Digital Odometer Not Lighting Up – Fix It in a Second

The odometer is an essential part of the vehicle that performs its specific function of keeping track of the miles during the acceleration state. It is usually on the dashboard where there is a speedometer, and it has a unique appearance in the number window. If your vehicle lacks both the odometer and the speedometer, it is difficult to track the miles you are traveling or control the car’s speed, resulting in road accidents.

Why does my odometer stop lightning up? The issue is common and affects many vehicle owners leaving them worried, especially when traveling. There are several tips to fix your odometer light, for example, replacing faulty gear, among others.

Fortunately, the article below gives a brief description of the steps to follow to fix the odometer light that is not working. Before trying to resolve the issue, it is essential to know the type of your odometer, whether mechanical or digital. Still, in this case, we will look at the digital odometer.

Reasons why the odometer is not lighting up

Reasons why the odometer is not lighting up

Here are some of the reasons:

i. A blown fuse

ii. A faulty gear

iii. Bad battery

iv. Incorrect wiring or blown wires

 Step-by-step guide on how to fix an odometer that is not lighting up

digital odometer not lighting up

 The preliminary steps here will assist you in repairing a non-functioning odometer, especially if it is not lighting up.

Tools necessary;

  • Protective gloves
  • Anti-static wrist band.
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Smartphones.
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Fuse puller

Check out this table;

Step guide on how to fix an odometer that is not lighting up.FunctionEssential tools
Find the location of the battery.To gain access to the odometer’s lighting featuresCheck the odometer on Amazon
Slide the sealing around the edges of the speedometer.To dismantling the gaugeFlat screwdriver
Position the indicator while facing downwards.To remove the screws from the gauge.Phillips head screwdriver
Remove the odometer from its position.To access lighting fixtures of the odometer. 
Check the fuses.To ensure they are in good condition.Multimeter
Dismantle the speedometer index.To identify the cause of the light feature not functioning. 
Remove the motor housing away from the dial.To fix the lighting issue. 
Remove the gear and replace it with a new one.For the final replacement and reinstalling process. 

Step one: Find the location of the battery

First, identify the position of the battery to gain access to the odometer’s lighting features. Inspect all the connections present, both the positive and the negative ones. Disconnect the negative connection from the battery carefully. Ensure you wear protective gloves and an anti-static wrist band to protect yourself from any form of electrical issues.

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Step two: Slide the sealing around the edges on the speedometer

Slide the sealing around the edges on the speedometer

Locate the sealing on the edge of the surface of the vehicle’s speedometer gauge that is usually on the dashboard. Slowly slide the sealing out, and in this process, you will need a flat screwdriver to unscrew all the nuts holding the seal in position. Then, remove the speedometer gauge from its location; the dashboard. While carrying out the process, pay more attention to the wires to keep them in good condition and not dismantle them.

Remember to take pictures using your smartphone or any other tool on the appearance of the speedometer gauge and the dashboard. Also, you can take notes concerning the wiring process for reference when connecting the wires back to position. Proceed to dismantle the gauge and set it free.

Step three: Position the gauge while facing downwards

Turn the speedometer gauge down on your work surface. To remove the screws from the vehicle’s rear plate, use a standard-size Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the indicator from its housing and position it faces up on your work table after loosening the screws.

Step four: Remove the odometer from its position

Begin to pull the preset screw for the car odometer away from the gauge. Exercise caution since it might not come out quickly. Put a finger underneath the speedometer gauge’s scale and squeeze upward at the area where the post penetrates and attaches to the engine block if you encounter resistance when lifting.

The engine cap will mimic a small black plastic box attached to the dial’s extreme side. It is, nevertheless, distinct from the metal container that houses the speedometer on the speedometer gauge.

Step five: Check the fuses

Examine the fuse to see whether it is not very accurate. Disconnect the fuse that powers the dashboard lights with a fuse puller. Check for blackening on the fuse and determine whether the metallic band or filaments is faulty. Any of these implies a burnt fuse.

If the fuse appears in proper operating order, check it with a multimeter. If you lack a fuse puller, you can extract the fuse with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Before removing any fuses, ensure your car is off.

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Step six: Dismantle the speedometer index

The best way to remove the speedometer’s index is by using the gripping method. Grip the round shaft of the index and revolve it in a clockwise direction carefully for a couple of seconds until it comes out. After getting the base, remove the index by moving it forward and backward, and in this process, you will have to bend the needle. It is not necessary to remove the needle using a lot of force.

Step seven: Remove the motor housing away from the dial

Take the two bolts that are visible on the speedometer gauge’s top. One of the tiny Phillips head screwdrivers supplied in your system repair box is essential in unscrewing the nuts and removing them. Take out the odometer engine casing away from the screen after loosening the bolts.

Step eight: Remove the gear and replace it with a new one

Remove the gear and replace it with a new one

The final stage is to remove the gear and reinstall the speedometer gauge by reversing all the steps above. In this stage, you will need a flat head screwdriver and new screws if the other ones are faulty. Take out the gear pod from the front of the engine case.

The gear component is mounted on the ‘cover’ of the housing and will disengage from it. Disconnect the odometer rotational gear from its gearbox with a flathead screwdriver. Reassemble the gauge by replacing the gear with a new set and reversing the steps applicable in dismantling it.

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How an Odometer’s Functions

How an Odometer's Functions

The odometer on a vehicle tells the driver how many miles after acceleration the speedometer. The odometer and speedometer operate together to gather information from the car, which the odometer stores as a message.

A speed control sensor monitors the rotor velocity of the last driving gear and is positioned within or bolted to the gearbox. The odometer comes with a trip meter, often known as a trip odometer, that allows the user to track distance for any miles covered. It is also possible to restart the odometer. The odometers might be manual or computerized, as is the case now.

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Frequently asked questions;

  • Is it possible to reset a digital odometer?

Digital odometers can be scaled back by disconnecting the circuit board from the car and changing the odometer measurement or employing rollover hardware that connects directly to the vehicle’s computer circuit.

  • Is repairing an odometer costly?

If you contact a technician, the repair cost can range from $200 to $500, and you must decide whether or not this is the best alternative for you.


Among the most common types of car, deception is odometer deception. It is to con a buyer into thinking that the automobile has fewer miles than it does by inverting the statistics. Thus it is critical to verify the efficacy of a car before purchasing it. It is advisable to seek help if the issue persists.

Finally, your device’s defective odometer might land you in jail. The steps in the article above will assist you in optimizing the operation of your automobile audiometer. A competent mechanic can conduct an in-depth analysis of the car if you do not know automobile odometers. I wish you all the best in fixing your digital odometer that is not lightning.

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