DDR4 2400 vs. 3200 – Pick the Best One

The two standard RAMs most people prefer to use on their PCs or computers are the DDR4 3200 and 2400 due to their many benefits. Some of the benefits include; they have ample storage space when compared to other RAMs. Also, when it comes to their speed and latency, they are faster and are of high quality.

What are the similarities and differences between DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200? The two RAMs have the same appearance making it challenging to distinguish them. For example, both memories have the same installation method. Some features make them different, e.g., DDR4 2400 is slower than the DDR4 3200. Also, the 2400 RAM is cheaper.

In this article, we will look at the similarities and differences existing between the two RAMS. Also, there is additional information on how to install the two devices, among others. Let’s start.

Differences between DDR4 2400 and 3200

Here are some of the differences between the two RAMs.

A quick comparison table

ComparisonDDR4 2400DDR4 3200
OverlockingOverlockedNot overlocked
SpeedLower speedHigh speed
StorageMore significant storage place; 16GBLesser storage; 8GB
CostCheaperExpensive than DDR4 2400 RAM
LatencyPoor latency hence slower to loadFaster speed hence loads quickly the item searched
  • Overlocking
ddr4 2400 vs 3200

Overclocking DDR4 2400 RAM is standard. To use the RAM-accelerated clock frequency, first, locate the DOCP configuration. Upon finding the RAM, activate the DOCP feature to allow access to the RAM’s enhanced clock frequency. DDR4 3200, on the other hand, is not overclocked like DDR4 2400.

  • Speed

DDR4 2400 storage is slower than DDR4 3200 ram. The slower the latency frequency, the higher the memory space. As a result, think about buying a fast one instead of selecting a memory that takes a long time to transmit files. Given the higher storage capability, DDR4 2400 is a better option than DDR4 3200.

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  • Storage

The data storage of DDR4 2400 RAM is higher than that of DDR4 3200 RAM. DDR4 2400 has 16 GB of RAM capacity, whereas DDR4 3200 has 8 GB. Evaluate aspects other than memory capacity while selecting DDR4 ram. You can buy RAM with more storage space, but it will operate poorly. As a result, don’t be fooled by memory quantity and the RAM’s effective utilization.

  • Cost

DDR4 2400 is significantly less expensive than DDR4 3200. Choose the DDR4 2400 RAM if you want to stretch your expenditure. Many folks can get DDR4 2400 RAM without any money troubles.

  • Latency

In comparison to DDR4 3200, DDR4 2400 has a lower latency. DDR4 2400 memory takes a long time to load an item searched; as a result, it has low latency, compared to DDR4 3200 RAM, which has a high latency. Many game developers choose DDR4 3200 RAM because of its low latency and faster speed. DDR4 2400 RAM, on the other hand, is used in less expensive structures.

Similarities between DDR4 2400 and 3200

Similarities between DDR4 2400 and 3200

Here are some similarities between the DDR4 2400 and 3200.

  • Functioning

Because the DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 depend on the same concept and operate on the same principles: more capacity means more data storage, and a higher MHz speed implies information can be obtained and written faster.

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  • Storage

The DDR4 model significantly improves storage and velocity over the preceding DDR3 version. The DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 can now transfer data and perform operations at lightning speed thanks to this improvement.

  • Speed

The two RAMs have an ample memory storage space of 64GB, with lower alternatives of 16GB and 32GB. The more extensive storage increases their speed in terms of performance when you compare them with other RAMs.

  • Voltage usage

These DDR4 RAM modules also operate at a lower voltage of 1.2, allowing you to save energy while utilizing them. Such features make them more effective than other memories. Therefore, it is essential to consider such quality before deciding the type of Memory to purchase.

  • Price

DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 models have the same pricing range. The 2400 and 3200 have a comparable price range of $100 and higher for 16GB. However, with 32GB and 64GB, the DDR4 3200 becomes more expensive.

How to Setup DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 Memory

How to Setup DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 Memory

The following are some of the actions to take.

Step one

Please disconnect the power cable after locating them.

Step two

Remove the power cable from the socket and disconnect your computer. Also, make sure all wires that could turn your laptop on are disconnected. To avoid electric shock, remove them gently and carefully.

Step three

By detaching the cover, you can have access to internal computer components.

Step four

Remove the computer’s left panel. Remove the board to access the computer’s internal components and locate the RAM slots. After you’ve found the RAM slots, press the taps holding the RAM sticks and pull them out of the slots. To avoid harming RAM sticks and RAM slots, make sure you remove them correctly. 

Step five

Install the new RAM Sticks correctly to their position. 

Step six

Purchase new RAM sticks and gently align the memory stick notches with the motherboard’s spacing. Calmly but firmly press the memory sticks against the motherboard until you hear a “clicking” sound. Make sure you replace the exterior tapes to keep the RAM sticks from falling out of the RAM slots on the motherboard.

Step seven

To avoid harming the motherboard, make sure you insert RAM sticks until you hear a “click” sound. If you don’t hear a “click,” remove the memory sticks and try again. Finally, make sure the RAM sticks are facing the opposite way.

Factors to consider when buying the DDR4 RAMs

Factors to consider when buying the DDR4 RAMs
  • Resonance

Speed is an essential component of DDR4 RAM that you should know. Note that if you buy a minimal speed RAM and install it on a motherboard with a minimum frequency higher than the RAM’s, both the Memory and the motherboard will be faulty. However, if the Memory has a higher intensity than the motherboard, there will be no problems, and the latter will run at the motherboard’s speed.

  • Warranty

Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Some warranties allow you to increase the voltage. When you reuse RAM after a few years, it becomes faulty; thus, it’s best to get it from a vendor who offers a painless and straightforward RAM process.

  • RAM capacity

When it comes to RAM, one of the most important considerations is its capacity. It depends on how you utilize your computer. DDR4 is currently the most popular memory option for mainstream computers. 8GB of RAM is also a fantastic option for tight budgets. 16GB or more RAM may be necessary to keep the computer running when creating a high-end computer for gaming, video editing, or graphics creation.

What is the best way to troubleshoot DDR4 RAM?

What is the best way to troubleshoot DDR4 RAM

Broken hardware, faulty setup, and wrong setting are all examples of DDR4 memory issues. The procedures for debugging your DDR4 Memory, whether it’s 2400 or 3200, are as follows: Purchase the appropriate RAM for your machine. Use the owner’s manual or the company’s webpage to find the optimal DDR4 RAM for your pc.


  • DDR4 Memory.
  • Owner’s manual.
  • Soft cloth.
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Air compressor

Check out this table;

What is the best way to troubleshoot DDR4 RAM?FunctionEssential tools
Verify your DDR4 RAM’s setupFor correct configurationCheck the DDR4 RAM on Amazon.
Set your computer’s RAM size upgradeTo install the module and get enough storage space. 
Switch the modules around and slowly pull the new capacity moduleTo see if the problems have been rectifiedCapacity module
Clean the RAM and module pinsTo blow away accumulated dirtVacuum cleaner 
Upgrade your computer’s BIOSFor your system and the RAM to be in the latest version. 

i. Verify your DDR4 RAM setup. Because each memory module has a different capacity, consult the company’s documentation to choose the optimal capacity module for your computer.

ii. Set your computer’s RAM size upgrade. To begin, gently but firmly press the RAM capacity module into place. Make sure to keep pushing until you hear a “click” sound indicating install the module.

iii. Switch the modules around. Slowly pull the new capacity module to see if the problems persist. If this is the case, remove the old capacity module and replace it with the new model. Check to see if the issues persist. If the problems continue, try various modules in different sockets to see if the case goes away.

iv. Regularly clean the RAM and module pins. To avoid harming the storage module connectors, wipe them with a clean, soft cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to blow away accumulated dirt.

v. Use the owner’s manual to upgrade your computer’s BIOS. When installing new programs or software on your pc, make sure your BIOS is up to date.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What is the best RAM between DDR4 2400 and 3200?

If you’re intending to overclock or interested in going into your laptop’s BIOS, getting a higher RAM frequency can be a good idea. You can max out with either the 2400 or 3000, but serious gamers will appreciate the 3000’s advantages.


DDR4 2400 and 3200 have the same appearance; hence not easy to distinguish. Luckily, the article above states their similarities and differences to choose a RAM that suits their taste.

In case you are experiencing any issue with your RAM, there are some ways in which you can fix it correctly. Also, there are some steps to follow if you want to install the DDR4 RAM. Good luck in understanding the differences and similarities between the RAMs.

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