Digital Odometer Not Working, but Speedometer Works

A speedometer is an essential tool that is applicable and effective in measuring the vehicle’s speed when it is accelerating. The device also prevents road accidents as it warns the users of the velocity they are accelerating and alerts them when they are overspeeding. If the speedometer is lacking in your car, it isn’t easy to know the rate at which you are accelerating.

An odometer takes measurements of the distance you are accelerating and comes together with the speedometer. At times, the digital odometer may fail to function, causing stress for the users. If your odometer fails to work with the speedometer functioning, don’t worry; there are specific steps you can follow to fix your machine.

Luckily, the article below summarizes the steps you can follow to bring your digital odometer to correct functioning. Also, there is some information that is worth concerning the device. Follow the six steps below to fix your odometer, and let’s start.

Step by step guide on how to troubleshoot a digital odometer not working but speedometer does

digital odometer not working but speedometer works

Once your digital odometer fails to function, it results in many distractions and worries. Therefore, it is essential to solving the issue immediately using the steps below recommended by a professional. Here are the steps, but you don’t need special tools.

Tools necessary;

  • A new odometer’s speed sensor
  • New gears
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Air compressor
  • Screwdriver

Check out this table

Step by step guide on how to troubleshoot a digital odometer not working but speedometer does FunctionNecessary tools
Clean all dirty partsTo blow all dust presentCheck out the air compressor on Amazon
Replace the gearsTo bring the odometer to correct functioningOdometer
Examine the malfunctioning cable also the ECUTo allow the ECU to start the loop while adapting to the other electric equipment.ECU
If necessary, remove the speed sensor and place a new one.To correct the error with the odometerSpeedometer sensor
Check the size of the fuse.To prevent your odometer from failing to functionOdometer fuse
Check the back of the dashboard connector and see its insertion.To see if the insertion of both the connector and the visual test is correct. 

Step 1: Clean all dirty parts

The process requires using both an air compressor and a microfiber cloth. First, find the location of the cluster and remove it from its position. Using an air compressor, blow all dust present. Locate the translucent plastic and clean it carefully using the microfiber cloth. The cloth is sufficient enough and does not scorch the plastic.

To increase the car’s cluster lighting, consider adding more LEDs and ensure they function correctly. Your vehicle will give up that way well before the odometer causes you any more trouble. Finally, you can also repair or replace the heater in your car. As a result, your vehicle will last longer before encountering further problems.

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Step 2: Replace the gears

Replace the gears

In this stage, you will need a screwdriver. When you open a car’s cluster, you will see several plastic clips and others as a standard blue color. Take out your screwdriver and unscrew all the screws holding the engine in position. Take out the engine after removing the fuel present into a bucket. Position your flathead screwdriver under and locate the black gear.

Remove the gear and scrutinize it to see if it is in good shape. At times, you may see some cracks on the plastic clip and the faulty black gear. The main reason why the black equipment may be defective is that no teeth are present, which indicates that the gear needs immediate replacement.

Begin by removing all components present and proceed to replace the black gear. The process prevents the new gear from jamming and failing to function correctly. When fixing the black gear, avoid overtightening it as it may break other components, such as fragile plastic.

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Step 3: Examine the malfunctioning cable also the ECU

Examine the malfunctioning cabl

A defective cable is one of the reasons the car’s odometer isn’t working. Reduce the wires for various reasons, including allowing the fuse to burn out and preventing the odometer from working. It is in older automobiles. One of the reasons the car’s speedometer isn’t working is faulty wiring. The Engine Control Unit could also be a cause. It is an essential component of motor functions.

The ECU serves as the vehicle’s computer brain. It controls and checks a variety of motor actions, including RPM. Most of the time, ECU faults cause the odometer to generate erroneous readings. If the ECU is the root of the issue, you should reboot it to solve it partially. After installing the device, the ignition switch spins at the ‘Auxiliary’ position. It allows the ECU to start the loop while adapting to the other electric equipment.

Every vehicle needs regular inspection after a certain distance. Particular vehicle systems and processes that need to be fixed or utilized for a more significant time need replacement by new ones after a specified period. When purchasing an automobile, particularly an essential one, a sensible buyer should always pay close attention to the vehicle’s condition. It also entails paying strict attention to the odometer. It will show when the car will need servicing if the distance is fair.

Step 4: If necessary, remove the speed sensor and place a new one

Your speed sensor will need replacement if your odometer stops working. These are found suitable and positioned near the back of your gearbox. The gears that spin the odometer are likely to be broken if the odometer is faulty. Because you have to remove the infotainment system to get to those gears, it’s not that difficult to fix if you understand what you’re doing. It would be beneficial to know some basic skills before you select the speed sensors, which is a straightforward procedure.

Step 5: Check the size of the fuse

Sometimes, the main reason your odometer may fail to function is the use of a fuse with incorrect size. For example, if you have a 15 fuse, you will need a fuse length of 25. If you use a fuse with the wrong size when accelerating, you can experience some issues, and the only way to solve the error is to track back the steps and troubleshoot the problem. Finally, if you have cluster relays that are not functioning correctly, you will have an issue with your odometer. Therefore, it is essential to check the size of the fuse and ensure it is correct.

Step 6: Check the back of the dashboard connector and see its insertion

First, examine the back of the dashboard connector at the back of the panel and see if the insertion of both the connector and the visual test is correct. Repeat the process to get accurate results. Check the first fuse box and see if the fuse rating is correct, and the best way to do so is by starting with the fuses. Create an ECM using the scanner software for writing or programming purposes.

Why Doesn’t Your Speedometer Function?

A car’s speedometer might fail for a variety of reasons. Some errors, nevertheless, are significantly more likely than others. The following are some of the most common reasons for speedometer problems.

i.   Speed sensor that has been damaged or isn’t working correctly.

ii. Speed sensor cabling that has been faulty

iii.  Instrument cluster

iv.  ECU failure

Frequently asked questions;

  • When a digital odometer stops functioning, what triggers it to do so?

If your odometer and speedometer are both broken, your speed sensor will most likely need replacement. They’re simple to set up and can be near the back of your transmission. If your odometer is merely faulty, the gears that turn the odometer are most probably defective.

  • What is the procedure for resetting the odometer?

If you have analog gauges, there may be a knob protruding from the velocity meter, or if you have an electrical arrangement, a reset button.

  • How much does it cost to fix an odometer?

If you contact a technician, the repair cost can range from $200 to $500, and you must decide whether or not this is the best alternative for you. When your odometer stops working, most people think you have to change it, which is costly.

Final verdict

Difficulties with the vehicle’s odometer are relatively common, and there are some tips to fix them effectively. We’ve covered the six most common issues that can cause your odometer to act strangely in this guide.

Finally, the article has some suggestions to assist you with the odometer problem. These aren’t necessarily the best or most ideal answers. However, as you progress through these, you will see positive outcomes. Good luck in solving your problem and I hope this article will solve your question.

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