Can You Use Tiles to Track Your Child? – Benefit of Using Tiles

Tile and other services employ Bluetooth tracking to help you find lost devices by monitoring the intensity of the signal emitted by the tracker. Due to the current state of Bluetooth Low Energy, the system is only accurate to a range of one to ten meters, or 3.2 to 32 feet.

Can I use the tile to track children? If you keep wondering if you can, you can use the tile to track children. It is applicable if the child is within a short Bluetooth range of 200 to 400 feet.

The article below gives a brief description of how to activate the tile. Also, there are some FAQs concerning the tile and the GPS. Please review it carefully to gain more knowledge concerning the trackers.

Can you use tiles to track your child?

can you use tile to track your child

Yes, you can use the tile to track a child but only effective when the child moves within a short range of approximately 200 to 350 feet of distance. But, if the child goes more than that miles, it will be impossible for one to locate them since the tile will be out of the Bluetooth range.

The best way to track the child’s motion is using the tile mate since its Bluetooth range is broader than that of the tile. Also, you can use the tile mate to track a person at the store, camping, or hiking as long as the device supports the range. Apart from the tile and the tile mate, you can use the GPS since their content is infinite. It is the best way to monitor your child’s movement.

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Reasons for using tile on children

Reasons for using tile on children

Some reasons require the application of tiles on the children. Here are some of the reasons.

i. Healthy

When the child is sick, it is essential to put the tile on his clothes to track his movements. Tracking the child using the tile helps the parent know the last location of the child and if it is lost. Despite being effective for the child, it may be harmful because its Bluetooth is on.

ii. Safety

The tiles help the parent keep track of the moving child, especially when the tile is in the child’s pocket. Since the children are messy and can lose the tile, it is essential to consider using other effective options such as water resistance GPS in the form of the wristwatch, among others.

Benefits of tile tracker for kids

Benefits of tile tracker for kids

It’s a means for many parents to contact kids as they go from home to school to after-school activities and everything in between. A tracker, such as a tile, is an alternative for parents who want to keep track of their excessive amount of time with their children. Here are a few of the advantages.

1. Encourage independence

It isn’t easy to let go, but you have to offer your children more freedom at some time. It’s easier for a parent to encourage this type of independence if their child is wearing a tracker.

2. Peace of mind

Parents are concerned about their children’s well-being. It’s a requirement of the job. Using the tile lets parents rest assured that their children are safe and secure.

Steps on how to activate tiles for kids

Steps on how to activate tiles for kids

Before using the tiles for children, it is essential to understand activating them using your smartphone. The tiles exist in many different forms, just like the GPS, and here are some of the steps to follow to start the kid’s tile.

Tools necessary

  • Smartphone
  • Tiles
  • Router.

Check out this table;

Steps on how to activate tiles for kidsFunctionsTools
Connect your smartphone to the router.To get access to the tile app using Wi-FiCheck the router on Amazon
Download the tile app.To connect with your smartphone.Tile.
Configure both the tile and smartphone via BluetoothTo control and track the child’s progress using a smartphone.Smartphone
Test the tileTo see if it is operating as desired. 

i. Connect your smartphone to the router’s network connection. The process allows you to access the internet connection.

ii. Go to the “google play” application and search the “tile” application. Download the tile and install it successfully on your smartphone.

iii. Locate the “tile” app and open it. Click on the “get started” settings after creating your account using your credentials.

iv. Select the “continue with Facebook” settings. Also, you can choose another mode to continue that is either using your email address or creating a new account if you don’t have one.

v. Go to the “Bluetooth” settings and click the “enable” settings. Such a process enables you to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone to connect with the tile. But if your device’s Bluetooth is already enabled, proceed to the next step.

vi. Turn on the “location” on your smartphone. Go to the tile application and see the screen. Choose the “+” option on the upper part of the corner.

vii. Choose the “activate a tile” setting.

viii. Choose the “type of the tile device” and configure it and then choose the “button” on your tile.

ix. Choose the “next” setting and wait for a couple of seconds for the application to locate the tile and click “next.”

x. Choose the item you wish to use with your tile “kid” and click “next.”

xi. Test if the connection is correct using the “find” setting and press the button on your tile two times to test its functionality. If the link is valid, you will get an alert, but repeat the process above for effective activation if it is not correct.

When buying a GPS for kids, look for the following features: ‍

When buying a GPS for kids, look for the following features ‍

The gadgets and whistles on various monitors vary. It isn’t easy to know what you require and what you can do without. Here are some aspects to think about while buying a tracker for your kids:

  • Waterproofness and longevity: ‍

Please remember that children are untidy, energetic, and even disruptive when choosing a monitor for them to use. You’ll most probably want to get something tough and water-resistant. You’ll like the monitor to withstand even if you’re going swimming or a wave pool or if it mistakenly gets thrown in the washing machine.

  • Life of the Battery:

The battery performance of every electrical appliance is determined by how it is functioning. The further you seek the current location from a tracking device, the quicker it drains. You’ll notice a difference in battery capacity if you regularly use real-time or live monitoring. Regardless of how you intend to use it, you’re unlikely to want to worry about recharging it every night.

  • Dimensions and layout: ‍

Children’ Devices come in a variety of shapes and materials. AngelSense, for example, can be fastened to the body or garments.

  • Tracking your location: ‍

That’s also the most basic, but you’ll want to locate a service that excels at it.   While the device can tell you where something is, you won’t get actual position information from them. If you’re following a valued one, it’s critical to access precise details.

  • Listen-in feature:

It allows the parent to hear what is going on in the vicinity of the youngster. The feature is available through AngelSense, and some parents of special needs children find it helpful in understanding the child’s treatment. The disadvantage is that many school officials have prohibited products with this capability from being used in their facilities.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the Top 5 GPS Tracking Apps for Children?

i. Samsung

The LTE-based tracker provides a wide range of tracking options. Establish no-go regions and receive alerts when your baby arrives. The style is thin and light. It’s pretty powerful.

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ii. Ardi’s Guardian Angel

It is great for keeping toddlers near, even if it is not a GPS monitor. It has a detecting distance of 1,600 feet, allowing it to operate at a range of up to 64 meters. It’s pretty helpful.

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iii. Spy Tec

A well-known private security firm produces it. It detects movements thanks to a built-in accelerometer.

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iv. Jiobit

Its next gadget has cutting-edge innovation and can connect to a 5Gigabit ethernet. It integrates mobile, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies to monitor position. Jiobit is a small, long-lasting GPS tracker that works in real life.

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v. AngelSense

It provides notifications when your baby arrives in a strange place for disabled kids and disorders. It has a water-resistant silicone top. It’s pretty remarkable.

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Getting a Tile is a great way to quickly keep track of a child. However, because of the limited Bluetooth range, neither the tile nor the tile mates are viable possibilities. Tile is best to track goods within a 200-foot range; thus, other devices and software installations would be ideal for this type of tracking.

Finally, it is essential to consider some factors before deciding the best tile, tile mate, or GPS you need to buy for your kids. Luckily, the information above states the best five devices for your child tracking process. Some of the factors you may consider are; durability, waterproof, safety, and design. 

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