How to Fix Epson Scanner That Won’t Turn On – Easy Methods

Scanner not working is a common issue with the computers with either window but mostly with windows 10. If your Epson scanner is not working, you should not worry since I will solve your problems. Most people are experiencing the issue, but they found solutions.

There are some solutions for the problem, such as repairing some corrupted files, configuring related services, and updating the driver for the scanner. Ensure you try all the methods until you find one that is best for you.

The article below shows the descriptions of the Epson scanner solutions that are not turning on. The table of contents is too frequently asked questions and a conclusion.

Fixing methods of the Epson scanner that is not turning on

Three techniques to use with the fixing process

TechniqueFunctionEssential products
Repairing some files that are corruptedHelps remove unnecessary 
Configuring related servicesAdds some services 
Updating driver for the scannerGets the new version of the scannerCheck Amazon for the best Epson scanners

Technique 1: Repairing system files that are corrupted

epson scanner wont turn on

Epson scanners cannot turn on when they have corrupted system files that make the system have failures. When checking and repairing the problems with the files check the steps below:

i. Open the computer, click the Windows logo, and press the R key to get the popping box.

ii. In the poppin box, type cmd, which stands for command prompt, or you can type command prompt in total since the outcome is the same.

iii. After typing the command prompt, you can now click okay to open the new window of the command prompt.

iv.  After opening the command prompt, type SFC/ scannow command, which you will submit the request. Give some time for the process since it must be verified for you to move to the next step. Ensure you are signed as an administrator since only administrators can run the commands in their machines. Therefore, if you are not getting any response, start the command prompt and sign in as an administrator.

v. Consider checking on the steps of using the command prompt if you are not sure of what you need to do at that particular step.

Technique 2: configuration of the related services

configuration of the related services

The Epson scanner has some configurations that you need to add to the scanner to work correctly. There are steps below that you can use for the configuration of the services. Check below for the ways of configuring the services:

i. Open the computer machine and check the windows icon, then press the RUN key to open the dialog box that you will see on the screen.

ii. In the dialog box, type services.MSc in the box and click the okay button to execute the program that you are commanding.

iii. After executing the command, you will get a list of services you need to configure, list themselves according to alphabetical order that you click on the services you want to configure.

iv. Check the service status. Ensure you repeat the steps until the configuration is complete and successful.

Technique 3: Updating the driver for the Epson scanner

Updating the driver for the Epson scanner

With any problems with the scanner driver, the scanner can fail to turn on or even turn on but can still work correctly. Therefore, consider updating the driver to solve the problem when you have such an issue. Check the websites of the manual book to get references. Failure to get the exact version with the one you are using, choose a different one compatible with it.

The process of updating drivers is a complicated task that will consume much of your time, such that you need to be patient with it. If you are busy and cannot wait for it, automatically choose to use the driver. The driver easily recognizes the system and finds the drivers you want to update. Utilizing the driver is easy since it works out everything that the user must not fully know what they need during the installation process.

With updating the drivers automatically, you will either choose the accessible mode or use the pro version of the driver easily. However, you will follow a step to make monthly payments with the pro version. Below are some steps to follow when updating the drivers:

i. Open the computer

ii. Download the driver quickly and install it.

iii. Open the driver easily, run it, then execute it to scan. Driver Easy will scan the computer and diagnose any problems with the drivers.

iv. In the same window, you will see an update button that you will click on that will download by itself and install the new version of the driver you want. The step here varies if you use the pro or accessible mode versions, but it is best for the free mode version.

v. On the screen, you will see an update of all buttons that you will click on to  download itself and install the new version of all drivers that are not in the system but when you are using the pro version.

What causes the Epson scanner not to turn on?

What causes the Epson scanner not to turn on
  • Poor electrical cables the Epson scanner can fail to turn on when the wires connecting it to the power source are not working. The electrical wires work by transmitting power from the power supply center to the scanner for it to work so that if the cables have some issues, it will not turn on when you need it.
    Check Amazon for the best electrical wires.
  • Poor settings with the computer when the computer is set to work in a standby mode or sleep mode the Epson scanner will not start since it works when the computer is entirely on and will turn on with the sound settings on the computer.
  • Poor USB cable connection to the computer controls the Epson scanner with its operations that when the USB cable connection is loose, the Epson scanner will not start or turn on. Therefore, you need to check the cable connection and ensure it is correct.
  • Lack of enough power when there is no power in the scanner, it will not turn on. At some point, it is not the cable, but you never checked if there is electricity or not when you switch on the scanner, it is not working. 
  • Availability of viruses and old drivers if your scanner has viruses with it, it will not turn on the same way that if it has old drivers that you need to update, it will always fail to turn on. Therefore, if you have such an issue, check on the drivers you are using, edit them, and remove the viruses available with your machines.

Ways of starting and Epson scanner

Ways of starting and Epson scanner

i. Using the start button

 Using the start button is as simple as pressing the start button on the scanner itself, and the scan window will show it automatically.

ii. Using the Epson scan icon

With the scan icon, open the computer windows and double click the Epson scan on the desktop or you can choose to follow the long process of starting in the windows button, choose all programs, choose Epson scan, and you will be able to start the scanning process.

iii. Using different scanning software

When using the different programs, you can use the Scan soft paper port for the scanning process. Open the program and choose scan to do it quickly, and you will see the image you are scanning.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the other problems with the Epson scanner?

The other issues with the Epson scanner are that it can fail to start, it fails to scan the images and documents you need, and it is not connected to the computer you are using.


Scanners not turning on is a common issue that the Epson scanners can face due to many reasons that you can quickly check on them and fix them immediately. Therefore, if you have any problem with the scanner, do not worry since I will provide you with some information that you will need in the article. The article has ways to solve the issue with your scanner and fix them. There are also the causes of the problem with the scanner that you can quickly check on it.

Moreover, consider checking the Epson scanner for other problems that you can quickly fix instead of waiting for the issue to rise so that you can fix it. If you fail or find it hard to fix the problem, consider asking for a professional to help improve the issue. Always follow the manufacturer’s manual when doing anything with the scanner. 

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