AC Compressor Shuts off After a Few Seconds – Fix It in Seconds

Nowadays, with this drastically changing technology, without having the AC in our homes or offices. We don’t have a machine, especially during the summertime. But as necessary as the AC is important in our lives, most people face some problems when using it. It is widespread for most AC users to face some difficulties during their lifetime. For example, it starts to turn off after being turned on. The problem is sometimes called the short cooling of the AC.

Mostly the AC will tend to develop after it has been used for a while or when it starts to become old. Therefore, one should ensure that they do some service of the AC once in a bit so that it can be more durable and serve you well as expected. One of the biggest causes of the problem is dust that accumulates inside the system or inner otter parts.

 This article will try to provide some sequential steps to help any user solve such a problem. Such steps and procedures are the best guides recommended by professional mechanic users. You follow the steps and try to solve the problem yourself when you have at least some knowledge of dealing with such a machine. But when the problem is complex, you can also take some help from any professional mechanic you know.

Fixing AC compressor that shuts off after a few seconds

Fixing AC compressor that shuts off after a few seconds

During the summertime, some sudden power shortage or power down of the AC compressor will piss you out, but it can also make you face some problems of excessive heat in your house or office. The issue of people raising complaints about shutting down theAC compressor since it is a common problem. Almost all AC users face such a problem when using the AC compressor.

The entire article provides you with seven practical and essential steps that will help one solve such a problem when it arises. The steps are pretty simple, and one interested in reading and using them will not take much time because they are easily understandable and easy to follow. Therefore going through the article will give an idea of what is causing the AC to shut down after turning it on.

But in any case, the following steps will help you fix the problem; after following it step by step, the AC compressor may have other defective parts that are not working. You have to test all the details to see if they work before calling an expert to help you fix the problem.

So now, let’s take some of your precious time and help you solve the problem affecting many users of AC compressors using the following simple steps.

Techniques to use

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Check the location of the thermostatThe step will help you know if the thermostat is placed on the right with free air circulation between the room temperature and the outside temperatureCheck Amazon for the best thermostat
Check the internal and thermal loadIt slows down the compressor when the high voltage, 
Check and troubleshootTo fix necessary issues 
Check for 24acTo know the state of the air conditioner 
Check the blank thermostat screen. To avoid short cycling 
Check the condenser coils if they are dirty. To remove and clean the condenserCheck Amazon for the best condenser coils
Check for frozen evaporator coils. To know the state of the frozen evaporatorCheck Amazon for the best evaporator coils

Steps to follow when you want to fix the AC compressor

1. Check where the thermostat is located

ac compressor shuts off after a few seconds

It is the first step because today’s home builders place the thermostat in a funny and hidden place. You now recall where the thermostat is set, whether it is one of the indoor temperature senses and determine if it is cool enough.

The step will help you know if the thermostat is placed on the right with free air circulation between the room temperature and the outside temperature. Therefore, if the temperature is away from the airflow, the windows, or the house’s shady side, this might be the problem, and you need to relocate the thermostat. Check Amazon for the best thermostat.

2. Check the internal and thermal load

In the AC compressor, there are two safety regulations. One is thermal overload. The thermal overload usually slows down the compressor when the high voltage, which generally begins some time.

The other safety is the internal over, which is usually heat-driven since it is inserted into the winding of the compressor motor. It is generally surrounded by the large volume of heavy and dense weight it would usually be.

3. Check and troubleshoot

Though step or the procedure is only advised that a licensed, insured and trained technician is recommended to do the troubleshooting, any user with enough knowledge can do the process.

There are so many items such as the dory condensing spiral, power issue, failed expansion system, failed condenser or failed compressor and many more other issues that lead to the problem or the condition. The only best way to confirm the source of the situation is to troubleshoot the AC using a computer to identify the problem faster.

4. Check for 24vac

 Check for 24vac

A compressor can turn off the fan when the AC is running. The idea ensures that it is not powered by overheating when the AC is overworking or running and is not unlocked. I don’t know that this kind of model has an inbuilt pressure safety making your contractor have some problems. I assume for you to determine the coil’s resistance, the ohms should be between 6 and 10.

Now test and check the coil’s conductor for 24vac when working or during the service to see if the contractor falls below 24vac when not charging. When the compressor’s voltage falls or drops to zero and the contactor checks and operates properly, the voltage between C and R will be tracked.

The transformer inside it is a problem if the voltage supplied into the system drops with the outside unit. But if the Y to C drops and the voltage remains constant, generally, the thermostat is not working or is poor. On the other hand, if the thermostat checks badly, ensure no wire shortening in the circuit. The ground resistance of wire Y is not disconnected from the contactor and the status.

5. Check the blank thermostat screen

This is critical because the AC compressor might face the problem of short cycling. But since the thermostat is a small component of the whole system of AC compressors, its unit tests the overall home temperature; therefore, it must operate correctly.

Its battery power might be low, and you lose control intermittently when you notice that your thermostat’s screen is vacant or fading. The problem will trigger your AC device to start, activate and shut it down when the battery power is dropped. You could only replace or repair the batteries and restart the thermostat. But if the problem is not solved or does not get a lasting solution, call a thermostat expert to help you solve the problem.

6. Check for condenser coils

Check for condenser coils

The coil condenser of your AC would like to be caked with soil and some small stones, whether it is turned on or off outside the system of AC, so it will be easier in the future to carry on the maintenance process. On the outside of the AC, the heat is released into the house since the air conditioning unit is the condenser tube. The AC system will overheat when too much dirt has settled into the different parts of the system, making it overheat.

It is recommended that you clean the condenser coil regulator to save you from the problem of AC system overheating. It is cheap to keep cleaning the condenser coils. It takes more time than waiting for it to develop mechanical damage that will cause you to call the experts. Check Amazon for the best condenser coils.

In most situations, unless you as the user live in an abnormally dusty, windy and dirty environment, the condenser coil will come into contact with more debris. Therefore you have to wash the ring once every year.

7. Check for frozen evaporator coils

If your AC system has airflow problems or the refrigerant is leaking, the evaporator coils of the system can freeze up. Therefore the AC system will turn until all the ice that might be formed melts. But if you have not checked and tested the air filters of the AC system, there is a possibility that your refrigerant will leak, so you have to check your outdoor Av system to see if there is any ice that has accumulated. Check Amazon for the best evaporator coils.

The first sign that you will know that there is ice that has accumulated, you will hear a hissing sound emanating from your air conditioner is leaking.


Checking and solving the problem of having an AC compressor that turns off after turning it on is not a complicated process when you follow the above steps. The issue can be solved when all other system parts are working, but the coil has a problem.

The above listed seven steps are essential to help any user of the AC compressor. It is beneficial when the system shuts off immediately after turning it on. The steps give you an idea of what is causing your AC to shut off.

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