How to Fix a Cracked Pressure Washer Pump? – Easy Guides

At some point, have you had an issue with your pressure washer pump cracking? The pressure washer pump is powerful and long-lasting as it is a strong metal. It functions by supplying water after it is generated and flows to the destination. The following takes place in the house. But at some point, it may develop a visible crack even though it is rare to occur.

Why does the pressure water pump crack? There are several reasons why your water pump may break. For instance, if water flowing through it freezes, a crack may develop. It is challenging to detect why your pressure washer pump may damage on many occasions.

Even though it is challenging, the pump needs repairing for continuous usage. In that case, the article shows some steps you can follow to fix your pressure washer pump that is faulty. If you are a pressure washer pump user and wish to have complete knowledge of what causes the pump to crack and how you can solve the issue, look at the article below carefully.

Common causes of pressure washer pump cracking

Common causes of pressure washer pump cracking

Here are common causes.

  • Frozen water

Sometimes, the water present in the pump may freeze, forcing itself to break. In the process, the force on the ice as it expands is put on the pump, causing it to crack.

  • Aging

Your pressure washer pump may be aging, and the metal walls are weakening and becoming thin. Once it weakens, it fails to withstand the water force resulting in a visible crack.

  • Overtighten pump screws

If you tighten the pressure washer pump hard, it results in a visible crack. In this case, it is essential to consider tightening correctly and prevent cracking.

  • Hit the pressure washer pump hard

Once you hit your metallic pressure washer pump with something substantial, it results in a crack, and it occurs when you keep transferring heavy things from one place to another.

How to fix a cracked pressure washer pump?

how to fix a cracked pressure washer pump

Before fixing your cracked washer pump, it is essential to identify the root cause of the issue. There are two ways in which you can fix your broken pressure washer pump;

i. Welding

ii. Replacing it with a new one

The welding process may not work effectively, especially if you weld it more than 2000 PSI. Therefore, it is good to weld carefully.

Check out this quick table;

How to fix a cracked pressure washer pump


Essential tools

  • Welding
  • Clean the broken area

To remove any dirt present.

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  • Use the brazing torch

To get rid of any gas present.

Brazing torch

  • Weld the crack

To cover the cracked part

Brass brazing rod

  • Grind the welded amount

To smoothen the grinded part.

Grinding wheel

Tools necessary;

i. Brazing torch

ii. Grinding wheel

iii. Hard brush

iv. Brass brazing rod

v. New pressure washer pump

i. Welding

Welding a cracked pressure washer pump is a good idea rather than using gum, glue, or others as they don’t hold the crack for long. For example, if you use glue, water pressure inside will decrease the intensity of the glue, thus opening the crack again. Here are the steps you can follow to weld a cracked pressure washer pump.

1. Clean the cracked area

First, identify the area in which the crack has occurred and ensure you find the exact location. See if there is any unusual metal and grind it off until it is smooth. Using the appropriate tools, e.g., hard brush, clean the place thoroughly, and check if any unnecessary dirt or metal is present.

2. Get rid of any gas present

The only way to burn the gas is by having a brazing torch that lights blue. Start by lighting the brazing torch and regulating it carefully until you get a blue flame. Ensure you don’t burn yourself, and the flame must be hot.

3. Weld the crack

This process requires a brass brazing rod. First, get the rod and create the crack until it is covered correctly. Leave the crack for some time until the substance from the brass brazing rod pools up. Such a process enables the crack to last long and not open up.

4. Grind the welded part until it is smooth

You need to finish everything successfully. In this stage, take a grinding wheel, remove any roughness and leave it smooth. The process gives it a glossy appearance and slowly avoids damaging the pump.

ii. Replacing the pump with a new one

If you want to deal with the crack permanently, consider buying a new pressure washer pump. Follow the steps below to replace the pump.

a) Buy a new pump. Get a pump that fits your device, and the cost of every pump varies due to different sizes. It costs around 150 to 400 dollars if you want a quality one.

b)  Using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the pump in position and ensure you mark carefully for easy reinstallation.

c) Remove the pump from its position and avoid too much pressure to keep other parts in good condition.

d) Position the new pump in the machine and screw it back using new screws.

e) Tighten the pump effectively and avoid over tightening, resulting in the pump cracking.

Cleaning a clogged pressure washer pump

Cleaning a clogged pressure washer pump

To fix your clogged pressure washer pump, follow the steps below;

1) Disconnect the pump. First, locate the pump in your machine.

2) Unscrew it from its position using a screwdriver. Remove it gently from its location and be careful enough to avoid damaging other parts.

3) Check your pump carefully and see if there is anything present. Find the reason why the pump is clogging.

4) If there is frozen water, run hot water instead of cold one to melt the ice.

5) Repeat the process until all the ice melts, and the pump is clean.

6) If there is dirt or even objects, remove them using a thin brush and be careful.

7) Run water of stated temperature down to remove and unfreeze everything.

8) Rinse the pump and leave it to dry before reinstalling it into its position. Reinstall back to its place, and you can use new screws if the others are old. Also, avoid over tightening it.

9) If the issue persists, seek help from a professional plumber or consider buying a new one if it is unfixable.

Common issues with pressure washer pumps apart from cracking

Common issues with pressure washer pumps apart from cracking

You may experience other issues with your pressure washer pump that are not related to cracking. Here are some of the common problems.

1. Leakages

Sometimes, your pressure washer pump may start leaking due to some reasons that include;

  • Pipes are bursting.
  • Elements such as O-Ring wearing and tearing.
  • Water flowing at higher pressure than the normal one.

2. The air within the system

If their air is in the pump, it starts vibrating while functioning. The common reason is the leakages present. If there are leakages or faulty fittings, replace them instantly and see if you solve the issues.

3. Pump making noise and no water flowing

Sometimes, you may start your pressure washer, and it functions well, but no water is flowing. At the same time, you may hear some strange noises coming from the pump. Such issues commonly take place during winter when water freezes and becomes ice.

4. The motor failing to start

The possible cause of the issue is leaving the machine unused for a long time. The oil present becomes contaminated and fails to start the motor.

5. A washer Pump That Isn’t Working

Although a worn-out pump is uncommon, it might happen if you don’t change the oil in your gadget, possibly causing degradation. You may be using the wrong type of grease or oil. It’s possible that water got into the pump or the equipment was functioning without any water.

How do you unfreeze a pressure washer that has become frozen?

Instead, place the pressure washer in a warm environment and give it plenty of time to defrost out gently. Allow it to defrost until there are no more apparent signs of ice. After all symptoms of ice have vanished, attempt running antifreeze through the appliance using a hose pump.

Final verdict

Once your pressure water pump cracks, you can’t continue using it. In that case, it requires immediate fixation or replacement. Luckily, the information above gives the guidelines to follow to fix your cracked water pump. The methods are straightforward and convenient for both professionals and non-professionals.

It is advisable to seek help from a welder to weld the cracked part. Once the issue persists, seek help. Finally, take some precautions like using an antifreeze during the winter season, among others. I hope this article has satisfied your question.

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