Garmin Forerunner 235 Heart Rate Monitor Not Working – Easy Fix

Garmin forerunner 235 is a critical gadget that you can’t afford to miss, especially when it comes to sporting activities. However, some owners have complained about their device not capturing heart rate even after the update. This is a problem that requires immediate attention; else you will get inaccurate readings on the device.

There are various factors that may lead to Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working complications. This is hectic and may ruin your day. Some of these culprits include; connection problems, uncharged battery, faulty charging wire, incorrect watch wearing, and charged or discharge cycling complications.

 If you are one of the victims experiencing such an issue, count yourself lucky because you are at the right place. We understand what it means by having a stubborn gadget while training and that’s why we have come up with tis guide to help you.

Quick table

Troubleshooting Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working problem complete guide)FunctionEssential tools
Step 1: Cleaningto remove Dirt or rust1. Soap
2. Piece of cloth or wipes
Step 2: Reset the monitorTo check battery status 
Step 3: Check and fix connection issuesTo correct uncharged battery issue
Step 4: Fix firmware or software issuesCheck and solve firmware complications
Step 5: Wear the watch correctlyTo eliminate unnecessary movements
Step 6: Enable Bluetooth pairing modeTo allow Garmin Connect application to automatically detect the Bluetooth Beacon signal 
Step 7: Replace the batteryTo enhance normal functioning of your DeviceGarmin forerunner 235 battery

Why is my Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working?

Why is my Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working

From the introductory section, you can realize that there are various culprits that can lead to a faulty Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor. Without wasting much time, let’s explore some of these factors;

  • Connection problems

Sometimes the data in your device cannot sync to the Garmin connect account. Alternatively, Bluetooth connectivity can also be another connection issue. Thank God all these are fixable and sometimes you can just achieve this by enabling Bluetooth.

  • Uncharged battery

Sometimes the battery of your device might not be fully charged. This could be due to using wrong charging methods to charge your Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor. More so, sometimes the charging wire might be in bad working condition; it may be damaged.

  • Faulty charging wire

Damaged charging wires in your Garmin 235 monitor can make it misbehave. The device won’t work properly, especially when the charging pins are bent or they have debris. Sometimes you may be forced to replace the cord to restore the normal performance of your gadget.

  • Incorrect watch wearing

Here is another issue that could make your device stop working. This happens mostly when the monitor doesn’t have that contact with your skin. Wearing the device wrongly, poses some malfunctions to its performance.

  • Charged or discharge cycling complications

Discharge/charge cycling may make your rechargeable Li-ion batteries lose their capacity after a period of time. All these batteries in Garmin gadgets are replaceable. After some years of usage, these batteries are likely to lose capacity, posing a challenge to the monitor.

This issue happens mostly when the battery is exposed to high temperature as well as overcharging or depleting it.

Troubleshooting Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working problem

garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working

With the knowledge above on the causes of a faulty Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor, below are a few actions to correct it.

Step 1: Cleaning

Cleaning is the simplest and most reliable action that you can offer to your monitor. To achieve this, you are required to subject the device to a thorough cleanliness. However, you are supposed to start by taking out the battery pod before cleaning it with soap.

Under this step, you should also clean the connections and ensure they’re not dirty or rusted. Precaution: Don’t use a washing machine nor soak the sensor. Instead, you are advised to use a clean piece of cloth or wipes.

Step 2: Reset the monitor

This step is very simple since you only have to check battery status. Take it out and then place it in an upside-down posture for about 10 seconds. Alternatively, you may opt for a new battery to rule out the low-battery issue.

Furthermore, you are urged to inspect the connections of your battery in the sensor. Here, you should make sure they aren’t bent. Sometimes they may even get lost or broken; correct this issue and see if the device works normally or not. If this action doesn’t work for you, advance to the next step.

Step 3: Check and fix connection issues

Check and fix connection issues

This step involves correcting different connection features and there are various actions that you can put in place to solve this issue. For instance, to correct an uncharged battery issue, I urge you to consider connecting the monitor to a power supply.

On top of that, considering correct charging methods is always advisable when charging your device. More so, you are supposed to check the charging wiring system and ensure it is in good working condition. Under this step, you should inspect the charging pins and remove any available debris.

Under this step, you may also be required to erase and repair the heart rate of your device. Doing so will bring everything into normalcy.

Step 4: Fix firmware or software issues

Sometimes you might be operating with outdated software or firmware. To correct this, you should check for software updates of your device. A good number of Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitors update automatically when paired with a computer.

But we have some that may require you to manually search for updates on the company’s website. Check and solve firmware complications to restore the normal functioning of your Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor.

Step 5: Wear the watch correctly

You should make sure the optical HR sensor correctly contacts your body. It should be worn snugly. Loosely wearing the watch will result in unnecessary movements, creating a gap between the parts of the watch and the optical.

However, wearing the watch too tightly can interfere with the blood flow. Therefore you have to ensure that the skin under the watch moves with the watch. You are assured of accurate readings and excellent watch performance.

Step 6: Enable Bluetooth pairing mode

In situations where you intend to connect a Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor to a smartphone, enabling Bluetooth is inevitable. The pairing mode of the device should be enabled. On the other hand, the Garmin Connect application will automatically detect the Bluetooth Beacon signal.

There is nothing much under this step than switching on the Bluetooth mode.

Step 7: Replace the battery

If you have carried out all the above actions and still there’s no change, the next thing I can suggest is to get a new battery. From our previous sections, we noticed that charge or discharge cycling may make the Li-ion batteries lose their capacity after a long period in service.

Remember to replace them on time so that you don’t interfere with the normal functioning of the Garmin forerunner 235 monitor. Again, you should avoid exposing the battery to excess temperature; doing so will reduce its lifespan. More so, you should stop the habit of leaving your battery to get overcharged or depleted.

When keeping your gadget for a long time, we recommend charging it partially (30-60 percent). Furthermore, it should be stored in a cool and dry place. Before making a correct battery measurement capacity, there are some gadgets that will require a full discharge or charge cycle.

How to connect Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor to Garmin Connect app

How to connect Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor to Garmin Connect app

Pairing the monitor to the Garmin Connect app allows you to utilize the activity tracking mechanism on your device. There are simple steps that can take you through this process. Follow them;

1. Wear the heart rate monitor.

2. Go to your smartphone’s app store and then install the Garmin Connect app. The next thing to do will be to launch it.

3. Bring the smartphone close to the heart rate monitor. The distance shouldn’t exceed 3m; 10 ft.

4. Tap on the “Add Device” option to add the heart rate monitor to your account. If you are connecting these devices for the first time, use the on-screen instructions. However, if you once paired the device to another Garmin Connect app, disconnect it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I reset a Garmin heart rate monitor?

Resetting your heart rate monitor shouldn’t be a problem. For example, resetting a chest strap involves turning over the battery. Reinsert the battery, but this time changing the battery position (i.e., the (-) should face up).

Give it around 4 seconds for charge dissipation in the battery. The next thing will be to reset your heart rate monitor. You can try a new battery to rule out the low-battery complication.

  • My Garmin watch stopped taking my heart rate. What could be the problem?

The widget has been hidden or disabled. This is if you see nothing like a heart rate display on the watch screen.


To wrap it up, Garmin forerunner 235 heart rate monitor not working complication should be a thing of the past. Our article has tried to bring all the culprits on records. Besides, we have suggested various actions that can help you solve those malfunctions. Remember, these gadgets will only give you accurate results when they are in good working conditions.

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