How to Fix an Electric Blanket? – Complete Guide

Many people prefer using electric blankets during extreme cold seasons such as the winter season. Usually, the electric blanket comes with many elements that make it unique from other blankets, and some of the accessories include; electrical heating wires. So, what can you do to bring your electric blanket to correct functioning with a few troubleshooting tips?

Don’t be afraid because there are some ways you can solve your issue. Since there are several reasons why your electric blanket may fail, and in that case, there are several tips you can use to fix your blanket. First, you must identify the main reason why the blanket is not keeping you warm.

My tips on how you can fix your electric blanket are in this article. Also, the article entails some additional information that is of great benefit. Try the first methods and if they fail, try all others. I hope this article will help you fix your electric blanket.

Reasons why the electric blanket is not functioning

Reasons why the electric blanket is not functioning

The following information states the main cause of electric blanket failure

  • Bad power supply source

In most cases, the reason why your electric blanket is not functioning is due to power failure. For instance, if the power supply source is not in good condition, the blanket will not charge, and in the process, it will heat up. Also, the issue may be due to battery failure.

  • Loose connection

Connection involves all present wires, whether in the electric blanket or even power supply. If the wiring is incorrect, there is no power supply from the source to heat the electric blanket, and in that case, the blanket fails to warm up.

  • Aging

The more you use your electric blanket, its parts keep aging, and at a certain point, they will wear out beyond any repair. Also, using the blanket for a long time may result in pest inversion and destroy all the present wiring. The only way to solve such an issue is by replacing it with a new one.

  • Settings

Once you set your electric blanket’s components, such as thermostats, the probability of it failing to respond to any heating is very high. Check the thermostat and set it correctly, including the wiring process, etc.

Steps on how to fix your electric blanket

Steps on how to fix your electric blanket

To bring your electric blanket to function, there are some ideas that you can implement. Start with the first techniques and if they fail, look for the others. Here are some tips to follow before considering replacing the electric blanket with a new one.

Check this brief table;

How to fix an electric blanket


Essential products

  • Check power source
  • To see if the blanket is charging

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  • Fix the short-circuiting
  • To check if the blanket has correct voltages


  • Remove metallic objects
  • Prevent the occurrence of electric dangers like shock


  • Check all connections
  • To ensure electricity flows effectively

Anti-static wristband


  • Replace electric blanket’s control box
  • To fix the electric blanket issue

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  • Seek help
  • For assistance


  • Buy a new electric blanket.
  • To have a well-functioning electric blanket.

Electric blanket

Tools necessary;

  • Multimeter
  • Automatic generator
  • UPS
  • New spare or replacement parts.

Easiest techniques to follow;

1. Check the power supply source

Check the power supply source

You must first check the power supply source and see if your blanket is charging. Sometimes, lack of charge due to faulty power supply source, electricity blackout, blown-out socket, among others. Once you have a blown-out socket, the only solution is to replace it with a new one.

First, open the socket using a screwdriver and remove the faulty socket. Replace it with a well-functioning one and screw it back into position. With the issue of electricity blackout, you must ensure a continuous power supply source that will heat your blanket.

By doing so, you will need to have an uninterrupted power supply source (UPS), a generator, and any power source. Most people prefer UPS and generators instead of the solar system since solar may not work if there is no sun.

2. See if the blanket is short-circuited

See if the blanket is short-circuited

To perform this step, you will need a multimeter. Position the multimeter pin into the plug and the other side to the cord’s end. Record the multimeter reading; if it is zero, it is an indication that the blanket is not short-circuited and it records high or very low voltages. The blanket’s cord is not in good condition.

In this stage, repeat the recording stage to get the exact and accurate reading. The only way to fix the sort-circuiting is by changing the cord with a new one functioning properly. Also, the cord must be of that specific electric blanket.

3. Get rid of any pins or metal objects

Sometimes, you can find pins or any other metallic object on the blanket fastening it. The possibility of getting a shock is one hundred percent. First, locate the metal objects and remove them keenly. Use the non-metallic elements to fasten the electric blanket. If holes prevent it from functioning effectively or holding metallic objects, mend the hole and see if the issue persists.

4. Countercheck all the connections

Countercheck all the connections

In most cases, a part of the bed may become loose with time, and in that process, the electric blanket will fail to get enough power to keep you warm. To fix the loose connection, follow these steps;

  • Disconnect the electric blanket from the power supply source after switching it off. Carry out the process with an anti-static wrist band to protect yourself from any form of electric issues such as shock.
  • Inspect the blanket’s connections, including those of the power source.
  • Fix the loose wires and if they are blown out, consider replacing them with new ones.
  • Recollect all faulty wires and dispose of them with a lot of carefulness.

5. Replace the electric blanket’s control box

The control box of the blanket may fail to perform its function and result either in overheating or not heating at all during the cold season. In most cases, the control box fails in hot places. Too much heat results in blowing the control box. Replace the control box and test your blanket.

6. Seek help

It is important to seek help if you cannot solve the issue. Look for a professional electrician to help you solve the issue successfully. The electrician has more experience, and he knows how to identify the problem and solve it successfully.

7. Buy a new electric blanket

After attempting all the processes above, the issue persists. The other option is to replace the blanket. Buy a new one that suits your taste and is of good quality. Buy from a genuine shop to avoid getting fraudulent equipment.

Resetting the electric blanket

Sometimes, you may experience issues with your electric blanket, and in the process, resetting it may solve it. Follow the steps below;

i. Disconnect the blanket from the power source.

ii. Inspect the control and attach it to the module.

iii. Remove the blanket’s power cord and connect it to the power source.

iv. Switch on the socket to heat the electric blanket, but if the blanket fails to function, seek help.

Precautions to take when using the electric blanket

Precautions to take when using the electric blanket

To prolong the lifespan of your electric blanket, there are some precautions you need to take, and they include the following;

  • Use it in a cool, dry place to prevent mold growth and the occurrence of electric shock.
  • Flip your blanket each time and keep the pests away from invading it and causing damage to the wiring system.
  • Avoid short-circuiting the built-in electrical system, do not use safety pins or similar metals to secure your bed.
  • Don’t use the electric blanket on patients. Some patients may vomit or have diarrhea, and an electric shock may occur in the process.
  • Keep sharp objects that may damage the blanket away to keep it functioning.
  • Keep the blanket far away from any water supply source, and don’t use it on waterbeds.
  • Clean the blanket with soft cleaning elements and avoid using the dry cleaning chemicals since they limit airflow, thus damaging the heating system.
  • If you are not using the blanket, ensure it is off.
  • Turn off your blanket if it doesn’t have a timer before you sleep if it doesn’t have one.
  • Use only one electric blanket.


As from the article above, there are some ways you can fix your electric blanket if it fails to function. For instance, you can fix a faulty power supply source, fix loose wiring, among others. But, if your issue persists, the only option left is to buy a new blanket.

The most important thing is paying more attention to your blanket while using it. In that case, you will prevent accidents such as electric shock and even death. Let me wrap everything by wishing you all the best, and I hope the article was of great help.

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