Acurite Smart Hub Not Working- Causes &Troubleshooting Techniques

The acurite smarthub is the favorite of many people. They prefer using it when connecting with other weather and other devices such as z-wave, etc. also; the acurite smarthub helps you monitor weather changes in your weather station using an internet connection. Just like other smart hubs, your device may fail to work, and it may frustrate you, pushing you to find ways in which you can bring it to functioning.

What can you do if your Acurite smart hub is not working or fails to turn on at all? If your Acurite smart hub doesn’t function, there are some tips you can apply that will bring it to functioning. First, you can restart your smart hub, providing UPS. Also, reset your internet and see if the issue persists.

This article will help you identify the common reasons why your acurite smart hub is not working and some suggestions that will help you fix the issue. Also, there is some additional information and frequently asked questions that I hope will be beneficial to you when trying to solve your smart hub issue.

Common reasons why your acurite smart hub is not working

acurite smart hub not working

Here are some common reasons why acurite smart hub is not functioning as usual.

  • Limited power supply

Lack of power supply may be the reason why your acurite smart hub may stop functioning, and as a result, the device may go offline. Power blackouts may result from lack of uninterrupted power supply source, faulty or loose cables, poor power source or socket, among others. Once there is no power supply from the source to the destination, the acurite smart hub automatically fails to turn on and fails to function.

  • No or poor internet connection

 Also, the Acurite smart hub may fail to function due to no internet. If you are using the smart hub, check if there is sufficient data, or seek help from the internet service providers to see if your subscription is still available.  If your subscription has expired, consider updating your subscription.

  • Faulty Acurite smart hub

In most cases, the issue may be that the whole device is faulty. For instance, if the whole device may be blown out or maybe old, there will be no power supply from the source to the destination preventing the device from turning on and, in the process, preventing you from operating it effectively.

  • No connection with the Acurite servers

Another reason why your device may stop functioning is due to a lack of connection between the acurite smart hub and its servers. If the connection does not exist, the sensors fail to detect any data until you create the connection between the smart hub and the servers.

  • Continuous hanging

Sometimes, your acurite smart hub may keep hanging, especially if it is an old version. Such hanging prevents the device from functioning, thus hindering you from monitoring the weather changes resulting in faulty weather recordings. The only way to solve such an issue is by restarting or upgrading the smart hub to the latest version.

Suggestions to solve your Acurite smart hub not working problem

Suggestions to solve your Acurite smart hub not working problem

When you encounter an issue with your smart hub not working, some tips will help you bring your smart hub to functioning. Continue reading the information below to find the best solution for your non-functioning smart hub.

Tools necessary;

  • New hub.
  • New wires.
  • ISP.

1. Identify the main reason why your acurite smart hub is not functioning

This is an important step to help you fix your acurite smart hub not working quickly. The first step you can take is to check for possible causes, and after identifying some, you can proceed to fix them effectively.

2. Reboot the acurite smart hub

The first suggestion that works for most Acurite smart hubs is restarting them. Rebooting the device solves many issues, especially the hanging issue. Press the power button for approximately 20 seconds until the “power off,” and the “resetting” option appears.

Choose the reset button, and your device will automatically restart. Also, you may remove the battery cover and remove the Acurite smart hub battery. Leave it for some time and reinstall it back to its position. Turn on the hub and see if the issue persists, and if it does, please proceed to the next step.

3. Check the power supply source

See if your smart hub is getting power from the power supply source. Also, check if there is power or only a power blackout. If your smart hub is not getting enough power to turn the device on, change the cables to ones functioning correctly. Faulty smart hub wiring is another reason your acurite smart hub may not be powered properly. Check all of the cables and make sure they’re secure. Check the power cable for any loose connections or physical damage.

But, if there is no power supply, use UPS to keep your smart hub functioning. If, after doing all these tips and your smart hub still fails, your device may lack internet from the internet service providers.

4. Consult the ISP for internet provision

First, check if your subscription has expired. If so, renew the subscription, but at times, your ISP may be faulty and fail to provide continuous internet access, resulting in your device failing to function. Ensure you know your ISP for easy troubleshooting.

5. Establish the connection between the Acurite smart hub and its servers

Inspect both the acurite smarthub server and the acurite smarthub and see some connection. If there is none, create a connection between the two, bringing your smart hub to functioning. But, if there is no issue with the connection, you can check the condition of the whole device.

6. Replace the acurite smart hub

You may keep checking the connection, ISP, power supply, etc., and forget to see if the smart hub is in a good state. In most cases, you may find the smart hub too old to keep functioning, and in that case, buy a new acurite smart hub. It is impossible to fix an old device. Also, you may consider upgrading the device to the latest version to see if it starts functioning.

7. Seek help

The issue may be beyond your control, and in that case, please consider seeking help rather than destroying the whole device. An expert will help you trace why your acurite smart hub is not functioning and bring it to functioning or advise you if a new smart hub is needed.

Steps of starting and resetting your acurite smart hub

Steps of starting and resetting your acurite smart hub

Follow the steps below to start your acurite smart hub.

i. Locate the “HOME” setting on your smart hub.

ii. Choose the “settings” and locate the “support.”

iii. Locate the “reset” option on your smart hub, and your device will reset automatically.

iv. Please wait for the device to restart itself and turn on. You can start your smart hub many times; that’s up to three times in case you are experiencing some issues.

Resetting the smart hub helps in solving many issues such as hanging, network issues, among others. Ensure you keep serving the weather Smarthub to keep it functioning correctly.

Acurite smart hub goes offline

Acurite smart hub goes offline

There are several reasons why your Acurite smart hub may keep going offline or may remain in the offline state. Here are some of the reasons and the steps you can follow to solve the issue.

  • Network issues. Sometimes, your acurite smart hub may go offline due to network issues. Your ISP may fail to provide you with a network of high speed, or you may run out of data, thus resulting in your smart hub going offline. The only way you can see the network issue is by checking the speed of your network, and if it is slow, seek help from your ISP and recharge your data.
  • Internet platform outage. Internet outage takes place quickly, resulting in the smart hub going offline. In that situation, check the internet outage and try fixing it by seeking help from a technician.
  • No power supply. Sometimes, the issue may be due to power blackout and lack of UPS. Obviously your Acurite smart hub may not go online when there is no power supply. In that case, check if there is power and ensure you have an uninterrupted power supply source such as a backup generator.
  • Whole acurite smarthub. Sometimes, the whole device may be faulty and fail to turn on, thus keeping it offline. The only way to solve such an issue is by ensuring that you replace the whole Acurite smart hub with one of the latest versions.

The following steps will help you fix the issue of your Acurite smart hub going offline.

i. Have all the tools you may need, such as; new smart hub, new wires, wire cutter, and the ISP.

ii. Locate the power source and dismantle your smart hub from it after wearing an anti-static wrist band.

iii. Check it and diagnose some issues that result in it going offline.

iv. Examine the internet connection and contact the ISP for subscription renewal.

v. Fix the network issue and internet outage by seeking help from an internet service provider.

vi. Reboot your Acurite smart hub by following the correct steps.

vii. Finally, get real-time updates concerning the network outage and seek help if the issue persists.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I know my acurite smart hub is functioning normally?

Check the device and see if there is solid green color. If present, it is a clear sign that it is functioning correctly.


Acurite smart hubs not functioning may be frustrating, but at least you know the common causes. Some of the causes are; no power supply, faulty smart hub, and no connection to the servers. Would you please pay more attention when diagnosing the common causes?

Now that you know how to solve the acurite not functioning, I wish you all the best. Ensure you follow the steps carefully, but don’t hesitate to seek help if the issue persists. Good luck and I hope this article will be of great importance to you.

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