How to fix a jammed button on an Xbox One controller?

Suppose jamming Xbox One controller buttons have become a brick barrier in your Xbox gaming development. You may be considering how to resolve the issue. It can be aggravating if pressing the leap button forces your player to go shopping for a while or if reloading a gun becomes a habitual motion for your protagonists, especially if it prevents you from playing at your best.

Your Xbox One controller may stop working, as usual, particularly the buttons, which may get jammed and unresponsive to any activity. Unlike other Xbox one controller troubles, obtaining a jamming Xbox one controller button is straightforward and involves only a few procedures to produce the desired results.

The guide will teach you to unjam buttons on Xbox one controllers, remote controls, and other electronic devices. Next, it will show you how to use an Xbox 360 controller. Resin buttons work best, while rubber buttons require more effort, but the end product is well worth the half-minute investment. In the end, there are some FAQs concerning the device and a conclusion of this article.

The reasons why the Xbox One controller buttons jam.

How to fix a jammed button on an Xbox One controller

1. A vulnerability in the gadget button

If your Xbox One controller’s knobs are still jamming after clearing off any material, they may be defective. Use the Xbox one controller Button Repair Manual to replace the keys, covers, or gaskets.

2. The motherboard of the Xbox One controller is malfunctioning.

If the buttons on your Xbox One controller persist in misbehaving, you may need to replace the circuits. To modify the controls, follow the Xbox One Controller Lowest Part Motherboard Replacement Steps.

3. The Formation of Dust

The Xbox one controller keys may get jammed if dirt or other particles accumulate in the holes. Use the Xbox One Controller Buttons Modification Handbook to repair the controller buttons on your Xbox One controller. Using a damp cotton swab, clean any dirt or other substances from the crevices of the button.

Steps on how to fix sticky buttons on Xbox one controllers.

To diagnose and fix the problem, look at the following possible reasons. Follow the steps carefully to obtain accurate results, or if you are unable to perform the process on your own, seek help from an expert.

Solution: Unplug the Xbox One controller and take apart all of its components. Continue to thoroughly clean the gadget.

Disassembling the Xbox controller is the only solution for repairing jamming buttons on Xbox One controllers. The process is risky since you could end up ruining the Xbox one controller instead of configuring it.

Consequently, you will only use this procedure if you have extensive expertise working with electrical equipment, as it involves removing an engine’s motherboard, which requires a high level of attention and keen observation capabilities.

You’ll need a variety of screwdrivers of varying sizes, as well as some additional tools that you may already have in your toolbox. To achieve accurate results, follow the procedures below.

Step 1: Assemble all of the items you’ll need.

A few of the things you’ll want are as follows:

I.  A controller with a stuck button.

ii. a straw’s length

iii.  scissors or a knife

Step 2: Find the location of the cell and get a rechargeable battery first.

Find the cell location, get a rechargeable battery first, and look for the area of the storm at the back of the device. Disconnect the device’s charger cord carefully, then the batteries with care. Observe the product’s directions for handling the batteries on the item.

Step 3: Take off the side hooks.

Hold the Xbox One controller securely and slowly remove the side handlebars using a Spudger wedged between a space between the front and handle plates. To fulfill the requirements effectively, it is essential to follow the owner’s manual. Pull the plate apart by swiping the Spudger back and forth.

Step 4: cut the straws.

After taking off all the parts, cut off the straw and insert it between the device buttons and remote housing. Spin the straws until the recommended position is best suitable; that is the starting point.

Step 5: Test the straw.

Test both the straw and the buttons. Continuously press them and see if there is any change. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Remove the screws.

With a screwdriver, drill a hole in the middle of a nameplate on the back of the Xbox One controller. In this method, loosen and then remove the five screws. Use a Screwdriver, which is the recommended tool. When restoring all parts to their original positions, pay extra attention to the screws to avoid harming them and save them for future use.

Step 7: Remove the backplate.

Determine the location of the backplate. Carefully remove the backplate once you’ve located a suitable place.

Step 8: Now that the backplate has been removed, it’s time to remove the faceplate.

Make sure to start with the faceplate and pay strict attention throughout the procedure.

Step 9: Change out the motherboard for a new one.

Press the black and white wiring on the upper motherboard down to de-melt the solder connections. Solder the black and gray wires together. Then kindly take out and put away the rumbling motors. Take care when handling the motherboard.

Step 10: Complete the remaining controller components.

Remove the screws near the noisy motor cables at this time. Grab a stranglehold on the edge of the device’s motherboard. Pull the motherboard of the controller upward while twisting it back and forth. Remove the Socket wrenches from the controller’s motherboard’s base right now.

Spudger removes the bumpers from the pegs that keep them in place by pulling them out. These can be found on the back and front of the Xbox One controller. By raising the enclosing component, you can remove the active notifications from their pins. Remove them from the opposite side with the help of a Spudger. Remove the motherboard from the controller’s base.

Step 11: Remove the buttons’ sticky backing material.

Remove the controller’s buttons by pressing them out of their sockets with the keys pointing down. Then, using alcohol, wash the controller’s buttons and return it to its original place; otherwise, the controller will not work. That’s all; the controller and its buttons are now completely clean.

Steps on how to solve stuck Xbox one controller buttons.

jammed button on an Xbox One controller

There are two ways in which you can solve the issue, and they include;

Solution 1: Use cotton buds and rubbing alcohol.

Using rubbing alcohol and cotton buds is the first and quickest technique to deal with sticky Xbox One controller buttons. Follow the steps below to complete the procedure:

Step 1: Gather all necessary items.

The following are the materials required to complete the process:

  • Cotton swabs are a type of swab that is needed.
  • Alcohol rubbing.
  • a Phillips head screwdriver

Step 2: To get rid of the problem, use cotton buds and rubbing alcohol.

If you’re starting to notice some adhesion, this combination can assist. It is a treatment that is both necessary and quasi-therapeutic. Simple cleaning will usually suffice to address your questions.

 i. Make sure your Xbox One controller is plugged into a power source.

 ii. Using a cotton bud coated in wiping alcohol, remove any remaining wiping alcohol. You don’t require much.

 iii. Wrap the cotton bud around the stuck button, getting as far into the cracks as possible. The alcohol will break down any muck that has gathered.

 iv. After driving the all-around button several times, constantly press a button to allow the alcohol to penetrate further into the device. Tapping should also help remove any remaining material.

 v. Allow for the hardening of the Xbox One controller. The rubbing alcohol should dry quickly, and the small amount you use shouldn’t harm the Xbox One controller’s internal logic.

Solution 2: Remove the Xbox One controller and replace it with a different one.

You can always change your Xbox one controller if none of these methods work or if your Xbox One controller is still covered by insurance. If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your equipment and you’ve registered it, you can submit a Service Request to Google for additional assistance. If your controller has reached the end of its warranty period, you have two choices: take it to a local repair shop or bear the agony and buy a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a headset included with the Xbox One?

The Xbox One Chat Headset is included in the package with your new Xbox One. It costs roughly £20 if purchased separately. Although it only has mono sound, it does come with a microphone.

The goal is to provide you with a quick and straightforward way to start communicating with your friends online right away. However, there are unquestionably better alternatives.


One such book will help you fix a jammed button on an Xbox One controller. To maintain your Xbox one controller utterly free of adhesive gunk, know the requirements. But first, significantly, don’t consume and exercise at the same time. Clean and sanitize, and dust-free environment. Make use of a creaky hands-on Xbox one controller as well.

Ultimately, perform and not do the preceding when fixing Xbox One controller buttons that are jammed. To begin, avoid washing the equipment with water. Also, be sure you’re using the appropriate and appropriate tools to do the job. The most important fact to notice when doing the operation is always to refer to the assembly specifications. In furthermore, if the problems continue, seek expert help.

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