How to Fix My AOC Monitor That Has No Sound?

Admiral Overseas Corporation monitor (AOC) was first created and confirmed in Taiwan, China; being the first-ever manufacturing company of colour television for export all over the world. The company has produced the best performing monitors currently used by human mankind. Hence, it is advisable to use it to view your programs.

An AOC modern monitor does have an incorporated speaker but the ancient AOC monitors allow the user to use separate speakers with the addition of two or three tweeters. If an AOC monitor does not enable sound output the reason might be a muted monitor or the volume of the speakers is down. Always check the connectivity of the audio cables to be firmly attached.

To enable sound output ensure the AOC monitor is not muted with a high volume ratio. Remember to check the VGA cable if connected and make sure the cable is firmly connected to the monitor to enable higher volume. In my article below a good description of how the AOC monitor does not enable sound to the user is explained and later the frequently asked questions and finally the summary of the whole article.

AOC monitor no sound

AOC monitor no sound

An AOC monitor is of good quality with over a fifty-year track record. The monitors are most prominent in Asia and European countries. AOC monitors work best in gaming, businesses and consumers all over the world.

The monitors are suited to perform best in personal computers monitors and light crystal display televisions. In ancient times the CRT monitors were used for personal computers which were prone under the AOC Company.

TechniqueFunctionEssential products
Ensure the AOC monitor is not muted or volume is downTo know the area with the issueCheck Amazon for the best monitors
View the laptop or television settings To get a clear display of the root problem 
Inspect the wiring of the cables To replace if they are old or worn outCheck Amazon for the best wiring cables

1. Ensure the AOC monitor is not muted or volume is down

 Ensure the AOC monitor is not muted or volume is down

No sound as a result of the volume button being muted is one key area that many users set but don’t recognize. When the mute button is on that means that no sound can be heard from the speaker or the computer itself.

It is always good to be aggressive when operating electronic gadgets because any button you click sends the instruction to the computer. So if you have no idea the button you pressed turned the sound to mute you have to recollect yourself and follow the settings on the volume section to correct the issue.

As a user, if you understand how the computer operates you have to follow some simple steps to increase the volume or turn off the mute section. There are two steps to correct the issue:

Step 1

Turning off the mute sound is an easy task for every so long as you follow the procedures below to achieve it.

I. On the AOC monitor of your computer identify the volume symbol below the right corner of the screen.

II. Click or select the symbol and options in the volume will pop.

III. You can both decide to turn off the mute section (with a symbol of a speaker and X) and increase the volume by forwarding the bar.

Step 2

I. On your computer go to settings and then click system where options of sound and display will pop.

II. On the sound section, you can easily click turn off mute at the volume section and forward the bar to the right-hand side to increase the volume.

2. View the laptop or television settings

Checking the settings of the computer you are using helps you identify the reason why your sound is not produced. On the settings, you can realize that the volume of your television was mute or someone lowered the volume that can’t be heard.

It is always good to be precise on what you are doing to prevent yourself from resetting something you don’t understand and later becomes a real problem to you.

If you find yourself having checked everything in the settings and you see the settings are fine you can always decide to seek help from a qualified expert who can easily solve the issue.

3. Inspect the wiring of the cables

 Inspect the wiring of the cables

Checking the settings of your AOC monitor and you find everything is correct brings to attention that the problem can be in the cabling system.  The cables can be disconnected or worn out thus failing the communication between the speaker and the monitor.

The possible include:

  • Tampered by mice

The presence of mice at home can destroy the cabling system. The reason is that mice eat the cover of the wires inside as food hence destroying the signals transferred by the cables. It is always best to protect your cables from tampering with the mice or else you have to frequently buy the cables.

The solution to torn out cables by the mice is to buy other cables for a replacement for safety. The naked wires exposed by the mice can lead to shock and affect the user and so it is advisable to cover them with a rubber or purchase a new one.

  • Disconnected from the power source

Turning the power source off or disconnecting the speaker cable from the power indicates that no sound can come out from the speaker. When no current is flowing to the speaker that means no sound can be produced no matter the good connection you need.

Always ensure the speaker connected to the monitor receives enough power to run it. The current inside helps the speaker to produce the desired sound by the user.

  • Worn out or broken cables

Worn out cable so broken wires is a common problem that affects sound from the monitor to the speaker. Many times long usage of the cables can lead to wear out failing to transmit the required signals from the monitor to the speaker.

Replacement of the cables can be corrected by buying new cables and reinstalling them for work. It is always dangerous to work with naked cables in the presence of electricity as it can lead to shock to the user.

4. Use another laptop or monitor or speaker to verify

 Use another laptop or monitor or speaker to verify

When the connection you have made is good but no sound is produced that indicates that the problem can be in the speaker or in the AOC monitor you are using. Provided you have done your connection using the correct procedure and no sound is produced you have to change the connection afresh.

You can start over by changing the cables you are using if you have extra ones. What follows next uses another monitor and speaker to be used. What device is affected? I believe when you do the verification process you are good to know the problem you have been going through.

Seek help if you acknowledge that you have tried everything in your power and no sound is heard from your speakers. A qualified expert can help you sort the problem you are passing through.

5. Check the power supply to the speaker

Checking the connection from the power supply unit is a key step you should check before concluding that your speaker and the monitor are not working. That means that when your socket is turned off the current can’t flow to the speaker and the AOC monitor.

Always ensure the current is flowing from the power supply unit to all the electric gadgets you are using. If the problem you get is as a result of the bad socket kindly change to another socket or call for help from an electrician to sort the problem.

6. Faulty speakers

Sometimes lack of sound produced by the speaker is a result of the faulty speakers you are using. If you realize that your speakers are the ones with an issue, always take them for repair or buy new ones to correct the problem. You can even decide to call a technician who can correct the problem in your house.

7. Faulty AOC monitor

A bad state of the AOC monitors can lead to sound not being produced. If you realize that the monitor you are using has a problem you have options two use; either purchase a new AOC monitor or call for an expert to repair and make it work again.

Good maintenance of your electric gadgets leads to the correct safety of your equipment. Pay a close look at your equipment for your help and the long-lasting of the tools.

Easy step for you to fix How to Fix Hdmi to Vga Adapter Not Working

Frequently asked questions;

  • Why can’t I hear a sound when my monitor is plugged in?

High Definition Multimedia Interface issues can be brought by faulty or lack of audio driver problems. You can always correct the problem by automatically or manually updating the sound driver.


 In my article above I have deeply explained the causes that lead to your AOC monitor not providing audible sound.You should always have in mind that the effects discussed above cannot enable sound to air out. Effects such as faulty cabling and loosely attached cables burr sound from being heard by the user.

Lastly, you can be in a situation whereby you have tried all that you know but the system keeps on failing or no sound is heard, kindly contact an expert who can help you as he can identify the problem and correct the problem with much ease as he understands their properties well.

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