Why my Electric oven broiler works but bakes does not

If you are not careful, you might be operating with a problematic electric oven in that its broiler can work properly, but the bake doesn’t. Yes, this issue is possible and shows that there is an issue that requires immediate attention.

Some people have complained about the same issue, implying that you are not the first person. After reading our article, you will find all answers as to why the problem may occur. Besides, we shall provide you with essential information to quickly fix the issue at your comfort zone.

No heat problem in electric ovens is common and there are a few culprits like bad wire connections, faulty thermal fuse among others. Maybe you should allow me to take you through this article; I am sure the journey will be interesting. Our research is full of educational information.

Reasons for electric oven broiler works bake doesn’t 

Why my Electric oven broiler works but bakes does not

As I have said in the introductory part, there are several factors that can give rise to no heat issue in your oven. This section will only check on the common causes for such an issue in your appliance. We have made the long list short because many people have come across these causatives. Some of these culprits include;

  • Problematic thermostat sensor: The thermostat sensor plays a vital role in electric ovens. This means that if they are not in good working condition, they can pose challenges to the normal working of the oven. These devices are used for temperature adjustments and if they are faulty, the broiler will work, but the bake won’t.
  • Worn-out thermal fuse: Here is another important component that is useful in controlling electric flow. If the item is blown, the oven’s broiler will work properly, in fact can indicate 100%, but the bake won’t. Maybe this issue is causing your oven to start misbehaving when you expect the bake to operate properly.
  • Faulty control board: This is a place where the control switches are located. In situations where the board isn’t operational, the oven’s bake will stop working, but the broiler will be in good working condition. Such a problem is hectic because the device seems to work, but unfortunately, the most important bit of it isn’t responding to commands.
  • Power source problems: How about the power source? Maybe you are blaming other components yet here is the culprit. Power source is where the electric oven is connected for it to operate. For such a case, you need to make sure the device is properly connected to the power socket and the switch is turned on. Confirming the connectivity status will enhance steady electricity flow to maximize the performance of the oven.
  • Burnt wire: The wire connection of your electric oven might be also burnt, supporting only the broiler. Regular checkups should therefore be put in place to make the bake to work properly. You should therefore try to inspect the condition of the wire connections and correct the issue by replacing the burnt ones.

Troubleshooting electric oven broiler works bake does not problem

 Electric oven broiler works but bakes does not

For you to do anything, there are some essential tools and materials that you must have in hand. Without the necessary tools, the entire process might be challenging. What I mean is that your effort might be unproductive if you don’t consider having these components. Example of tools and items you require include;

Thank God, fixing a faulty boiler or bake element in ovens isn’t problematic. Diagnosing and solving the issue is straightforward with the help of the above mentioned materials and tools. To help you, below is an elaborated guide that I am sure you will like; the steps are easy to follow too.

Step 1: Safety

Before touching anything, start by powering off your electric oven. Since you will be dealing with an electric appliance, forgetting to shut it down can drag you to electric shocks. Besides, you should ensure your working area is clean, free of moisture or water plus other unnecessary objects and dust. Furthermore, some experts can also recommend you to put on an apron with utility pockets, boots, and reliable gloves.

Step 2: Disabling the breaker

Under this step, you are required to disengage the item from the wall. The next thing will be to use a screwdriver to remove the available mounting screws from the electric oven.  After removing the cover, the first thing to see will be the bake element. Take it out from the appliance after disconnecting its wires with the main machine.

After doing so, don’t forget to disconnect the wires before advancing to the next step.

Step 3: Inspect the bake element’s terminals

The next thing will be to access the element’s terminals, and you can only achieve this by removing the cover. Access the terminals and make sure they are properly insulated and in good working condition.

Step 4: Detaching the wires from the terminals

After locating the terminals, disconnecting the wires is the next action. There’s nothing much in this step, because it only involves removing the wires from the terminals, ready for the next step. However, while disconnecting, you should make sure that the wires are disconnected carefully, not to interfere with their conditions. What I mean is that you shouldn’t force things out.

Step 5: Performing Ohm test

The most important action under this step is the Ohm testing the bake element of your oven. Your multimeter should now become useful and help you know the ohm of the bake element. There are different ways you can use the ohm test bake element in any electric oven. Let’s explore some of them.

v Step 5.1

As I have said above, the most important tool you require is the multimeter to carry out the test. In the market, it’s possible to come across both digital and analogue multimeters. Many people are familiar with analogue models because it involves rotating the dial set towards the lowest settings. Under the same step, you should pinch the probes together to attune the meters.

While pinching and calibrating, you should remember to twist the multimeter’s needle towards the zero point. If you plan to use a digital multimeter, the process is similar. However, you should be careful not to test the bake element, unless after removing it from your electric oven. Take it outside, and work from an open floor.

v Step 5.2

After removing the bake element from the unit, you can go on and utilize a probe for touching either terminal. On the other hand, you should be using the second probe to dash the remaining terminal. You should be keen while performing this action. In case the multimeter reads 0-50 ohms, just know that the bake element has continuity. But, if it displays nothing, it’s a clear indication that there’s no continuity.

Step 6: Replacing the bake element

The continuity test is very important because it will determine whether the bake element is okay or faulty. After running the test, I am sure you now know if the bake element requires replacement or repair. In occasions where you don’t see continuity, electrical paths are not connected. Don’t worry about the sizing or shaping of a certain bake element, testing remains the same.

You should opt for a replacement, only after confirming there’s no connection. You can only realize this by running a continuity test. Up to this point, your issue should have been solved. However, I know this process might be beyond the knowledge of some fellows, don’t worry, because there are experienced experts to help. For this reason, I would urge you to contact the manufacturer of your electric oven model for clarification and suggestions.

Alternatively, you can visit the nearest local oven repair shop for inquiries. 


How can I know that the bake element of my electric oven requires a replacement?

The continuity test is very important because it will determine whether the bake element is okay or faulty. You should opt for a replacement, only after confirming there’s no connection. This process is necessary not only for baking but also for broiler elements.

Can I fix the problem?

Of course yes, it requires basic electronic skills. Everything is provided in this article. Alternatively, most electric ovens come with a user manual guide that can take you through diagnosis and solving steps. It’s therefore advisable to initiate the process yourself, before seeking the help of an expert.

Final words

We have covered a lot of educational information in this article, and therefore, allow me to wind up the discussion by saying that; electric oven shouldn’t disturb you anymore. Hopefully, our report will make the bake won’t work as a past tense in your oven. From the discussions, you can realize that testing the ohms of the bake element is very critical. It will help you to understand whether the unit requires a new element or you can just repair it.

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