How to fix a corrupted Minecraft world Xbox one

It takes time and devotion to create the perfect globe in Minecraft; the worst thing that could happen will be for the world to become damaged and unplayable as a result. It is possible to repair a corrupted Minecraft world Xbox by either building a new world and replacing the corrupted data or utilizing a program specifically designed for this purpose.

Minecraft has indeed been known to experience technical difficulties from time to time. In Minecraft, repairing corrupted pieces or entire worlds isn’t always a difficult task to complete. The corruptions are extremely rare on the original version of the game; however, game mods tend to corrupt the game on occasion.

In this article, we are going to outline what a corrupted Minecraft world is. At the same time, we will discuss the causes of the same. After discussing the causes, you will find the methods to prevent this occurrence or what to do when this happens. Follow every procedure keenly to get the best results. Where needed, you can contact a professional for more information.

Step by step guide on how to fix a corrupted world xbox one

How to fix a corrupted Minecraft world Xbox one

Minecraft occasionally experiences a problem that causes the saved data of a global to save to get corrupted. When this occurs, the chunks of the game can either be returned to the state they were in when the globe was produced, or they can be removed entirely from the game.

Various circumstances can cause corrupt practices, and in some cases, they can even prevent the globe from being accessible. However, if a world saves is corrupted, not all hope is lost for the future.

The procedure of repairing a corrupt society can be time-consuming and is not assured to restore order to the globe on every occasion. Making backup systems of your globe will always be the most effective and safest method of ensuring that you can rebound from a corrupted save file in a game. Even if your globe has already been ruined, you should always create a backup before doing this procedure.

This procedure includes transferring and editing files on your computer, which means that Minecraft customer service cannot assist you with this issue.

Step 1

Change the world by creating it from scratch

If the Minecraft world becomes damaged, you should first build a new globe and use some of the data files from the corrupted world to restore as much of the old country as possible. Keep in mind that this only applies to the world and that you will not be able to recover any of your things or clothing. Instead, you’ll need to create a backup of the corrupted saved File, use part of its data files, and restore it into a new save file format.

Procedures to restore your corrupted Minecraft world

1. Copy and paste the following phrase into the Windows Search function; then press Enter % AppData %. Minecraft saves

2. The corrupted world will be referred to as World C for the duration of this lesson. The World C folder should be copied and renamed to World C before being saved to the Saves directory.

3. Start Minecraft, then re-create the damaged world as if it were an entirely new world. Create a new file named Blank, save it, then exit Minecraft.

4. Return to the Saves folder (percent AppData percent. Minecraft saves), and you’ll see a new Blank world that you had made earlier.

5. To back up World C, copy the files listed below from the Blank folder.

  • Level. dat-old
  • Level.dat
  • Level. dat-MCR
  • Session lock

6. Restart Minecraft and select World C from the menu.

Step 2

Make use of the Region Fixer to see if it helps

The Region Fixer can be used to restore a previous backup of your world or completely delete everything from your server’s local storage space. We don’t want your server to fail because of corrupt worlds; you should never do that.   Your backups and the client world must both be downloaded before you can proceed. Instead of starting again from the beginning, you can now restore the world from an older backup.

Using Region Fixer is as simple as this;

1. Choose File and afterward Backup from the Multicast Control Panel in-game to back up your data. Finally, save the world, and then exit the game to complete your mission.

2. The Minecraft server world will be downloaded to your computer.

3. Obtain and extract the Region Fixer package from GitHub.

4. Open the Command Prompt window in the extracted Sector Fixer windows (Shift + Right Click) and type the following commands into the text field;

  • The cd command represents the whole directory path.
  • It is possible to run egionfixer.exe -p 4 delete corrupted from the command line.

5. Don’t forget to replace the whole region with the path to the extracted Region Fixer and the full directory path to the world folder with the Global folder when replacing the full directory paths.

6. Use an FTP tool to re-upload your world and inspect it for changes.

  • It is possible to corrupt the world in Minecraft once it has been partly saved, mainly due to a breakdown that occurs while the game is in the process of saving the world.

How to recover a corrupted Minecraft world Xbox one

corrupted Minecraft world Xbox one

1. Remove the game from your computer.

2. Clear the data associated with local saved games (System->Storage->Clear local saved games).

3. Reset the MAC address (network>Settings>Network>Advanced Settings>Alternate MAC Address>Reset)

4. Install the game again.

5. Attempt to load the game.

How to get back a corrupted world

1. Access Application Data\Minecraft saves.

2. Make copies of the damaged world folder and all of the files and folders included within it, and rename it whatever you want.

3. Start Minecraft as well as create a new globe, then save and exit the game.

4. Return to the Application Data directory.

5. Remove the files but do not remove the folders from the newly created saved world folder. The files include;

a) Level. dat-old

b) Level.dat

c) Level. dat-MCR

d) Session. Lock

6. Restart the Minecraft

You will see your freshly named world, but it will be seeded with the tainted world copy you created before. It would be best if you now attempted to open your world and ensure that everything is in working order.

Unfortunately, you will be dropped off in an unknown location and must navigate back to the house. Keep in mind that anything you were putting on your Minecraft character, as well as anything in your inventory, may have vanished.

7. Set back your old world name

You will now have access to your Minecraft world, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that all of your effort and time were not in vain. However, keep in mind that anything you previously were wearing or anything in your inventory will be lost if you don’t place it back where it belongs. In addition, you will be in a random place and will have to find your way back to wherever you consider your Minecraft home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best way to fix a corrupted Minecraft world?

The following steps must be followed: uninstall Minecraft, delete your regional saves (System > Storage> Clear local saved games), clear the Ip address, and restart the game. It should then automatically download the most recent cloud save. If this does not resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact the Major customer service team.

How can one recover a Minecraft world?

You should see a list of the Minecraft world folders that have been deleted. Select a folder from the drop-down menu and click on the Restore button. This will restore the deleted folder to its original location. You can now return to Minecraft, and you will be able to access your previously deleted world from the game’s menu.

What can make a Minecraft world get deleted?

Start a game after your Xbox has been completely rebooted. If it doesn’t work, you may need to re-install the game on your computer.  This ensures that your saved data is not lost if you need to delete it from your local hard drive or if it becomes corrupted and needs to be recovered from your Xbox Live account.


To conclude, if you cannot see the world in Minecraft, browse to the world’s directory. You then need to check and see if the folder is still available. If the File is present, it may have become corrupted, and as a result, the game no longer recognizes it as a valid world.

Always remember that even if your world has already been ruined, you should always create a backup before doing this procedure. The fact that this method involves transferring and editing files on your system means that support will not assist you with this issue.

After following the above procedures keenly, you should be able to fix the corrupted Minecraft world. Once you are done and nothing works for you, you need to repeat the procedures and steps to ensure nothing was left out. If it does not work out well still, you need to contact a professional now to help you out. A professional will guide you visually on what you should do and what not to do. Always be keen when trying to fix any given item.

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