How to fix sticky buttons on Xbox 360 controller

If sticking Xbox controller buttons has become a stumbling block in your Xbox playing a progression, you may be thinking about what you can do to fix the problem. If hitting the leap button causes your player to shop around for a while, or repeating a rifle becomes a reflex action for your characters, it may be pretty frustrating, mainly if it results in you being unable to play at your best correctly.

Yes, your Xbox 360 controller may fail to function, as usual, especially the buttons may become sticky and fail to respond to any action. The Xbox 360 controller button getting sticky is easy and requires simple steps to obtain the best results, unlike other Xbox 360 controller issues. Several reasons result in the button getting sticky, including the presence of dirt and organic debris that accumulates on the button, making them tight and difficult to rotate when in use.

Luckily, the article below shows the common reasons why the Xbox 360 controller buttons become sticky and fail to respond to any commands. It also steps the best steps to follow and how to clean the Xbox 360 controller as a whole, including its buttons. In the end, there are some FAQs concerning the device and a conclusion of this article. Therefore, ensure you have a full review and understanding of the Xbox 360 controller before choosing to fix it on your own.

Causes of Xbox 360 controller buttons sticking.

How to fix sticky buttons on Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox 360 Controller is prone to various issues that might lead the keys to become sticky or jammed. To diagnose and fix the problem, look at the following possible reasons.

1. Xbox controller motherboard failure

If your Xbox 360 Controller controls continue to malfunction, you may have to change the Xbox 360 controller’s relays. To change the buttons, use the Xbox 360 Controller Bottom Motherboard Installation Instructions to change the controller’s motherboards.

2. Device button with a Flaw

The controls on your Xbox 360 Controller may be malfunctioning if they are still sticky after cleaning off any debris growth. To change the keys, coverings, or seals, use the Xbox 360 Controller Button Repair Manual.

3. Grow of Dirt

If debris or glucose accumulates in the grooves of the buttons, they may become sticky. To replace the Xbox 360 controller’s buttons, use the Xbox 360 Controller Button Adjustment Manual. Clean any debris or sugar from the buttons’ nooks using a moist cotton swab.

Steps on how to fix sticky buttons on Xbox 360 controller.

To diagnose and fix the problem, look at the following possible reasons. Follow the steps carefully to obtain accurate results, or if you are unable to perform the process on your own, seek help from an expert.

Method 1: Use rubbing alcohol and cotton buds.

The first and quick way of dealing with Xbox 360 controller buttons that are sticky is by rubbing alcohol and cotton buds. To carry out the process, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Collect all the essential materials.

The materials necessary to perform the whole process include the following;

  • Screwdriver with a Phillips’s head
  • Alcohol rubbing
  • A cotton swab is a type of swab that is essential.

Step 2: Use cotton buds and rubbing alcohol to eliminate the issue.

The combo can be helpful if you are beginning to detect any adhesion. It is an essential, quasi treatment. Most of the time, a simple cleaning will suffice to answer your questions.

i.  Check to see if your Xbox 360 controller is in the power supply source.

ii. Remove extra wiping alcohol with a cotton bud dipped in it. You don’t need a lot.

iii. Wrap the cotton bud all around the stuck button, getting as far as you can into the cracks. The alcohol will break down any muck that has accumulated up.

iv. Push a button continuously after traveling the all-around button many times to enable the alcohol to get deeper into the device. Tapping must also aid in the removal of any remaining debris.

v.  Allow time for the Xbox 360 controller to harden. The rubbing alcohol must dry rapidly, and the modest quantity you’re applying shouldn’t harm the Xbox 360 controller’s inner logic.

Method 2: Disconnect the Xbox 360 controller and dismantle all parts. Proceed to clean the whole device.

How to fix a jammed button on an Xbox One controller

The second-best option for fixing the sticky buttons on Xbox 360 controllers is to disassemble the Xbox controller. The procedure is dangerous since you may wind up destroying the controller rather than setting it.

As a result, you must use this technique only if you have a vast amount of experience handling electrical devices, as this is the act of eliminating the motherboard of a machine, which also necessitates a high level of concentration and acute monitoring abilities.

You’ll require multiple screwdrivers of various sizes, as well as some other essential equipment that you may have already in your toolbox. Follow the steps below to get accurate results.

Step 1: Gather all necessary materials

The following are some of the tools you’ll need:

1.     Iron for soldering

2.     Spudger T6 Torx Screwdriver Tweezers

3.     Torx T8 Screwdriver

Step 2:  Locate the battery’s position and obtain a battery pack

first; find the part of the battery which is at the back of the device. Carefully remove the device’s battery cover first and then the battery. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle the device’s battery. 

Step 3: Remove the hooks on the sides

Trying to wedge a Spudger in between a gap between the front and handle plates, grasp the Xbox 360 controller firmly and detach the side handlebars carefully. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s manual guide to carry out the process successfully. By swiping the Spudger back and forth, pry the plate apart.

Step 4: Take the screws out.

Drill a hole in the middle of a nameplate on the rear of the Xbox 360 controller with a screwdriver. Loosen and then remove the five screws in this manner. Ensure you use the recommended tool which is, a T8 Torx Security Screwdriver. Pay more attention to the screws to avoid damaging them and keep them for future use when reinstalling all parts to their position.

Step 5: Take the backplate off.

Find out where the backplate is. After you’ve found a placement, carefully remove the backplate.

Step 6: After you’ve removed the backplate, it’s time to remove the faceplate.

Make sure you locate the faceplate first and that you pay close attention throughout the process.

Step 7: Replace the motherboard with a new one.

De-melt the solder junctions by holding the black and white wiring down on the top motherboard. The black and gray wires must be soldered. Then, please take out the rumbling motors and set them away. Make sure to handle the motherboard with care.

Step 8: Take care of the rest of the controller components.

Disassemble the two 7mm T6 screws near the rumbling engine connections now. Take a firm grip on the device’s motherboard’s edge. Now, pull the controller’s motherboard upward by wriggling it backward and forth. Unplug the six T6 Torx Socket wrenches from the base of the controller’s motherboard now.

 Spudger detaches the bumpers by prying them out of the pegs that hold them in place. These are on the Xbox 360 controller’s rear and front. Remove the active notifications from their pins by lifting the enclosing component. With the use of a Spudger, remove them from the opposite side. Pull the controller’s motherboard from the base.

Step 10: Take the rubber backing material from the buttons.

Press the controller’s buttons out of their place and remove them with the keys facing down. Then wipe the controller’s buttons with alcohol and return it to its initial position; else, the controller will not function. That’s all there is to it; the controller and its buttons are now clean.

Method 3: Replace the Xbox 360 controller.

If none of these solutions work or your Xbox 360 controller is still under insurance, you can always change it. If your equipment is still under warranty and you’ve registered it, you can initiate a Service Request to get more help from Google. If your controller is out of contract, you have two options: take it to a local repair company or swallow the pain and buy a new one.

Frequently asked questions

What are the options for changing the buttons on my Xbox 360 controller?

  • To alter the commands for the controller buttons.
  • Select Settings from the Options menu on the Settings menu.
  • Select the Buttons to tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the Xbox 360 Controller from the Joystick type list on the Calibration tab.
  • Choose between the Normal and Slow modes.


These are the instructions for repairing a stuck button on an Xbox 360 controller. Follow these steps to keep your controller clean and free of sticky residue. First and foremost, do not eat and play. Additionally, keep the space clean and dust-free. Additionally, utilize a squeaky-clean hands-on controller. The most important thing to remember is to always refer to the manufacturer’s instruction guidance when executing the process.

Finally, when troubleshooting the Xbox 360 controller buttons getting stuck, do and don’t do the following. First, avoid using water when cleaning the device. Also, ensure you use the correct and recommended tools that suit the process. In addition to that, if the issue persists, seek help from a professional.

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