Electronic Ignition Water Heater Won’t Light-Troubleshoot Quickly

Failure of an electronic ignition water heater to light is the most common type of problem you can get with most heaters. A few days after using the heater, the issue results from a few days after using the heater that some parts become loose, like the wiring and other components that cannot work again. That is why it is always good to check the heater when using it so that you can quickly note the problems it is almost encountering.

The most common problem with the electronic ignition water heater is the electronic ignition that some days work while it cannot light at all. Apart from this, other issues are causing the problem that you need to identify and fix them immediately before they can cause more significant damages to the whole system.

The article below shows the table of contents: the complex topics to discuss, the methods or ways to use when solving the problems, and the causes of the issues. Later are the frequently asked questions and conclusions.

Troubleshooting the electronic ignition water heater that won’t light

electronic ignition water heater wont light

When you have problems with your water heater, you need to try and fix it with some minor issues before asking a technician for more help. The problem could be easy, like only setting a loose wire in some cases. However, if you note that the problem is advanced to the extent of a thermocouple, you need help from a licensed professional to fix the issue. Therefore, you need first to identify the reasons why your electronic heater is not lighting and try resolving visible matters, for example: 

Techniques to use;

MethodfunctionEssential products
Lighting the electronic ignition water heater several times It helps in trying before checking for any issue.Check the electrical heaters at Amazon
Check for any loose wire or naked wiresSo that you can remove it or replace it. 
Check the transmission of power in the heater. Checks the power usage in the system 
Check if the thermocouple is wrong or not. Get to know the state of the thermocoupleCheck Amazon for the best thermocouples
Check the control valve if it has any issues. Gets the state of the valvesvalves

In this case, start with the first simple things that you know you can make the process to be complete. The methods we are using here are cheap and straightforward in that it prevents the replacement of every part that is even good for use. Ensure you have the following tools:

  • A set of screwdrivers
  • A set of sockets

Let’s start with the first thing you should do:

i. Try lighting the heater several times

When the heater is not lighting, try lighting it several times to start since, in some cases, the problem could be that you are not creating it in the right way than usual and that it fails to work.

ii. Check for any loose wires

Open the electronic ignition water heater and check if it has any open wires or has any problems. The loose cables can be old or that there is an issue with them. When working with the flexible lines, ensure you switch off any power supply sources to avoid some other cases like injury or electric damages. Check Amazon for the best cables

iii. Check the transmission of power

Carefully work with this step over here since working with electricity is very dangerous that you need to be keen. If you cannot identify the issue here, check the thermocouple and valve to see if they are good.

iv. Consult a technician

If the problem is not about the loose wires or a few easy things you can do and realize the issue is with the thermocouple, then do not try and fix anything but instead call a technician to help identify the problem and fix it immediately. Ensure you follow the safety measures of handling the situation to avoid some little things.

Fixing the issues without consulting a technician

Fixing the issues without consulting a technician

Before asking a technician to help you fix the problems with the heater, it is good that you check on some visible issues with your electronic ignition water heater. Below are the steps you can follow when you are studying for the visual problems:

i. Check the breaker and socket box and ensure they are working correctly since they always have issues with the electrical connections. If everything with them is right from your eyes, you can now consult a technician.

ii. Check all parts of the electronic ignition water heater and ensure they are all working correctly by checking the wires, screws, and other essential elements.

iii. Gather all the requirements you need for the troubleshooting process of the electronic ignition water heater.

What causes the electronic ignition heater not to light?

What causes the electronic ignition heater not to light

Most devices that use electricity nowadays are prone to have issues with them since there could be issues with the igniter, wiring, etc. long ago, most people used gas or any other type of energy. Still, it has drawbacks such that it is costly and it is hard to transport the gas to every place where electricity is a bit cheaper and the costs are lower.

Below are some of the issues with the unit if it is not lighting:

  • Faulty igniter

Most electronic ignition heaters have the igniter that when the igniter is not in order, there could be no light with the heater. Working with the igniter is hard at some point that you should be keen on. If you have no idea of what to do with the igniter, consider consulting a technician to help you fix some problems. The technician will check the water heater to see if it has the correct igniter voltage that makes the unit work. If there are any issues with it, the technician will advise you to replace the part so they can do it.

  • Failures with the pressure sensor

Pressure sensors get faulty sometimes, which can cause the electronic ignition water heater not to light. In most cases, the pressure sensor should be closed so that you need to allow a good flow of air to achieve the goal with the device since it will then initiate the ignition. Therefore, if the pressure sensor is not getting enough airflow or is not getting the flow of air at any point, the ignition will not light. The only solution to the problem here is consulting a technician to help you fix the problem immediately.

  • Faulty spark electrode

Most electronic ignition water heaters have spark electrodes that initiate the standard ignition. The spark electrode works by sending signals or intermittent high voltage sparks to the heater that if it receives the sparks, there will be light with the heater, but if it does not receive the signals, it will not light. When you have a faulty spark electrode, consider asking help from a professional technician to check on the problem and fix them.

  • Issues with thermocouple

A thermocouple is a part of the electronic ignition water heater that helps the pilot flame detect light. Therefore, if the thermocouple cannot see the pilot flame, you need to check it or consult a technician. The technician will check its ability of service and efficiency. In some cases, the problem can be with the manufacturers who make a mistake with making the thermostat, especially when it is of poor quality.

  • Poor control valve

In most cases with the control valve, the main valve has the most issues with the electronic ignition water heater. The valve is the most delicate part of the heater that you need to check on the other causes of the problem before reaching on this issue. If your control valve is poor, the heater will not light however hard you try starting it.

If your control valve is not working, prepare some good cash since licensed professionals can only work to repair it. That is why you need to check on the other issues before thinking of them. Never try to fix anything with an electronic ignition water heater that is not lighting.

  • Poor wiring

When the wiring is poor, there is no transmission of power from the primary power supply source to the heater to light. Therefore, check on the wires too when having such an issue. Poor wiring can be naked wires, bent wires, or the cables are having problems that make them not work correctly. With such a problem, consider fixing the issue immediately. Remember to protect yourself when working with wires to prevent electric shocks and always protect yourself.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the different types of electronic ignition water heaters?

There are two types of water heaters: induced draft water heater and condensing water heater.


The article above discusses the electronic ignition water heater that is not lighting where it has provided the causes and the solutions to the problem. Consider following the article carefully to get what you need to do with the issue in your heater.

Consider consulting a technician if you realize the causes that are the result of the issue are hard to work with. Remember to protect yourself by putting on safety clothes and using an antistatic wristband that prevents electrical shocks. Ensure all the power supply sources are off when working with the wires. 

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