Chevy Volt 12V Battery Replacement – Quick Steps

Chevy cars are the standard vehicle modes in the market today. They come with two batteries: an ordinary 12v battery and a battery pack that is applicable for driving purposes. The two batteries are in different locations, and sometimes, they may fail to function. If you are experiencing such issues, it is good to look at the signs.

Some of the signs that indicate your battery needs replacement are; battery fails to jumpstart and dies to start, among others. If you have issues with your battery, don’t worry since there are steps you can follow to solve the problem.

Read the article below to replace your battery. Also, there is some additional information and FAQs that are important. Please review the article below carefully and try the process independently with a lot of care before contacting a mechanic.

Signs your Chevy volt 12v battery need replacement

Signs your Chevy volt 12v battery need replacement

Before deciding on replacing your 12v battery, check its state to see if it needs replacement. Here are some common signs that show your 12v battery can die any time and will require fixation.

1. The vehicle fails to start after turning it on

If the vehicle fails to start, the common reason may be a faulty 12v battery that is either dead or flat. In case you want to replace the battery, first, try jump starting it to see if the vehicle will start and if not, consider replacing it immediately.

2. The Chevy won’t start after jumping

If you jumpstart the battery or recharge it, but it won’t turn on, it is clear that the battery is faulty and needs replacement. Also, if after recharging the battery and changing the water still fails to start, it is a sign that the battery needs replacement.

3. The engine keeps sending a warning message on the dashboard

In most instances, the 12v voltage keeps sending warning notifications due to extremely low voltage from the alternator. The car may keep functioning until you drain all the energy present and automatically stop. The only way to fix the problem is by replacing the 12v battery with a new one.

4. Accumulation of powdery substance on the 12v battery terminals

The battery fails to start once the white residue accumulates on the terminals. Removing the residue requires essential tools such as a toothbrush to scrub the rubble and a mixture of hot water and baking soda to speed up the process.

5. A continuous warning light from the battery on the dashboard

A continuous light from the battery sends a message that the 12v battery fails to function effectively and requires immediate troubleshooting. Also, it is an indication that the battery needs replacement immediately.

Steps on how to change the Chevy 12v battery

chevy volt 12v battery replacement

The first thing you need to know is the tools and materials you may need.

Tools necessary;

  • A new Chevy 12v battery.
  • An adjustable spanner.
  • Hot water.
  •  A thin brush/old toothbrush.
  • Radio core.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Eyewear.

Check at this quick table;

Steps on how to change the Chevy 12v batteryFunctionEssential tools
Please turn off the car and park it away from people.For protection from any danger 
Locate the batteryTo speed up the replacement processCheck out the Chevy 12v battery on eBay
disconnect it from its locationTo get access to your 12v batteryScrewdriver on Amazon
Unloosen the bolts holding the storage casingTo locate neutral cableduct tape
Locate the fusible linkto gain access to the unit 
Place the new battery.For replacement purposes.New Chevy 12v battery on eBay
Position the battery to its positionFor testing purpose 

Step 1: Turn off the car and park it away from people

First, begin with turning off your Chevy vehicle and parking it away from people. Such a process protects them from any form of danger. Ensure you park the car on a flat surface to prevent the occurrence of any inconveniences. Wear your protective gloves and eyewear to protect your hands and eyes from any form of danger.

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Step 2: Locate the battery

The best way to find the 12v battery on your Chevy vehicle is by looking at the manufacturer’s manual guide. Suppose the 12v battery is in the trunk, unlike its battery pack on the rear seats under the floor. Look under the floor and find the 12v battery.

Step 3: disconnect it from its location

First, remove the battery tray from its position. In this process, you will get access to your 12v battery. To remove the battery tray, begin with eliminating the studs holding it in place using a screwdriver, and the battery will appear very clear.

Step 4: Unloosen the bolts holding the storage casing

Once you remove the battery tray, identify all nuts holding the storage casing using the spanner. Remove all of them gently. To begin with, disconnect the neutral cable by moving it front and backward until it becomes loose. Removing the neutral line leaves the car with no power supply giving you the best allowance to deal with the 12v battery. The best way to keep the neutral cable is to position it in the rag and seal it with duct tape.

Step 5: Locate the fusible link

Remove the fusible link slowly and place it on the floor. Push the fusible components to access the unit and remove it gently. After loosening all the bolts on the right side of the battery, you will see a spacer block and loosen it. The spacer blocker is plastic; therefore, be careful with it to avoid breaking it. Proceed to remove the vent hoses on the car battery.

Step 6: Remove the battery

After carrying out all the processes above, gently remove the battery from its location. The best way to carry out the process is by pulling it out.

Step 7: Place the new battery

Position the new battery in the battery slot and position your ventilation hose by connecting it gently. Proceed to place the fusible link to its position. Tighten the bolts holding the battery in position and snap the positive terminals of the compartment. Place the positive terminal on the cover and connect the neutral cable and screw the battery in position.

Step 8: Position the battery to its position

Finalize the process by placing it on the tray and putting it on the floor tray, and in this case, you may need a radio code. Start your car and see if the process was successful.

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Disposing of the old battery

Once the old battery is no longer in use, it is not advisable to dispose of it as regular waste since it has some harmful chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. The best way to dispose of it is on an online government site for them to pick it up, or you can consider disposing of it at the local battery recycling facilities.

The cost of Chevy 12v battery replacement cost

Many people keep wondering how much it may cost them to replace a faulty battery. When buying the car, there is a warranty period that allows up to 8 years if you have any issues with your vehicle. The warranty helps you make savings by covering the replacement costs. But if your car battery is past the warranty period, the battery charge is between $3400 to $35,000 plus the cost of hiring a mechanic to carry out the process.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the steps on how to jumpstart a Chevy battery?

The best way to start the battery in a hibernation mode is by jump starting it with another car battery. Here are some of the steps which you can follow;

i. First, ensure you get access to a Chevy car battery functioning correctly or running, especially if your battery becomes flat while driving.

ii. Find the jumper cables that are necessary to start your car. The wires are distinguishable from other wires in that they have alligator clips that have a red and black handle on both sides.

iii. Find the location of the car battery and check the terminals carefully, which are either colored or have + and – symbols.

iv. Connect the jumper cables where you connect the red clip to the positive terminal on the battery, and the black one connects to the battery’s negative terminal. Be careful to avoid any shock, especially if you touch the naked ends of the wires.

v. Ignite the running car. Leave it for some time to get enough power to start your dead battery.

vi. Start the dead car, and the engine should roar immediately. But, if the vehicle fails to start, check if you connected the cables correctly and leave the vehicle to sit for some time before repeating the process.

vii. Disconnect the jumper cables.

After starting the car successfully, disconnect the jumper cables. Congratulations on jumpstarting your Chevy car, and now you can continue your journey successfully. But if the car battery fails to jumpstart, it is a sign that it is faulty and will need instant replacement.

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Final verdict

The article above states all the steps you must follow to install a new 12v battery in your Chevy car. But first, ensure you have all the materials you may need. Also, when removing and disposing of the faulty battery, be careful to prevent any harm from occurring.

Finally, it is essential to test your battery before replacing it. The only way to carry out such a process is to jumpstart it with another car running. It is advisable to seek help from a professional mechanic if you cannot jump-start or replace the battery on your own. I hope this article answers your question.

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