Reasons why Frigidaire Affinity washer starts then stops

Frigidaire affinity washing machines are necessary to lower the amount of labor required for washing and thereby save energy. There are numerous washing machines available, one of which is the Frigidaire affinity washing machine, which most consumers highly recommend because of its features. The advantages include labor and energy savings and a variety of features such as autonomous sensors. Despite the machine’s benefits, it may continue to shut down for various reasons, including a faulty machine motor and insufficient power supply.

Yes, the Frigidaire Affinity washer starting then stopping is a common issue affecting many washing machine users and is fixable either by an individual or an expert. The method of troubleshooting such an approach is simple, but it isn’t always simple. For example, first, inspect all of the washing machine’s components and determine what is causing the machine to turn on and off. Before beginning the troubleshooting method, it’s a good idea to learn about the Frigidaire affinity washing machine parts.

The common causes of the Frigidaire affinity washing machine starting and then stopping are in the guide below. Furthermore, the post summarizes the methods required to repair a Frigidaire affinity washing machine that has failed. Finally, it demonstrates how to resolve other issues with the washing machine.

Common causes the Frigidaire Affinity washer to start and then stop, and what to do about it

Reasons why Frigidaire Affinity washer starts then stops

The washing machine has many advanced features that include the following;

  • load size sensors.
  • Automatic energy-saving settings
  • water level adaptation element.
  • Automatic detergent dispensing.
  • Time and soil sensors.

The features increase its performance.  If the washing machine continues shutting off on its own, users may not enjoy this feature. You can aid the hunt for a remedy by determining the cause of the washer’s shut-off.


If the washing machine keeps shutting off and then starting, the timer may be malfunctioning. The timer requires frequent diagnosing; before replacing the timer, check all of the more commonly faulty pieces. To see if your washer’s timer is faulty, look at the wiring schematic and use a voltmeter to check for continuity.

A malfunctioning primary control board

The main control board may have failed. If the mainboard of a Frigidaire affinity washing machine malfunctions, the machine will continue to start and stop abruptly. On the other hand, the primary control board is rarely to blame for this symptom.

Before replacing the main control board, check all of the more commonly problematic parts. If the control board is damaged, try replacing it with a new one with a specific design for your washing machine.

The motor is overloaded

The washing machine may come abruptly if the engine overheats, preventing serious or permanent damage to the motor. Look for and rectify any possible causes of the washing machine overheating, such as power issues or overloading. Before restoring the washing machine’s power, disconnect it and wait 30 minutes for it to reset. Seek help if the issue persists.

Insufficient water flows in and out of the washing machine

The Frigidaire affinity washing machine may unexpectedly be turning off and come to an abrupt stop if the water supply is switched off or lowered. Straighten the hoses and clean the hoses’ and washing machine’s inlet screens.

The water inlet valve [U1] is faulty

During the rinse cycle, the valve opens, enabling water to enter the washtub. If the water inlet valve fails, the washer will continue to wait for the water to enter, causing the cycle to halt in the middle. To see if the water inlet valve is faulty, use a multimeter to check for continuity. If the water inlet valve does not have continuity, it requires replacement.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assemblies

The door lock keeps the washer door shut while it is in use. After you shut the door, the washer can begin to work, and if the door is not locked shut, the door switch prevents the washer from working. If the door lock on the washer breaks, it may stop in the middle of a cycle. The door lock may break down mechanically or electrically.

Look for evidence of wear and tear on the door lock. If the door lock is damaged or does not latch properly, it requires replacement. To see if the door lock has failed electrically, consult your washer’s schematic and test each door lock switch for continuity with a multimeter. If one of the switches does not have continuity, replace it.

Using the Frigidaire Affinity washer excessively

Sometimes, the issue may be using the washing machine for long or continuously without leaving it to rest. Continuous machine use results in malfunctioning of other parts, thus forcing it to stop or shut down. In such circumstances, first, identify the main cause of the issue and try fixing the problem depending on the main cause. Some versions will clean up the suds and drain them for you.

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on how to fix the washing machine effectively. Also, practice the maintenance schedule to prolong the washing machine’s lifespan and keep it functioning correctly. Finally, clean it more often.


Lack of water supply results in the washing machine starting and stopping immediately. If necessary, replace or reset the household fuse or circuit breaker box. To avoid electrical hazards such as shock, always be cautious when handling electricity. Also, if there is an electrical problem with the gadget, correct it and test it to determine if there is a problem.

Other Frigidaire affinity washing machine issues and how to troubleshoot

Other Frigidaire affinity washing machine issues and how to troubleshoot

Apart from the Frigidaire affinity’s continuous starting and stopping, the washing machine may experience other issues. The material below outlines the most prevalent concerns as well as the procedures to resolve them.

The washing machine from Frigidaire is not starting

The washing machine may occasionally fail to perform properly, in which case, follow the instructions below to resolve the problem:

1. With the power cord, check the condition of the fuses and breakers. Push the switches to the “On” position to turn thrown breakers on. After unscrewing and removing any foggy or black fuses, replace them with fresh ones.

2. Turn on all of the water faucets completely. Turn the knobs counterclockwise to open them fully.

3. Allow for cooling time in the washing. The motor may have overheated. If the situation persists, contact a service provider.

The washing machine does not spin properly, or the load is excessively wet

If your washing machine isn’t rotating as it should, follow the instructions below to get it back in working order.

Step 1: Add more garments to small loads. The washer will not spin if the load is too small.

Step 2: Remove some items from large loads if clothing becomes too damp after spinning. Start the spinning procedure all over again.

Step 3: Balance the load to guarantee proper spinning. The washer will not spin effectively if the load is unbalanced.

Step 4: Remove any things that are obstructing the drain tube. During the spinning cycle, the blocking substances prohibit the washer from draining filthy water.

Noise is coming from the Frigidaire affinity washing machine

Follow the steps below to fix the washing machine noise issue.

Step 1:

Turn off the washing machine if you hear rattling or rattling noises. You can remove any clogging things located inside the washing machine drum by opening the door, such as biological debris.

Step 2:

Check to see if any clothes are loose with metal fasteners in the washing machine.

Step 3:

Restart your Frigidaire affinity washer.

Step 4:

If a funny noise is made, such as a thumping sound, readjust the weight of the clothes. Change the position of the clothing and stop the washing operation. Thumping sounds are common with oversized loads.

Step 5:

Level the washer if it vibrates. It’s a good idea to place a level on top of the washer. Turn the leveling legs of the washer clockwise and counterclockwise until they are level.

Water does not fill the washing machine

a)    Examine the water pressure, particularly near the washing machine faucet. Before turning on the faucet, let the machine run for a while until the water pressure rises. After you’ve turned off the water, start the washing machine again.

b)    Turn the water supply faucets counterclockwise to turn them on fully. Turn on all of the water supply faucets to provide enough water pressure for the washer.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Frigidaire affinity washing machine the best?

Yes. It is the best machine due to its many benefits and features. The benefits include the following;

  • It goes many cycles during the cleaning process, approximately ten cycles: sanitize, bulky, heavy-duty, among others.
  • Lasts longer due to the stainless steel present.
  • High performance.
  • Has sensor drying that is more effective and saves a lot of money.
  • Protects wet clothes from wearing.


Even though the Frigidaire washing machine is useful, it may not work when first turned on. The machine starts and stops for various causes, including disruption of the power supply source and disruption of the water supply source.

It is critical to use caution when working with the Frigidaire affinity washing machine. Avoid using too much washing agent, make sure there is a constant water supply, and make sure there is enough water before starting the washing process, to name a few measures.

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