How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One and Ps4?

headphones exist in many different forms, where some are compatible with Bluetooth while others require wiring. Many people have headphones; how can they connect them to Xbox One or PS4? Connecting the headphones to the PS4 and Xbox one requires different processes.

 If you are connecting the headphones to the PS4, you may need a USB adapter audio cable, among others. But if you are connecting to the Xbox one, you may need to pair the devices. It is essential to know the features present in your headphone to make the best connection choice.

The article below will give you procedures on how to connect your headphones to either Xbox One or PS4 devices. Also, look at the information present to gain more knowledge if you want to join a non-compatible Bluetooth device to your Xbox one device.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one

how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one and ps4

Many people choose to use the Xbox one machine for gaming purposes, but the only issue is that other devices lack the Bluetooth feature making it hard for audio listening.

Check this quick table;

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one


Essential tools

  • Switch on the headsets
  • To test the headphones

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  • Turn the headphones to the pairing mode
  • For pairing purpose


  • Activate the Xbox one’s pairing button
  • To activate the Xbox one’s pairing feature

Xbox one

  • Pair the two devices
  • To connect the two devices successfully.


Tools necessary;

  • Headphones
  • Xbox one

Follow the steps below;

1. Switch on the headsets

First, ensure the headphones have a charge and turn them on. This process helps you get the pairing mode feature. To turn on the headset, locate the power button until it is on. If it has no charge, connect to the power source to fully charge before using.

2. Turn the headphones to the pairing mode

After switching the headphones on, you need to activate the pairing mode to create a connection between the device and the Xbox one device.

3. Switch on your Xbox one console

To turn on your Xbox One console, locate the power button first. Hold the power button until the device turns on.

4. Activate the Xbox one’s pairing button

Find the button’s position on your device and hold it down until the LED light blinks, indicating that you have activated the pairing feature and it is ready to connect with the headphones.

5. Pair the two devices

Pick your wireless headphones and look for the connect button. Hold the button for some time until the LED light starts flashing rapidly. Choose the Bluetooth connecting button and hold it until the LED light becomes steady. If you cannot carry out the process on your own, it is good to refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide for use.

Go to the Xbox one and hold the connection button until it shows the “headset assigned.” Once the connection is successful, the headphones will emit a sound that the pairing is flourishing, and you will hear the game audio. It is easy to connect your device if it is compatible with Bluetooth compared to the one that is not compatible.

Connecting headphones to the PS4

Connecting headphones to the PS4

Check this quick table;

Connecting headphones to the PS4


Essential tools

  • Connecting the PS4 and headphones directly via Bluetooth
  • To join the two appliances successfully.

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  • Using an audio cable
  • To connect the two appliances successfully

Audio cable

  • Using a USB adapter
  • To join the two appliances successfully

USB adapter

Tools necessary;

  • Headphones
  • PS4
  • Audio cable
  • USB adapter

There are several ways in which you can connect the headphones to Bluetooth, and they include the following;

  • Connecting the PS4 and headphones directly via Bluetooth.
  • Using the audio cable.
  • Using a USB adapter.

i. Connecting the PS4 and headphones directly via Bluetooth

Connecting the PS4 and headphones directly via Bluetooth

First, turn on the Bluetooth of the PS4 and the headphones. After turning it on, take the PS4 device, search for its settings, and choose the “devices” option. Scroll to see the “Bluetooth devices” and look for your headphones. If the device is not present, turn off the PS4 Bluetooth and turn it on, or you can search for your device to appear.

Locate the power button and press it while holding it until you see a flashing lamp, and at that point, the PS4 will find the headphones. The name and the headphone icon will appear to allow you to connect the two successfully.

Choose the pairing mode and choose to pair with PS4. In the process, you will be able to see a steady red light, and it only occurs if your device is compatible with Bluetooth mode. The pairing will be successful, indicating the two devices have connected. If the headphones fail to connect, restart your Xbox one device or the headphones.

ii. Using an audio cable to connect the PS4 and the Bluetooth headphones

If you fail to connect the two devices directly, you can try another method that is using an audio cable. The audio cable comes with an inbuilt microphone that will allow you to establish the connection. The process requires the following steps;

1. Have all the materials you may need, and some of the materials include; PS4, headphones, and the audio cable.

2. Connect the two devices using the audio cable, that is, connect the headphone and the PS4 using the audio cable.

3. After connecting the two, turn the headphones on.

4. Choose your PS4 and go to the home menu. Choose the “settings” option.

5. Find the “devices” settings and choose and then choose the Bluetooth devices present.

6. Choose your headphones from the list and choose the activation setting.

7. Proceed to the devices menu, select the audio devices, and select the audio devices.

8. Select the headphones connected to the controller and regulate the volume to the level you wish to listen to.

9. Select the option of the output to headphones and choose all audio.

iii. Connect the headphones and the PS4 using the USB adapter.

Sometimes, connecting the two dives directly using Bluetooth or even an audio cable may fail, and in that situation, you can try using the USB adapter. Follow the steps below;

1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the USB port present on the PS4 device.

2. On your PS4 device, search for the home menu and go to the “settings” at the top.

3. Look for the devices present and choose audio devices.

4. Choose the output devices and choose the headphone USB.

5. Go to the volume settings and regulate the volume to the level you desire, and then choose all the audio from the headphone’s output.

If you are still unable to connect the two devices, you can connect the Bluetooth to your Tv directly, but if the issue persists, check your appliances and see if they are in good condition. You can also try using other devices functioning correctly or buy other ones working correctly.

How can I connect headphones that are not compatible with Bluetooth to the Xbox one?

How can I connect headphones that are not compatible with Bluetooth to the Xbox one

Some Bluetooth devices lack the Bluetooth feature. If it occurs, you have such headphones; you can use the information below;

a. Use a computer

You can use the headphones by using the Bluetooth Xbox one and connecting it to your computer or the Windows computer effectively. You can do the process by tethering the sound since your PC is the end-user device.

b. Connect the devices using the computer with Windows software

Both the windows computer and the Xbox one machine are from Microsoft, and in that way, they are easy to set up. Connect the two devices to the same network, and in this case, you can use the Ethernet cable. Install the console Xbox companion application and connect the two devices.

c. Use the television

If the Windows PC fails, you can use the television. Create a connection between the Xbox and the television. Connect the Bluetooth headphones to the Tv set, and the connection will be successful.

d. Use a Bluetooth transmitter

The last option is using a Bluetooth transmitter. Bluetooth transmitter allows the user to use the headphones on the console, and they have their limitations. The limitation is that; it will enable audio-only to be transmitted to the headphones.

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Final verdict

It is possible to connect your Bluetooth headphones to either Xbox or PS4 for your gaming purposes. There are several ways in which you can do so. Luckily, the information above states some methods such as; connecting to the PS4 takes three forms: using an audio cable, using a USB adapter, and connecting directly. You can use a direct connection for the Xbox one controller that involves pairing them together.

In addition to that, a manual guide is essential when carrying out the process. You can play games as long as your headphones connect successfully with the PS4 or even Xbox One. If you cannot do the procedure, seek help from an expert.

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