How to Fix Carrier Infinity Server That Is Not Connected

A carrier infinity thermostat is a smart thermostat and one of the appliances most people prefer to use to regulate the temperature within the house. It is possible to control the temperature of different rooms without the need to keep moving around. Not only temperature, but the thermostat can help you manage the humidity and the rate at which the fan moves, among others.

Despite being effective, these appliances can have some issues each time you use them. Why is your carrier infinity server not connected? If you keep experiencing such an issue with your thermostat, there are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot the problem.

Here is an article that describes the steps to follow to bring your carrier infinity server to correct functioning. For example, you can reboot your system and set the legacy device support. So without consuming most of your time, let’s begin.

Steps on how to fix a carrier infinity server not connected

carrier infinity server not connected

Most carrier infinity users keep complaining about the system not connecting to the server. Here are a number of the things you can try to solve the issue.

Tools necessary

i. Router

ii. New carrier infinity thermostat

Check out this quick table;

Steps on how to fix a carrier infinity server not connectedFunctionTools necessary
Check the DNS settingsTo ensure the DNS settings are correctCheck the carrier infinity on Amazon
Inspect the internet connection.Check your router and see if it is in a good state.·        Ensure your system has an internet connection.Router
Activate the legacy support device.To troubleshoot the issue of carrier infinity cot connected. 
Inspect the systemTo determine if there are any issues with your system.A replacement for a carrier infinity
Check the setting of your device server.To ensure the system is connecting to other devices. 

Step 1: Check the DNS settings

In most cases, the system server fails to connect due to incorrect DNS settings. First, go to the settings and check them to ensure they are correct. If the settings are not correct, reset them to their original state. Reset them according to the desired state following the manufacturer’s manual guide. If you are experiencing any issue with knowing the DNS settings, use the google search engine to get the correct details.

Step 2: Inspect the internet connection

Sometimes, your router may be faulty and keep disconnecting your carrier infinitely, or the internet connection may fail to connect to the server. First, check your router and see if it is in a good state. If not, fix it first and try connecting the server again.

When it comes to the internet connection, the best way to see if it is functioning is by carrying out a speed test to know the frequency at which it is running. Try making some adjustments. Also, check if your subscription has expired and renew it to get bundles and reconnect your system again. But if the issue persists, contact the ISP.

Step 3: Activate the legacy support device

Enabling the legacy support device is one of the common ways of troubleshooting the issue of carrier infinity cot connected. Your system only supports one model that is commonly known as the 802.11band if the option is off, you won’t be able to join the server. Therefore, go to the “enable legacy device support” and enable it. Test the system server to see if it is connecting and if it fails, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Inspect the system

Inspect the system

Your system may be having some issues, such as some parts being faulty, thus preventing it from connecting. First, scrutinize the system and see if there are any issues. Troubleshoot the problems depending on their leading cause, but it is essential to seek help from a professional if the problem persists.

Also, check if your device is connected to the internet. Sometimes, you may find your device is not connecting to the internet correctly. Try changing the settings and rebooting your system. Establish the connection and see if it is accurate. But if the issue is not with the device’s internet connectivity, seek help from an electrician, and the problem persists. Consider replacing the device with a new one.

When replacing the device, ensure you buy a device functioning correctly and is from a genuine retailer. Also, ensure it is of high quality and is in the latest version to get a device with advanced features. Finally, ensure the device satisfies your taste.

Step 5: Check the setting of your device server

Most people forget to check the server’s settings where the server does not allow some devices to connect to it successfully. First, try checking the settings and adjusting the following manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, seek help if you are experiencing any issue you cannot solve.

Steps on how to fix a carrier infinity thermostat that isn’t working

Steps on how to fix a carrier infinity thermostat that isn’t working

Once your carrier infinity thermostat fails to function, you may experience a lot of stress since you cannot control the temperatures of different rooms. In this case, it is essential to try solving the issue on your own rather than seeking help from an electrician. Some tips are simple, and they include the following;

i. Check the system switch

In most cases, the reason why your device is not functioning is that it is off. First, turn on the device and verify that there is a sufficient power supply from the source. Also, check the circuit breakers if they are on and turn them on if they are off. Mostly, the breakers get tripped, and they accidentally switch off.

ii. Check the battery state

If your carrier infinity thermostat uses a battery, check to see if it is complete. At times, your battery may become flat or dead, and the only way to fix such an issue is by replacing it with a new one that suits the device and testing it to see if the issue persists. But, if the battery has no power, first charge it until complete and try using it to see if the problem continues.

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iii. Change the air conditioner

Sometimes, the air conditioner may be faulty, giving the device a hard time controlling the temperatures of various rooms. Inspect the air conditioners or the furnaces and change them if they are wrong. Also, you can seek help from an electrician to help you fix them. Ensure the systems are on with the correct wiring and the circuit breakers engaged perfectly without any tripping.

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iv. Clean the filters

The carrier infinity thermostat has a unique feature: an air filter that removes excess hot air preventing the system from blowing. Locate the filters and see if there is an accumulation of any substances. Remove the substances carefully to avoid damaging the device. Moreover, be sure that the vents are not clogged and if so, unblock them using a thin brush but if the issue persists, seek help.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I enter the diagnostic mode on my carrier infinity thermostat?

The diagnostic mode on the thermostat is effective in that it checks the state of every element in the heating and cooling system to ensure they are functioning correctly or send any notification if they are faulty. The common name for the mode is “checkout.” Follow the steps below carefully.

i. Open the thermostat door

First, locate the door and hold it gently on the top of the door and the lower part of the system to perform the process. Pull the door in the downward direction and open it.

ii. Locate the “advance button

After opening the door, go to the “advanced” and press the button gently for some time, approximately 8 seconds, until you see the “SERVICE/INSTALL” settings on the device screen.

iii. Choose the “SCROLL” button until you find the diagnostic mode

Scroll the settings using the “SCROLL” button, and you will see the “CHECKOUT” settings on the “INSTALL/SERVICE” settings. Select the “select” setting using the center button after pressing the right button. The “checkout” will scan the heating and cooling system and detect any issues. A notification of “executive summary” will appear on the screen.

iv. Choose the “service info

Using the “scroll” button, select the “service info” settings, and all information of the elements will appear on the screen showing which is faulty and which is in good condition. Replace the defective components.


The carrier infinity thermostat is an essential device in our day-to-day routines. Once the device fails to function, it may worry, mainly if the house consists of children and the elderly. Some of the reasons your server may not connect are poor server settings and no internet connection. If the issue persists, it is advisable to consider replacing the device with a new one that matches your preferences.

Well enough, the article above gives the essential tips you can follow to bring your device to connect. Please follow the directions above carefully on your own before seeking help from an expert or an electrician to help you troubleshoot the issue. Most importantly, don’t forget to look at the manufacturer’s manual guide. Good luck in fixing your carrier infinity server that won’t connect.

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