How to Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Batteries That Is Draining Too Fast

The most stressful thing when using the Arlo camera is that it fails to hold power even when in demand. If your Arlo camera drains fast, what can you do, and what are the causes? There are several reasons for the same, including worn-out batteries and the existence of battery corrosion, among others.

Avoid panicking or worrying about your camera draining batteries fast as you can solve the issue independently. There are some solutions you can try to fix your Arlo camera. For instance, you can try replacing the batteries with ones functioning correctly. Also, you can check the battery temperatures and ensure it is not overheating, etc.

In this article, you will be able to see the common causes of your Arlo camera battery draining fast. In addition to that, we will discuss the best tips or solutions you can use to solve the issue on your own rather than seeking help from an expert. Hope this article will help you.

Common reasons why your Arlo camera battery

arlo camera batteries draining too fast

There are several reasons why your Arlo camera batteries drain faster than usual, and some of them are in the information below.

  • Aging of the battery

The common reason is due to the camera battery aging. Continuous use of your camera battery results in the battery losing oomph with time, and in the process, the batteries keep draining charge too quickly than usual. With time, their ability to hold a charge is completely lost, and you won’t be able to use the camera without connecting it directly to the power supply source.

  • Existence of features that need a lot of power

Some features in your Arlo camera need a lot of power to function. Some of the features include; an automatic flash, LCD screen, among others. The features drain a lot of power when in use, causing the battery to drain quicker than usual. Sometimes, you may not see if the features drain power, but they do.

  • Battery corrosion

Corrosion occurs when you keep the batteries in your camera for a long time without using them. Once you leave the camera battery unused, they come in contact with moisture, especially in a moist environment. When using them, they lose their ability to hold a charge as usual.

  • The Battery-saving mode feature is off

Sometimes, you may find that you have not activated your battery-saving feature. The absence of the battery-saving mode will result in some features using more power, thus draining the battery quickly. The feature is important because it automatically turns off the Arlo camera once you forget to turn it off.

  • Temperature

Considering the temperature when using your Arlo camera is very important. For instance, if you are using your camera in cold places or store the camera in cold places, the battery will start discharging quickly, and in the process, the battery fails to hold a charge. Storing the battery in cold places affects the battery performance making it age fast.

How to troubleshoot your Arlo camera draining too fast?

How to troubleshoot your Arlo camera draining too fast

There are some tips you can try to stop your Arlo camera battery from draining quickly. Attempt following some tips below;


  • Screwdriver
  • New Arlo camera battery.
  • New Arlo camera.
  • Replacement parts.

1. Identify the main reason why the battery is draining fast

First, find the main reason resulting in your Arlo camera draining fast. You can see if the reasons are in the information above, and from there, you can try some of these suggestions.

2. Consider the temperature

Check if the draining is due to temperature changes. If you are using the camera in very cold places, consider storing the camera in a warm place to maintain the battery charge. And if you are using your Arlo camera in hot places, try adjusting the temperature to moderate and store the battery at the recommended temperature.

3. Inspect the batteries for corrosion

Check the battery and metal connectors and see whether they are greenish or brownish. If you see the two colors, it is clear that your battery has corroded. First, eliminate the corrosion accumulation to enable your Arlo camera to battery charge effectively. While removing the corrosion, avoid scratching the battery too much as it may damage the metal connectors and push you to make some replacements.

4. Replace your camera battery

If your Arlo camera battery is too old, you can consider replacing it with a new one. It is not possible to fix an old battery. When replacing the battery, there are some factors that you need to consider, and some of them are; ensure it perfectly suits your Arlo camera version. Also, ensure it is high quality and can store power for a long time.

5.Check the battery-saving mode and switch it on

Sometimes, the battery draining fast may be due to battery-saving mode. If your Arlo camera comes with the power-saving mode, ensure you turn it on to prolong the power usage.

Also, the feature is applicable when you forget to switch off your camera and the feature is present in the camera settings. If you have some difficulties finding the feature, use the manufacturer’s manual guide for more information, or you can use search engines.

6. Have an additional battery

In most cases, it is advisable to carry an extra battery with you when using your Arlo camera. Such a tip will keep you connected and prevent you from running out of power. Ensure the extra Arlo battery is fully charged, and once your battery drains off, you can swap it with the extra one while charging the current battery.

7. Turn off the power-draining features

If your battery is draining fast due to some features such as automatic flashlights, consider turning them off when not in use to save the battery power and keep the battery in good condition. Also, you can consider using the viewfinder in place of the LCD feature. In addition to that, remember to reduce the battery brightness to save some power and avoid scrolling the photos many times or turning on the Arlo camera when not in use.

8. Avoid taking raw photos

Raw photos use a lot of power during processing. The more power needed the higher the battery draining capacity. Therefore, try as much as you can to avoid taking raw pictures. But, if the issue persists, consider seeking help from an expert or buying a new Arlo camera.

Precautions when charging an Arlo camera battery

Precautions when charging an Arlo camera battery

When you are charging your Arlo camera, it is important to consider some precautions that include the following;

i. Keep the protective cover on the battery while not in use. When a battery is fully charged, storing it can reduce its performance.

ii. Before charging the battery pack, clean the terminals with a tissue or a dry cloth. If the terminals are unclean, such as if they have oil from your skin on them, poor contact may occur, and the battery pack may not charge entirely.

iii. Detach the battery and unplug the charger from the power outlet after it has been recharged. Do not touch the prongs for approximately 10 seconds after detaching the charger’s power plug.

iv. Remove the battery when the camera is not in use. A tiny amount of power current is discharged when the battery is left in the camera for an extended period, resulting in an excessive drain and decreased battery life.

v. It’s possible that the battery pack isn’t fully charged if you haven’t used it in a long time or if you’re using it for the first time. To restore the battery pack’s capacity, fully charge it and then totally discharge it in the camera many times. The battery charger is also suitable for usage in other countries.

vi. Invest in an extra or new Arlo camera battery.

Signs your Arlo camera battery is becoming faulty

Signs your Arlo camera battery is becoming faulty

Most of us ignore so many signs, and they show us that the battery is slowly failing. Here are some of the signs.

  • The battery drains faster than usual, or the battery does not hold any power and requires a connection to the power source when in use.
  • The battery fails to charge fully. In this situation, your Arlo camera battery charges to a certain percentage and does not reach 100%.
  • It drains the battery fast when you connect it to the internet.
  • It changes its color due to corrosion.
  • The battery starts enlarging and finally bursts.
  • It fails to charge at all, among others.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long should I be charging my Arlo camera batteries?

Charge the batteries until they are 100% and the light blue showing it is charging turns off. It doesn’t how long since each Arlo camera version takes a different time. Ensure it is fully charged before disconnecting from the power supply source or before using it.


Nowadays, the Arlo cameras keep draining faster than normal, and that’s why I came up with this article to help you understand how to keep your battery from draining fast. Follow the tips above, and your Arlo camera battery will stop draining power fast.

Finally, it is important to seek help if your issue persists. You can seek help from the manufacturer and locate them online. I wish you good luck in the process of stopping your Arlo camera battery from draining quickly.

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