Troubleshooting Streamlight stylus pro that is not working

The Streamlight Stylus is a penlight with a single high-intensity LED in one of five colors: white color, red color, blue color, green color and ultraviolet, and is powered by three AAAA alkaline batteries. Even though these batteries will last 20 times longer than many normal flashlight cells, providing nearly 60 hrs of continuous light. The cells will eventually lose their power.

After losing the power, it is essential to open the flashlight and replace them for normal functioning. To open your Stylus, however, no additional equipment is required. Instead, the Streamlight has a design of a clear screw-style battery box top. You just open it by rotating the lid with your hands and place your batteries.

You can use the procedures outlined in the following article to repair a broken Streamlight stylus. In addition, you will find the majority of the solutions to some of the most often asked questions. The Frequently Asked Questions will help you better understand how to address any problems you might be having with the Streamlight stylus pro. Pay strict attention to the directions that have been presented. It is essential to seek advice from a professional if you cannot solve the problems by yourself.

Opening a stylus Streamlight

Troubleshooting Streamlight stylus pro that is not working

1st Step

take out the tail lid closest to the LED end of the Stylus first. Then put it away in a safe place. To remove the old cells from the flashlight barrel, turn them over in your hand and slide them out. Batteries that are no longer in use must be appropriately disposed off.

Always ensure that you fasten the tail cap securely. The results will not be satisfactory if the cap is loose. It should not be at all loose.

How to do a stiff tail cap switch work again

Using a portable hole-puncher and a circular plastic cutter, cut many plastic circular slices from the plastic lid of a Pringles tin or a coffee can. Once you take out the tail capping switch mechanism, you’ll see exactly where to place the plastic cutouts to change the required pressure to activate the light.

The use of a Pringle’s plastic top, which is a thinner plastic, is highly suggested and effective, and you will find that in the vast majority of situations, one circular insert was sufficient to solve the problem and improve the light’s performance to your satisfaction.

2nd Step

Place the new battery in your barrel, ensuring that the battery’s positive terminal is always towards the barrel and the negative terminal is away. Then, in the same manner, as the first two batteries, insert the remaining two batteries.

3rd Step

a) You’ve completed the task by screwing the stylus’ tail cap back on. Then, by turning on the light, you can make sure it’s working.

b) If the tail cap does not screw on softly, put lubrication on the tail lid o-rings and also the barrel and cap threads before reassembling the caps to the barrel.

c) Even if you believe only one of the batteries is no longer charging, you should replace all of them simultaneously.

Streamlight’s Stylus Pro comes with a warranty.

This guarantee does not cover batteries or bulbs, nor does it cover misuse or normal wear and tear. Streamlight guarantees that its products are defect-free for the lifetime of the consumer.

If this product is defective, we will either fix, replace, or refund the purchase price. This limited lifetime guarantee does not cover rechargeable cells, chargers, controllers, and electronics but by a two-year warranty, provided they present you with the original purchase receipt.

That implies that the guarantee on your specific Streamlight equipment may differ from the warranty in effect when you bought it. As a result, please provide a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase when filing a warranty claim.

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is designed of Type II MIL-SPEC anodized aircraft aluminum, which is lightweight and resistant to wear and corrosion. It seems solid and well-made, even though it is only a few ounces in weight. The inside of the lamp is also lined with rubber O rings, making the device exceptionally water-resistant.

What is the best way to charge a Streamlight stylus battery?

Streamlight stylus pro that is not working

1. Rotate your tail lid – the very end of the Stylus facing the LED end – and remove it from the Stylus before placing it somewhere safe before opening a Stylus Streamlight. Take out the old batteries out of the flashlight barrel by tipping the flashlight over your hand. Place the brand-new cell in your barrel with the positive end facing out. Replace the tail cap on the Stylus by screwing it back on.

2. Turn the flashlight off and place it in the charging port on the charger to charge it. The head has a triangle plate that fits into a recess in the charger’s triangular plate. With the plate towards the charger, place the light’s barrels between both charger arms and pull downwards until it locks into place.

3. Leaving your battery charging overnight is never a brilliant idea because most batteries do not stop charging after the charge is complete. Instead, maintain track of the time intervals by charging your battery regularly. The most significant period is once a week. When you charge a battery multiple times in a row, you are diminishing its life.

4. Streamlight products’ charging cords all have the same connector. The Ultra stinger quick-charge systems, on the other hand, are an exception, as one must charge them using either the vehicle’s 12V DC or the system’s sturdy AC charge cord.

5. A Nickel Cadmium and Lithium-Ion battery is used in many Streamlight flashlights, providing powerful brightness and rechargeability.

6. AA Batteries are the most extensively used battery globally, with hundreds of thousands of various electronics and electrical products including them. The IEC symbols for AA batteries are the LR6 code for alkaline batteries and the HR6 code for NiMH rechargeable batteries. The standard voltage is 1.5V in most circumstances; however, rechargeable batteries typically provide 1.2V or less.

7. Streamlight products are optimized, and if you use the products with a battery that the manufacturer does not recommend or a different type of cell, the elements can be damaged or destroyed. Furthermore, in rare cases, using damaged or substandard lithium cells can be exceedingly dangerous.

8. There are a few drawbacks to using rechargeable batteries, as well as some counter-arguments. Rechargeable cells have a lower supply voltage than single-use batteries, one of users’ most commonly mentioned downsides

 The ProTac HL USB is one of the most potent Streamlight lights available in terms of lumen output.

9. The best penlights are generally seven. The 5.11 PLX TMT Penlight, for example, is unparalleled in terms of endurance and tactical design in a small compact. The rest include Streamlight’s Stylus Pro USB Penlight, Pelican’s LED penlight, Streamlight’s tactical LED flashlight, the Protac, Fenix Lighting Inc.’s LD22 LED Flashlight, Penlight with a Nite Ize XP LED, and Streamlight’s Stylus LED Penlight.

Frequently asked questions

When the Streamlight has a full charge, how do you know?

The battery gets fully charged in 12 hours. As long as you plug the flashlight into the charger, the red LED will stay lit. Check the connections and the charger’s power supply wire if the LED does not flicker rapidly and continuously, indicating a full battery, within 3.5 hours.

 If the LED does not flicker swiftly and consistently, the charger does not have enough charge. If the system appears to be in good working order, you should return it to the Streamlight for service.

Is it possible to recharge CR123A batteries?

The Watson is a rechargeable lithium battery that suffers from memory difficulties, unlike the disposable CR123A. It has a rechargeable capacity of up to 1000 charges and has a high-drain tendency. one can use the battery’s power to power a digital camera, toys, games, flashlights, and other portable gadgets.


Finally, while the cells in a Streamlight stylus pro can last up to 20 times longer than traditional flashlight batteries, they ultimately lose their charge and must be replaced. You can open the Stylus pro without the use of any additional tools. Streamlight used a screw-on cell box cover. It is important to remember that Streamlight offers a lifetime warranty against faults on all of its goods, except for cells and lightbulbs, as well as misuse and ordinary wear. If we determine that this product is defective, they will fix, replace, or refund the purchase price of the products.

You should fix the problem with your Streamlight Stylus if you correctly follow the instructions provided. If it still doesn’t work after you’ve followed the steps, double-check that everything is in the correct position before moving on. You’re good to go if it starts to work usually. If it still doesn’t work, seek the help of a professional or trained individual. If the same issue arises again in the future, an expert will offer appropriate guidance.

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