these tricks fail, I would urge you to change the battery because this implies that it is fully dead. However, when buying a new battery, it is always advisable to go for a compatible one. You can achieve this by;

  • Reviewing the user manual guide to get the best replacement battery for your device.
  • The battery you buy should properly fit your device; it shouldn’t be too small or too big. Just make sure it fits your battery bay.
  • Buy a high-quality battery for your Garmin forerunner 235 that is long lasting to spare you from regular replacement costs.
  • The last thing you can do is to seek assistance from an expert if you are unable to replace the battery by yourself. Doing so will prevent unnecessary damages on the device’s parts.

Step 2: Check and correct uncharged battery

Your battery might not be responding to charging, try a different battery. To confirm whether your Garmin battery is charging or not, connect the device to the charging cable. You should also make sure that there is no obstacle between the power outlet and charger cord like charging equipment or a splitter.

Switch on the power source (electricity) and check if the power light on the cord is turned on or not. Pay more attention when interacting with the power switch since you are not allowed to touch it with your wet hands.

Step 3: Update software

If you have confirmed that the challenge is emanating from software errors, then you are operating with outdated software. The best thing you can do is therefore updating the software to the latest version to curb error issues. Try turning on your Garmin forerunner 235 to determine whether the problem is solved or not. If not, advance to the next step.

Step 4: Soft reset

Soft reset

If your device has power complications, soft resetting it might be the best solution. Remember, this action won’t erase or delete your data and the process is successful when you connect the unit to a computer. To achieve this, attach the Garmin forerunner 235 to a monitor using a charging clip. The Power/Light key should be held down for about 20 or 25 seconds until the device is completely charged.

On the control unit, press the Power/Light button. Resetting is simple if you carefully follow the instructions since this prevents you from wrongly setting the system.

Step 5: Data reloading

It is possible to erase user records while preserving reload operations. This process tends to eliminate user-entry data from the watch such as weight, age, and height. The behavior data will be preserved. To achieve this, start by turning off the system. Turn on the switch while holding the back button down

Clarifying user information isn’t necessary before you press the back button.

Step 6: Hard reset the Garmin forerunner 235

Hard reset the Garmin forerunner 235

This step involves ensuring the smartwatch is fastened securely; sound simple. With an old watch, the battery will start to misbehave. Therefore, you should connect your watch to a computer and hard reset it. The watch will be soft reset practically.

Hard resetting is necessary since it helps to reinstate the GPS Looks condition. Alternatively, deleting data from the device may still revive the GPS look plus customization and synched jobs.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Can Garmin forerunner 235 charge while running?

Yes, it is possible to charge while jiggling. But, it is always recommended to buy a watch that comes with a long-lasting battery lifespan to avoid regular charging. But, you can charge the device while operating since there is no problem. However, the device will be rendered useless.

  • How long can a Garmin Forerunner 235 survive?

As much as endurance is concerned, Garmin claims the Forerunner 235 battery may run up to 9 or 11 days. This depends on the mode; if it is in watch mode, it can last up to 9 days. If it is in GPS mode, the battery will serve you up to 10 or 11 hours.

  • Where can I get a Garmin Forerunner 235?

The cost of this device is based on the dealer, but the best dealer is always Amazon. Alternatively, you may opt to source it directly from  the manufacturer; Garmin company.


Carrying out your normal workouts is always advisable and this is made more interesting with the help of Garmin claims the Forerunner 235 smartwatch. However, the device may experience some defects; it may fail to turn on. Luckily, our guide has cleared the airwave of the cause of the same problem.

More so, we have provided an essential guide to help you restore the normal functioning of the watch. Well, it is always necessary to frequently check the watch’s condition. Lastly, you are advised to charge the device battery when it’s necessary. 

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